*Bzzt* *Bzzt*

The images on the screens that filled the Seireitei were full of static.

After a while, all the other screens vanished until only one was left.

Everyone couldn’t help but gulp in fear. Of all the fights they had witnessed, the one they had just seen was the most catastrophic.

It was even more so since after most of Gojo’s Bankai dissipated, it was unable to completely shield them from the fluctuations of energy. This allowed them to feel and understand just how truly frightening Aizen’s last attack was.

“Will…Will he be alright?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask. 

Most of them weren’t interested in politics and the like. To them, it didn’t matter how many rules Satoru had broken.

What mattered was that he had helped unmask someone who would have become a cancer for the Soul Society and was the cause of many deaths.

After seeing the Kaname’s transformation, there was no doubt about the kind of research Aizen did and the simple thought of it was frightening.

Not only did Gojo unearth a terrifying traitor, but he also helped redeem the honor of the captains who fled from Soul Society.

It wouldn’t be a mistake to call Gojo a hero now and this was why they were worried, wondering if their hero would die before even getting to celebrate his victory.

Some of them, like Nanao, were so worried that they tried to enter the remaining part of Gojo’s Bankai but were stopped by the others.

When the screen stopped buzzing, all they could see was devastation as far as the vision was possible. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to call it a scene from hell.

*Crack* *Crack*


In the end, even Gojo’s Bankai completely broke down.


“You are really a dummy.”

Appearing in the conference room of the first division, Yoruichi gave a complicated glance as she approached a bleeding Gojo. Behind her was Soi Fon as she held onto Gin who was cuffed with special restrictions. N next to them was Zaraki and Yachiru on his shoulders.

“Satoru-sama, are you alright!?”

A worried Nemu suddenly appeared as she approached Gojo but couldn’t help but stop herself as she didn’t know what to do with her hands.

“*Whistle* That bastard got you good.”

Even Zaraki showed a worried glance at Gojo. The reason was clear. Gojo wasn’t just bleeding from all pores of his body. 

His body was literally cracking down with clear fissures all over him. As if thag wasn’t enough, many parts of his body were missing such as a good half of his chest.

It was as if he could explode apart and disperse at any moment, 

{I am alright. Almost died but alright.}

Gojo’s voice sounded in the space as he used a simple spell to convey his intentions. He would have loved to speak but his vocal cords were currently charred so it was impossible.

“What a truly fascinating specimen. To think you are alive even in such a state.”

Gojo ignored Mayuri’s mutter. The attack Aizen had thrown at the last moment was no joke. Calling it equal to a nuclear bomb would be putting it lightly.

The Black Coffin was a Kido in the 90. Anyone who mastered such a Kido was already strong enough to put down an average captain who wasn’t careful. Of course, that wasn’t all. Had it been any other spell in the 90, Gojo wouldn’t have been in such a dangerous situation.

But the Black Coffin in particular, when brought to its maximum, was no different from a black hole affecting gravity, space, and time, twisting and crushing everything around it. For Gojo whose defense relied on space and time, this was a hard counter.

However, not only did Aizen use an ingenious way to finish the incantations by marking the words on his body, but he also activated it by sacrificing his life and entire Reiatsu. The result was clear to see.

‘I was really fucking lucky.’

Gojo would have cold sweat on his back if not for all the blood already on it.

The only reason he managed to survive was that he had already strengthened his body with slow and careful modification and the fact that thanks to his method of healing, as long as he wasn’t completely blown to smithereens in one blow, and was in a place rich in Reishi, he was functionally immortal since he could pull the Reishi and heal.

If this had happened on earth, for example, there would be no Satoru Gojo anymore.

The others watched in amazement as his body slowly began to mend itself. Though it was difficult and slow, there was no doubt that he was healing.

Once they made sure of it, Yoruichi asked, 

“Now what?”

Aizen was dead, Gin was captured and Tosen died. 

Gojo could feel the complex emotions in Yoruichi’s voice.

“Well, the situation is pretty simple. Either we stay and let ourselves captured in order to face a fair trial under Central 46’s judgment…”

Gojo and the others chuckled as they said it. What they did was basically reveal how utterly incompetent the Central 46 had been all those years ago to the entirety of the Soul Society.

It wouldn’t be a mistake to think that right now they were going bonkers while screaming to have their heads.

Even if Central 46 couldn’t kill them, they would still most likely end in prison for a few centuries or millennia if they accepted judgment.

“…Or we do as we planned and get the hell out of here. Of course, not all of us have to run.”

