An hour later, Yoruichi laid down weakly on the bed, all strength drained from her. Her body was sweaty and the bed was wet because of all the juice she sprayed. 

Even now, a few minutes after Gojo had let her off, her body was still twitching because of the intense pleasure she had received. She had been forced to cum again and again to the point she felt a little delirious for a while. 

Yoruichi looked up at Gojo as she slowly gathered her bearings. 

Originally she had thought that it would be easy to dominate him with her technique even though she lacked experience. But she was the one who nearly drowned. 

Even though she had nearly drowned in pleasure, it was not enough.


“I want more.”


She stood up with difficulty and walked on all fours on the bed before reaching him. Pushing him down on the bed, she placed her butt over his penis and slowly, ever so slowly, began to lower it.

Gojo was a little surprised that she still had the power to move, but he didn’t stop her. He had dominated her enough to show who was the boss, so he could let her have control of the situation now.


Her shiny brown thighs sank down and the taut labia sucked in the head of his penis.




The tip had not even fully entered her slit yet, but her thin eyebrows twisted and sexual moans escaped on her breath.

This was it, this was the moment she would truly entrust her body to someone else. She did not know how long their relationship could last, but she didn’t care about the future now. What should happen would happen. All she could do was enjoy the present.


Gojo, on the other hand, did not utter a word. He was completely spellbound by those well-formed hips sliding forward and back, left and right as if taking aim. Both of their hips would shake as soon as her wet flesh touched his tip, so they had a difficult time doing it. He enjoyed how her plump butt would hit him.


Finally, the widened head lined up with her secret entrance.


‘W-wow. It’s going in.’


He commented on the events before his eyes. It might not have been his first time, but this moment was always the most awaited one. 


A tight ring of flesh wrappex around his penis as if measuring its circumference. He was impressed by the pleasure his aroused penis’s nerves received from the warmth of the soaking wet woman. He was even more impressed by how the delicate pink flesh flexibly swallowed a portion of his body.


As their union grew deeper, Yoruichi’s lovely body arched backward. Unable to wait as she slowly lowered her hips, he lifted his own hips.


Her beautiful vagina squeezed tight to deepen their bond. Gojo had already cum before, so she was in a precarious state.




“Hah~! Maybe I got a little too worked up. That felt way too good.”


Her tone was a joking one, but a look of longing filled her face as she placed her hands on Gojo’s stomach and adjusted her position.


Her body occasionally trembled as if experiencing an electric shock. He could tell how great the pressure building inside her was. Her beautiful breasts lifted by her upper arms bounced and her hair fluttered through the air, reflecting the moonlight.


When the head of his penis reached the deepest point, a new honey-like stickiness wrapped around it. 


He didn’t feel the tearing of her hymen despite knowing she was a virgin. But, when he remembered the way she fought, he was sure that her hymen must have been destroyed long ago.


“Heh heh heh. How do you like my body, Gojo?”


Yoruichi was breathing so heavily she could barely speak. She had never felt so full. Each time the head pushed into her deepest place, her ample breasts would shake and she would writhe in ecstasy, but she still remembered her position as the older one.


“It’s… amazing. It feels so good. And…”


“Ah… H-hey, stop that.”


Gojo could not help but thrust his hips up into her twitching and nearly convulsing vagina.


“I’m happy I could do this with you.”


A bright smile appeared on Gojo’s face.


“Hahaha. You are really a womanizer. I wonder how many girls in Seireitei fell in your clutches.”


She smiled bitterly, brought her face in close, and moved her lips to the side of his face before nibbling at his ears.

Yoruichi wasn’t possessive and as a noble, she wasn’t against the notion of polygamy. Still, it didn’t mean that she had nothing to say about it.


“Ah! M-Yoruichi…that tickles.”


“So your ear is one of your weak spots?”




She breathed onto and licked at his earlobe, sending a numb shudder down his spine. In response, he subconsciously reached out his hands to fight back.


He grabbed both of the soft breasts pressing against his chest.


“H-hey… Not so sudd-…Ah~!!”


He lifted the swollen breasts from below as if weighing them and gave them a good squeeze. They felt wonderful and the penis buried in her hidden garden would throb each time he teased her nipples.


“Wait… c’mon…Calm down…”


“Ahh… Then you stop with the ear…Ah!.”


Gojo’s ticklishness seemed to weaken the dam keeping him from cumming and Yoruichi’s bust grew more sensitive thanks to the attack on her nectar hole.


At some point, it had once again become a competition to see who could overwhelm the other first.


“Nn.. Ahh, Gojo… You’re such a dirty boy.”


“Yoruichi… The way you wiggle your big butt is just too lewd.”


“Ah hah… I wouldn’t be doing that…if you weren’t making me feel so good.”


As she straddled him, her seductive rear started wiggling around in circles all on its own. Just as it seemed to be moving right, it would start left. Meanwhile, her inner flesh continued to gently constrict, stroking the brazen younger boy inside her.


