Looking up at the sky as Kaname’s body vanished, Zaraki clicked his tongue before walking toward his eyepatch.

“Ken-chan, how was it?”

A door opened and Yachiru walked out of it. From the start of the fight, Kogo had taken her away and placed her in a different zone to protect her.

Wiping away the blood from his face, Zaraki moved his aching body while showing a grin.

“That blind dude was a strong bastard.”

For Zaraki, this was the highest compliment he could give to someone.

“I see.”

Yachiru smiled.


The two of them looked up at the fissures in the wall that were slowly growing.

“Well, it’s almost time. We should move.”

“Let’s go!”

Like this, the two of them vanished from the room.

*Crack* *Crack*

[I cannot hold much longer.]

{Don’t worry. We already did more than enough. We should wrap up everything soon. You can begin evacuating them.}

Currently, Gojo stood unblemished as he looked down at a bloodied Aizen.

The fight between the two of them held no suspense as he completely dominated Aizen from start to finish.

Even so, Gojo showed no happiness. No matter how he looked at it, this wasn’t a matter of him being too strong, but rather Aizen being too weak. He was much weaker than he expected.

‘Something fishy is really going on.’

He hated how he couldn’t place a finger on what was wrong.

It was then that he received an update of the situation from Kogo. As such, he decided to share the information with Aizen.

“It seems like Tosen died and Gin was arrested after surrendering. You are the only one left.”

Aizen, unconcerned about the bloody wounds on his body, stood up and dusted himself before commenting.

“I see…Too bad. Tosen was someone quite useful.”

Gojo felt no fluctuation of emotions in his voice. Clearly, Aizen couldn’t care less about the life and death of his subordinates. He couldn’t help but laugh at how pitiful Kaname Tosen was to have believed in a man like this.

“Hahaha! You are really one cold son of bitch. Even I could see that he admired you a great deal. I guess in the end he was only a chess piece in your eyes.”

“Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding. I had no intention of deceiving anyone. From the beginning, I have always told them to never put their trust in me. Then again, I guess it’s only natural for inferior beings to ride on the coattails of their superior counterparts. If they wish to keep their lives, they have no choice but to obediently comply.”

“Heh. So this is how you see the world?”

“That’s right. It’s a never-ending chain…As the ones who are burdened with that trust, in order to escape that burden, seek to find someone even greater than themselves. These greater beings then seek others even greater than themselves to shelter them—This is how Gods are born.”

“Oh? Then what about you? Are you also searching for someone higher?”

At those words, the ever-composed face of Aizen broke for an instant as hatred and disgust flashed in his eyes. 

“Had you seen, the higher being in this world, that thing, you would never ask such a question.”

‘So he has also seen the Soul King.’

Gojo now knew the history and the original sin of the soul society. Perhaps in a long-forgotten past, Aizen did believe in the Soul King. But having witnessed what he really looked like, all this faith changed into hatred.

“Make no mistake, Satoru Gojo. I believe in no one and one day,  I will become the god they have no choice but to believe in.”

It was a bold statement, a crazy statement. But it was delivered with such confidence that no one listening to it would feel like he was crazy. Instead, they would believe that it was natural. That this was the truth.

This was how high the charisma of the man named Sosuke Aizen was. He lived with an absolute and unshakable confidence in himself and in his power.

Even as he stood there, bathed in his own blood and on the verge of defeat, Aizen’s will still shone as strong as ever.

Realization finally dawned on Gojo when he heard those words.

“Ohoh? So this was your goal all along? Becoming god?”

Gojo had seen many crazy bastards in his life, but Aizen truly took the cake. The worst was that in a world such as the one they were in, becoming a god was in no way impossible.

Aizen did not care about the mockery Gojo was throwing at him.

“Since the beginning, no one has ever stood in the heavens. Neither you nor me, not even god himself. But that unbearable vacancy in the throne of heaven should be filled. That’s why I swore that one day—I will stand in heaven.”

Gojo laughed, 

“What a grand goal. Truly admirable. I almost feel a little sad about killing you now. Not like it will stop me though.”

Even as he said this, he focused and began to condense three half-black and white spears in the air.

This was the same attack he had used back then against Isshin. Gojo did not want to leave anything to chance. He was ready to completely wipe out Aizen from the face of the world.

“Well, any last words? Either way, this is it for you. You should repent in hell or wherever Shinigami go when they die.”

“Hell, is it…? You cannot understand how terrifying that place is. Even so, I believe you are making a little mistake.”

After saying mysterious words about hell, Aizen smiled. It was a smile full of derision. One that should not be on the face of someone who was about to lose but on someone who had nothing to fear.

“I am my own master and my end will be in the way I wish to.”

Immediately, his entire body became covered in words. At first glance, Gojo could recognize some of them.

This was an incantation. The incantation of a frighteningly powerful kido. Not only was the Kido powerful, but it was clear that Aizen wished to fuel it not only with his Reiatsu but with his life itself.

Even as Aizen spoke, his body began to crack, fissure, and break down in a mote of dark purple light. 

The world itself seemed to shake under the might of this technique and time and space began to twist as if distorted.

<<Seeping crest of turbidity!>> 

<<Arrogant vessel of lunacy!>>

<<Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep!>>

From everywhere, words seemed to resonate in the air as the incantation on Aizen’s body came to life.

Gojo tried to teleport away but his instincts screamed at him that that was a very bad idea in the current situation with how twisted the flow of time and space had become. 

At this rate, perhaps not even Limitless could block this. As such, he only had one way. 



Kogo immediately dispelled most of the Bankai that was keeping the other captains imprisoned and focused all the power in one place. While she couldn’t separate the space between Gojo and Aizen, she did her best to increase his defense to the highest level possible.

<<Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud!>> 

<<Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!>>

“Farewell Satoru Gojo. Fighting you had been quite entertaining.”


Gojo and Aizen were thus swallowed in unending darkness.


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I like the introduction of hell in this chapter. I wonder how you will handle it. But at the same time, I think you made a lore error as Tosen body shouldn’t vanish since his body is rather dense in reishii.

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