“I will never surrender!”

“Hahahaha! Yes! This is it! Let’s fight to the end!!”

The fight between Kaname and Zaraki reached a new crescendo after Kaname transformed into a hollow.

At first, he did indeed get an overwhelming advantage and thought that he would finally be able to crush Zaraki but…

‘Why!? Why!?’ 


Tosen roared like a wounded beast as he was being mercilessly beaten down by Zaraki.

He couldn’t understand it. It made absolutely no sense. 

All it had taken for Zaraki to surpass him was to take off his eyepatch.

Just that alone had been sufficient for that monster’s power to skyrocket to new heights he couldn’t even hope to grasp.

Kaname felt so much hatred and jealousy he felt like he was about to go mad.

Why was the world so unfair?

Why did a selfish monster like Zaraki have so much power while selfless people like his deceased friend could do nothing more than become playthings for the wicked?

Where was the justice? Why did such a world exist in the first place?

‘I hate it! I hate it so much!’

Kaname snarled as his arm was sent flying by a swing of Zaraki before he was kicked away like a cannonball.

‘Hah, I am going to lose.’

Deep down he knew it, he could see it and even though his heart refused to admit it, the facts were laid bare for him to see—He was no match for Zaraki Kenpachi.

The moment this realization hit him, his raging feelings surprisingly calmed down.

“I see…”

Standing up he ‘looked’ in the direction of the Zaraki.

“I will use one last technique.”

Zaraki, who was about to rush madly again in the fray, stopped. He could feel it. The aura that was covering Kaname was changing.

This wasn’t the aura of some mad bastard speaking about worthless justice, but that of a warrior ready to put his life on the line.

Without a doubt, what was about to happen was the last act of this long fight.

Was Zaraki scared?

“Hah! Bring it on!”

Kaname smiled sadly. His spiritual pressure went up to another level as his body began to transform completely.


Even as the transformation continued, Kaname could feel his life force slowly drain out of him.

What he was doing was a transformation that was still in the experimental stage. When hollowfying him, Aizen had warned him that because of the incomplete state of the Hogyoku, that power was still unstable and once he used it, whatever the final result was…He would die.

However, Kaname neither hesitated nor did he regret. At this moment, right here and right now, he wanted to make a stand. Even if he was naught but a shooting star that would vanish from everyone’s memory.

‘At the very least, my transformation should give some important data to Aizen-sama.’

He gave one last smile as his human form completely vanished after being swallowed in darkness.

When he emerged once again, Kaname Tosen as known by the Seireitei was no more.  

His entire body was covered with black fur and he possessed four insect-like arms with clawed hands. 

On the hunch on his back were two long, spiraling horns, each adorned near the points with two rings with chains hanging from them. His head resembled that of a cricket, with a bilateral line running down the center, large bulbous eyes.

At the bottom of the head was a small opening with jagged teeth that served as his mouth. His long bushy tail swayed while he floated thanks to the insect wings on his back.

<<Resurreccion: Suzumushi Hyakushiki: Grillar Grillo[1]>>

If before, there was some ambiguity, the large hole in his torso left no argument. 

Kaname Tosen became a hollow.

“That is quite the disgusting form you have here.”

Kaname ignored Zaraki’s mocking words as he looked around him.

“It’s  unfortunate that the first thing I can finally see is your face.”

Thanks to this transformation, his blindness was cured and he was now able to see.

“Do you know, Zaraki Kenpachi, I…I hate this world from the bottom of my heart.”

As he felt the end was upon him, Kaname felt like the bitterness in his heart could finally find a release.

Even though he was speaking to Zaraki, he was more so speaking to himself. 

“We live in a society where those who should uphold justice are corrupted beyond redemption and live in depravity. We live in a world where the weak strive to survive while the strong tear at each other’s throats. Karma and the promise of a better world are nothing more than lies the weak use to comfort themselves because of how helpless they are in the face of reality.”

He looked around as he continued,

“No matter how I think about it, this world is a dark, disgusting place full of pain and misery. A place that has no worth in being saved and should simply be destroyed. But, even so, in her eyes, the world was without a doubt a beautiful place.”

Kaname clenched his fists and released a sigh, 

“Be ready, this will be my last attack.”

He crouched down, light began to gather in front of his eyes while his own blood mixed in that light. 

Seeing this, Zaraki spoke no words and held his sword with two hands for the first time in this fight.

Back then, Yamamato had tried to teach Zanjutsu to Zaraki so that he could bring even more power. But Central 46 had forbidden such an act since they feared the potential of Zaraki.

Even so, what Yamamoto had already taught him was enough to make his power reach a completely different level. However, Zaraki never used Zanjutsu.

After all…It was too boring. What kind of enjoyment could there be in a fight that ended in a flash?

But now?

A mad grin formed on his face. 

Silence fell on the battlefield for an instant as the tension continued to rise.  

<<Grand Ray Cero: La Mirada [2]>>

Cero, a technique unique to Menos level hollows. 

By mixing his own blood, Tosen had managed to create a variation of that technique and brought it to an even higher level.

 As the light traveled mercilessly toward Zaraki, the very fabric of time and space seemed to twist around it as Gojo’s Bankai, already weakened because of the many fights, showed signs of crumbling.

Facing the light of destruction, Zaraki did not try to avoid it nor did he prepare any defense.

Yellow Reiatsu covered his body and the pressure caused the ground and the walls to tremble under his might.

Raising his sword above his head, when the light finally reached him, all he did was-

–swing his sword down.


The explosion was so huge that it covered everything in the large room. For a few seconds, all those who were witnessing this epic showdown could only cover their eyes because of the blinding light.

When the light finally dissipated, the only one left standing was a bloody Zaraki.

As for Kaname Tosen, he laid down on the ground, in his original form, but his body mangled beyond recognition.

Even as death slowly took over his consciousness, he felt no sadness but only had one regret.

‘I really wish I could see the sky.’

As if answering his wish, the cracked ceiling slowly began to turn transparent,  allowing him to see the beautiful blue sky devoid of clouds.

For Kaname who had always been blind, this sight was like the call of heaven. He could feel his very soul being cleansed and he could now see what his friend always talked about.

Unknowingly, tears began to fall from the corner of his eyes.


The world was a rotten place filled with sadness and misery. But…

“How truly beautiful.”

He was glad that this was the last thing he got to see in this world.

[1]: Bell Cricket Hundredth Style: Insane-Fettered Cricket

[2]: Hollow Kings Lightning: The Gaze

(AN: I won’t lie. I hate Kaname as a character. But his fight against Komamura and Shuhei was beautiful and full of meaning. It wasn’t just about explosion and power up but different ideologies and feelings clashing. About love and about justice. Honestly, Espada arc was the peak for Kubo. The fights in Blood war were super badass and epic not gonna lie. But, they lacked something. They were never so beautiful and meaningful as in the one in the Espada arc. Like the fight between the two scientist and the meaning of perfection. Or Ulquiorra trying to understand what was a heart. Like damn.

Anyway, coming back, I tried to give a certain beauty to the fight between Zaraki and Tosen even though I know it can never be as beautiful as the one between Tosen and Komamura. I honestly hesitated about killing Tosen and perhaps have him fight Komamura and Shuhei later like in Canon. But I decided to stick with my decision.)



GOJO CH 144: HADO #90


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