[Earth; Karakura Town]

“Ken-chan, are you worried?”

Lying down on the floor next to Zaraki, Yachiru was holding a picture book when she asked suddenly.

She could feel that Zaraki had become quite restless and she knew why. Which was why she couldn’t help but ask.

Zaraki scoffed a little.

“Worried? I am just jealous that he is the one that got to fight her.”

For Zaraki, Yachiru Unohana was a very special woman. She was the one who allowed him to understand the true pleasure of fighting to the death against someone.

Before meeting her, everything had been dull. All he did was simply mindlessly kill people in the Zaraki district, from which he took his name.

For him, Yachiru was a source of worship and the standard he looked up to. She was an idol for him and that was one of the reasons he named the little girl he found after one of the massacres he committed, Yachiru – in homage to Unohana.

This was also why he couldn’t help but become restless. The fight between Gojo and Unohana carried deep importance this time and he felt like he might lose one of them.

It would be an honorable death, but a death nonetheless. Something that couldn’t be argued against.

He didn’t know how the fight would end, but he hoped that there would be no regret.


[Soul Society; Seireitei]

The moment the fight officially began, Gojo’s body, fully encased in blinding white light coming from his wings and halo, immediately took a few steps back from where he previously stood.

This decision proved to be a good one as the ground in front of him was immediately gouged open by a blow so powerful and so fast it was mind-blowing.

“You have grown.”

In the past, this attack was enough to ‘kill’ Gojo or at least severely injure him. But it was clear that Gojo wasn’t the newbie he once was.

Instead of replying, Gojo summoned two additional pairs of arms made out of light, each of them with a sword in hand.

<<Sword God: Ashura>>

This was a way of fighting that Gojo created to face powerful and more skilled opponents in one on one fights. This mode was inspired by the golden hands of Senjumaru. Thanks to his computing abilities, moving six arms at the same time was not complicated for him.

“Oh? Senjumaru would be interested if she saw this.”

As experienced as she was, Unohana easily understood the current mode but didn’t care. In fact, she could feel her blood surge as passion drowned everything.

Sporting a grin filled with madness, Unohana rushed forward and immediately engaged in a quarter combat.

What followed was a fight so beautifully deadly, anyone who witnessed it would be left breathless.

Be it the rhythm of their attacks, the power and speed behind them, or the very way they moved, it was as if a sublime choreography was being orchestrated.

Left, right, up and down, attacks whizzed from all sides with no respite. Any opening would mean a splash of blood, any mistake could mean the end of this fight. 

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Even though no Kido attack was exchanged, destruction rained and the earth trembled. 

This was a fight between two powerful captains, just the clash of their spiritual pressure was enough to kill lesser shinigami.

The more they fought, the more Vaillant Unohana became. But even so, she didn’t think it was enough. 

It was far from enough.

If this continued, this would be no different from a simple spar. She wanted something more blood-curdling. 

Blocking three attacks at the same time with a flowing movement of her sword, Unohana jumped away with a slight twirl, looking as if a butterfly was flapping its wings.

Her captain cloak had already been shredded because of the intensity of the fight but she didn’t care at all. 

‘More! More!’

This could very well be her last fight. How could she not enjoy it to the fullest?

After taking enough distance, Gojo released a sigh of relief. Even with six swords, he had been unable to suppress Unohana.

He knew that he was still somewhat inferior to her but it had been quite the surprise. At the very least, despite her petite body, in terms of physical might, few could match her. In fact, she was even stronger than Zaraki.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just a question of strength. Be it in terms of skills and experience, she was simply at a completely different level for any enemies he had faced until now.

This huge disparity between them made Gojo quite stifled. But thankfully there was one ray of grace.

He wasn’t specialized in close-quarter combat after all.

“Gojo, after all those years, you should have quite the idea about my Bankai, right?”

Gojo frowned as he felt that Unohana was about to bring out the big gun.

While this world didn’t have the ritual that allowed skills to become stronger when explained, people in here really loved talking to the enemy before acting.

If this had been against an enemy, Gojo would have never given them so much time to prepare. He had already learned this lesson when he was alive.

As for her question.

“You melt everything.”

Unohana’s Bankai was pretty overbearing and powerful. It allowed her to melt not only the physical but also the conceptual.

More precisely, she could use her Bankai to create a separate domain where the concept of death itself was meaningless; Where two adversaries would fight again and again eternally as long as they had the willpower to fight. Once that willpower vanished, someone would die.

It was a very scary power. Gojo did not doubt that falling in that domain would be a death sentence for most. Until now, the only one Gojo had seen with the same love of fighting and the same willpower was Zaraki Kenpachi.

‘Perhaps only that man can walk out of that power.’

While Gojo was thinking, Unohana didn’t stay idle.

<<Bankai: Minazuki.>>

The moment Unohana activated her Bankai, the atmosphere immediately changed.

Be it her Bankai or Shikai, the two modes had the very same name but had aspects so different it was startling.

Minazuki[1], the Shikai, had the power to heal large groups of people. 



Minazuki [2], the Bankai, had the power to kill large groups of people.

Death and life. 

Creation and Destruction.

Two contrasting yet deeply linked powers.

The sword, which was previously nothing more than a normal-looking Katana, became blood-red as a reddish liquid began to drip from the blade.


The moment that drop touched the ground, a reaction began as it began to swiftly devour it.

“You Bankai is as frightening as always.”

Unohana replied with a smile oh so beautiful it was difficult to think that such a gentle-looking could emanate such a deep killing intent.

Gojo briefly debated about using Limitless but in the end, discarded the idea. Even if he won in such a way, he would feel no satisfaction. Furthermore, if she pulled him into the realm of willpower, there was nothing Gojo could do. 

“If possible, I would love for our fight to last all eternity.”

Gojo smiled.

“If possible, I would love for our fight to end now.”

Unohana smiled at his answer.

This was a clash of opinion and a clash of goals. In this fight, the winner of the fight might not necessarily be the winner and the loser might win something else.

It would all depend on the two of them. 

If Gojo was asked, was it worth it? Should he invest so much in someone whose greatest goal in life was dying under the blade of someone stronger? 

The answer would be yes.

For him, ‘Unohana is worth any price.’

It didn’t matter that he was butting in matters that didn’t concern him. 

In order to wake her up, Gojo was willing to beat her up. 

[1]: Flesh-Drops’ Gorge

[2]: All Things’ End


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