Gojo looked at Mayuri who scoffed.

“I already paid my debt to you with this, there is no way I am becoming a fugitive.”

“Too bad Mayu-Mayu, I will miss you.”

Gojo wasn’t surprised at Mayuri’s choice. Even though he helped him in the back by activating and controlling the screens in the back, Mayuri himself never fought so no one could guess they were involved.

Gojo had done this intentionally in order to keep someone who could inform him of the movement of Soul Society once he left.

Mayuri grew irate at the infuriating nickname but didn’t comment further. Since they were about to part, he could magnanimously accept it.

“What about you, Zaraki?”

“You promised me I would not be restrained and could fight as much as I wished.”

“That’s right. Be it on Earth or in Hueco Mundo, we will meet a bunch of powerful guys.”

“Heh, then the choice has already been clear since the beginning.”

“Haha. I guess so. What about Ikkaku and Yumichika?”

While not of the same kind, Ikkaku and Yumichika’s loyalty to Zaraki could be compared to Soi Fon’s loyalty to Yoruichi.

“You already prepared everything, didn’t you?”

Soi Fon muttered. She knew about the failsafe Gojo had put so that they could take other people with them when they left. Everything would be left to them to decide whether to follow or not. Even his daughter, Senna, had already been sent away to Earth.

“Then, I guess we should move on already. I can feel the powerful aura of the captains you ejected nearing this place. I don’t think Yamamoto will be kind when handling us.”

“But, what do we do about him?”

Yoruichi put an end to the matter then looked at the shackled Gin. 

“I say off we go with his head.”

Mayuri moved his thumbs across his neck, making his message pretty clear.

Even though they were talking about his death, Gin seemed pretty calm as if it wasn’t something that mattered to him.

Gojo hesitated a little as he thought about a certain blonde woman with large breasts and sighed as he walked close to Gin.

“I will put the same restriction I put on you back then and leave him here.” 

Gojo said as he addressed Soi Fon. Back then he had put a Heavenly Restriction around her heart to make sure she could not talk about him. If she did, she would die. He planned to do the same now.

Once that was done, Gojo and Gin looked at each other for a few seconds before he stood up and turned around.

What their gazes conveyed to each other was something only they could know.

“I guess it’s time for one last show.”


*Bzzt* “Test… *Bzzt* Test…”

The screens finally came alive and a bloodied but alive and well Gojo appeared on the screen in all the Soul Society.


It was hard to tell who started it first, but the cheering was like an avalanche as people were swept in the mood and all cheered at the fact that he survived the ordeal.

“This is the end of the execution. I, Satoru Gojo am happy to announce that I have handled the traitors of the Soul Society.”

The cheers increased in crescendo but of course, not everyone was in the mood to cheer. All the captains that had been teleported far away were rushing toward the center as fast as they could.

“So~, I am sure that some pretty scary people will come to capture us. However, we believe we have done no wrong and as such are unwilling to subject ourselves to the flawed and subjective justice of Central 46.”

Gojo continued to talk as he grinned. His utter lack of respect for all regulations was all too clear to see but no one could do anything about it.

“Before I leave, I want to precise that all the wealth I have accumulated over the years should be dedicated to the betterment of Rukongai. I have already written and distributed the clear account to all the division’s offices. 

You know, just in case some authorities, *Cough* Central 46 *Cough* decided to take everything for themselves in the name of justice.”

Gojo giggled out loud, clearly happy with himself. Then, all smiles vanished from his face and a gave a deep bow.

“Those last few years in Soul Society have been the best for me. I have learned many things and have met many incredible people. 

The Soul Society may be filled with flaws but I have really come to see this place as a sort of home, which is why I tried to fill those flaws and change it into a much better place. I believe I did my best and this is why…It’s now time to walk away.”

Raising back, he smiled. One pure smile filled with a rare gentleness, 

“To all my comrades of Gotei 13. Farewell.”

After those words, all the screens turned black and vanished.

A few minutes later, when the captains reached the place where Gojo and the others previously were, all they could see was a shackled Gin.

This day was marked in the annals of the history of Soul Society. And Gojo became a veritable legend.

(AN: This may be the best arc I have written yet. Give me your opinion about it and perhaps how I could have improved it? Anyway, all opinions are welcome. Honestly, this arc is a pretty important milestone in my story. It’s basically book 1? At least his life in Soul Society ended. The next chapter will be the start of the last arc of this vol.)


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An Anime Addict · 2022-05-30 at 1:12 PM

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