Okay guys. Holy shit. It hadn’t been easy but my new story previously called Midnight Prince and now called God of Crime just received a super promotion as it’s recommended in library.
I am like super happy because I have been working on this so much and I was losing hope honestly but this month I am getting good news after good news.
Anyway, for those who are reading my new story, thanks
For my readers of fanfiction or SHK, please give a try to this new story of mine. The pace is a little slow and the style is slightly different from SHK, but I believe it’s a very good story.

If you have free pass or coins, please read on WN rather than pirate site. This would really help me.
Obviously, if anyone wants to give me a big gift as congratulations I will be happy.
So that’s all. Just wanted to share my joy.
Also, I decided I might start a small stream this Saturday.
This will be a small test and stream might only last 30mn or 1 hour.
It will be a QA session where you can ask anything about ShK or GoC or my fanfics.
My speaking skill are rather mid (or even bad) but I will do my best. Worst case I will just write my answers

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