<<Mukyo Shunko>>

For Soi Fon, this technique was one that allowed her to bring her highest speed and her most powerful hit. 

At this level, even without using her Shikai or Bankai, she was already superior to an average captain-level shinigami and when combined with the boost provided by her Shikai, she was without a doubt the fastest captain alive at this very moment.

Unfortunately for her, the one she was facing, even though not officially a captain, was a monstrous genius that had already far surpassed the level of an average one. 

While his own speed was subpar, the speed of his Zanpakuto was at a completely different magnitude.

<<Bankai: Kamishini no Yari>>

Gin’s Bankai did not change the appearance of his Zanpakuto, unlike many others. However, once it transformed, both the range and the highest speed possible for the Zanpakuto increased tremendously. 

It rose to an almost transcendental level. Of course, Only Gin himself knew how high the speed his Zanpakuto could reach was.

The clash between the fastest captain and the fastest sword was over in a flash of light. Everything happened so fast, that even the few captains who were watching the fight had a hard time capturing the scene. 

As blood splashed on the ground and an arm fell, the scene became clear for everyone to see.

“My, oh my, I nearly lost my little life here.”

With blood dribbling from his lips and a huge hole on the right side of his stomach, Gin still managed to keep his smile. His entire body was covered in more than ten new butterfly marks but none of them were hit a second time.

“Kuh! To think that I was still a little too slow…”

Grasping her bleeding arm, or what was left of it, Soi Fon frowned deeply before closing the wound with her Reiatsu. 

While the earlier clash looked like one exchange, the two of them had exchanged several hits. While coming in close, Soi Fon had managed to greatly increase the number of marks and was about to end him but, at the last moment, the speed of Gin’s sword seemed to increase even more.

In one swift movement, he managed to cut away the part of his body that was marked, thereby making her miss and using the opening she created because of how surprised she was by his self-mutilating move, he was about to divide her in two.

Thankfully, while she had been briefly stunned, Soi Fon had managed to use the wind of her Shunko to move her out of harm’s way. Though she didn’t manage to save her arm.

All of this had happened in less than one second. Everything played on one mistake. 

In this clash, the winner wasn’t the fastest one, but the most ruthless one. After all, it was one thing to be ruthless on your opponent, it was another to be even more ruthless on one self.

“Now then…I guess this is it.”

Aside from a pale tone, Gin’s face showed absolutely no change as he tightened the grip on his sword. If he had used the full power of his sword, he wouldn’t have ended in such an embarrassing situation.

However, he did not know if Gojo was broadcasting everything or not. At least, if it was him, this would be what he would do.

He couldn’t afford to gamble and let Aizen see his final move. That would defeat the purpose of following the man during all those years. 

Soi Fon gritted her teeth in humiliation. She was about to answer.

“This is enough, Soi Fon. You did a good job.”

Out of nowhere, a voice sounded and soothed Soi Fon.

‘A black cat…?

…Gojo’s cat?’

Gin was briefly surprised at the fact that a talking cat came out of nowhere. He recognized it as the pet cat that followed Gojo’s adoptive daughter from time to time.

He had observed that cat a few times from afar but and thought it was just an ordinary cat but…

‘How could a normal cat release such a powerful killing intent?’

“Yoruichi-sama, I…”


Gin became a little flustered at the name he never thought he would hear in the Seireitei.

Slowly, under his eyes, the cat transformed into a tall tan-skinned woman wearing a black bodysuit. Her naked feet threaded gracefully on the floor as she walked up to Soi Fon.

The moment Yoruichi appeared, it was like an earthquake rumbled in the hearts of all those witnessing the fight.

Soi Fon held the title of the fastest Captain now, but the one who held that title before her was none other than Yoruichi.

In fact, far from simply being the fastest Captain, she was considered as the fastest Shinigami alive currently.

That was the Flash Goddess — Yoruichi Shihoin.

The first woman to become the leader of the Shihoin Clan. 

The princess of the Soul Society.

There were too many things associated with her name.

At the same, for those who were aware of what happened all those years ago, they knew that she held no hesitation in sacrificing her position and title in order to save the friends she held dear.

Some thought of her as stupid for doing that.

However, now that they knew that she had in fact saved innocent and loyal Shinigamis, many of them could only feel ashamed of their thoughts.

Neither of those present on the battlefield cared about the storm the sudden appearance of Yoruichi caused.

Soi Fon could do nothing but fall in self loathing.

She had never felt so humiliated in her life. 

Compared to simply losing her arm, the fact that she had shown such an unsightly display to her most admired princess gave her the urge to kill herself.

She felt like she was on the verge of crying as she looked at the one and only lord she would ever serve.

“I am ashamed…”

Yoruichi smiled helplessly as she crouched next to Soi Fon 

“Don’t be. You did your best. As for your arm, I am sure Satoru will fix it for you later.”

She understood just how much duty bound Soi Fon was to her. She could imagine how mortified Soi Fon was currently.

“Don’t wallow in sadness. Use this experience as a learning lesson so that you can come back even stronger.”

‘Ah…Yoruichi-sama is as sublime as always.’


Those words from Yoruichi were like heavenly decrees to Soi Fon. She felt so pumped up that the pain from losing an arm didn’t even register anymore.

Gin, who felt quite weird at being so blatantly ignored scoffed.

“Heh, to think that Gojo colluded with the fleeing princess. I guess you are the one who informed him about the truth?”

‘Aizen is as scary as always.’

He remembered that Aizen had mentioned how his suspicions about the black cat of Gojo and how it should be related to Yoruichi.[1]

Of course, not even Aizen could have guessed that the cat wasn’t just related to Yoruichi but was Yoruichi herself.

‘I guess Gojo is also quite scary since he managed to bring her incognito here.’

Yoruichi completely ignored Gin and patted Soi Fon on the back. 

From the start, Satoru had placed her to act as a backup should anything happen. Ideally, she wouldn’t even have to appear but, it seemed that they had underestimated the power of Gin.

<<Shunko: Raijin Senkei>> [2]

*Bzzzz* *Bzzz*

The roar of the thunder and the crackling of the lightning instantly filled the battlefield. 

The lightning emitted from Yoruichi’s back changed into circles of electrical energy in the shape of Raijin’s drums behind her.

“Tell me, how do you want to die?”

This form of Shunko was different from all her other ones. In this form, she did not seek to move at higher speed, but would literally throw powerful lightning bolts at her enemies.

Gin gave a wry smile, he could feel goosebumps on his skin at the powerful killing intent of Yoruichi locked on him.

He had no doubt that even if he used his strongest move, while he would certainly kill Yoruichi, he would also be killed. 

‘It isn’t yet the time for me to die.’

He did not fear death. He knew that a sinner like him would surely die in a miserable and pitiful way sooner or later, mourned by no one and shunned by the world.

‘Nah, I guess only one person would mourn my death.’

The smile on his face stretched further. With a sigh, his spiritual pressure fell down until it was barely emanating.

Releasing the grip on his sword, Gin raised his hands in the air.

“No need to continue fighting. I surrender.”  

[1]: Happened in CH 124

[2]: Thunder God War Form;





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