The creaking of the bed grew louder and louder.


“Ahh… Yoruichi. I’m cumming again….”


“G-go ahead. Cum. I’m…I’m also about to…”


Her hair shone just like silk as it flew through the air and her moans grew to their peak.


The surge gathered in Gojo’s penis and he instinctively thrust his hips upwards. He buried himself to the hilt in her vagina.


Her brown hips were lifted into the air as their union grew all the deeper.




The wonderful shock was so great that a scream-like moan left her throat.


Her spine arched backward with her upper body leaning forward, their colliding cheeks separated and they could look each other in the eye.






Without exchanging a single word or sign, they pressed their lips together in a tight embrace.


They looked like lovers reunited after many years.


“Ahh… Gojo. Kh… I’m cumming~!..”


Her entire body was erotically wet and shining with sweat as she tensed up like a beast and breathed her adult moans of pleasure into his mouth.


“Ahhh. Yoruichi… .”


“Cum… Kuh. Cum with me!”


They seemed to melt into each other as their lower bodies jerked madly together.




In addition to her sweet moans, her fleshy crucible also begged him by sucking him in. He had no choice but to spray his carnal desire inside it.




His load of juices was no less impressive than the first as he fired it into her womb like a bullet.


They continued pounding their intertwined skin together until he had expelled the very last drop.




‘Sex is really amazing. I feel so full right now.’


Yoruichi seemed to literally become a blazing inferno. A switch flipped inside her as a large grin covered her face.


“I see you’re still full of energy, too. You can keep going, can’t you?”


Gojo tilted his head.

‘Her endurance is really out of this world.’

 He was curious to see how long she could go on. He nodded and said.


“Let’s continue.”


Without breaking their connections, she twisted her hips and made a complete turn, showing her back to Gojo,


“Take me from behind.”


Gojo didn’t need to be told twice. It was the kind of order he was happy to follow. Still keeping their connection, he hugged her from behind and raised his body. It took a little twist, but she was now on all four with Gojo’s dick deep inside her.


Once on her stomach, she propped her upper body up on her elbows and looked back at him lewdly, to urge him on.


“You should find it easier to move like this. Just pound me as much as you want.”


Gojo didn’t bother answering. He grabbed her large brown butt and began thrusting his hips.




The hard cock stirring up her wet vagina produced lewd sticky noises which echoed in the room, but neither of them cared about this. 


“Ahh, harder! Pound me deep inside!”


Gojo was happy to oblige. He intensified his thrusting speed as requested.


“It’s hitting me so deep ~!”



He gave her what she wanted by pounding his dick into her as hard as he could manage and it certainly did appear that she was enjoying it.


“Hee…ahh, ahh, ahh…”

Yoruichi had become completely unable to utter coherent sentences and all she could do was moan and groan in pleasure while Gojo moved back and forth inside her. Her mind grew cloudy once again and her eyes rolled in the back of her head.


This was a direct, brute force attack with no plan at all. He grabbed her wiggling butt by the hips and held her even closer than before.


She cried out in surprise when he pushed his cock as deep inside, as much as he could manage.


‘Kuh~! she really is tight.’


He was apparently doing it right. Every time he pushed up into her, she would gasp and tremble, and then let out a heated breath and go limp.


The pleasure from her womb led her inner flesh to crawl pleasantly across his shaft.


“I can’t believe how wet you are inside. It’s so sticky.”


While he enjoyed the squeezing and repeatedly applied pressure deep inside her, he noticed her vagina filling with thicker love juices that gave off an even stronger and sweeter aroma.




‘Is she about to cum? It could happen at any moment.’

He could feel her vagina twitch and wriggle all around his shaft. If he stimulated her too much, she would cum right away. He pushed against her womb gently, like handling an explosive that would go off if shaken too much.

He wanted to delay her release a little for a much sweeter explosion.


Now that she was a little more used to the stimulation he was providing, she began grinding her hips against him again. He had been worried about making her cum unexpectedly, but now he was way more worried about himself blowing his load.


‘Sh-shit. Her pussy is squeezing and stroking my dick all over. How can this be so good?’


“Ah, ahh. Pushing on me deep inside is great, but I need this kind of rubbing too. I want it all.”


Yoruichi was gradually giving in more and more to her animal instincts. Her hip movement picked up speed as she greedily sought the pleasure, the lewd sound of her thick love juices being stirred up grew loud enough to hear easily. 


She squeezed his penis tight while moaning in pleasure,mand producing even more love juices as if to tell him that he could be even rougher with her.


‘Shit. I’m going to, ahh, cum first at this rate.’


The hot mass in his lower stomach rapidly grew more intense and began rising up from the base of his shaft.


The pounding of his growing and throbbing penis shook her vaginal walls and womb and she could no longer control her own pleasure. Her inner flesh squeezed even tighter to melt his dick and enhance the urge to ejaculate.


While they both drove each other to climax with sweet pleasure, love juices and precum flowed endlessly out to soak her female hole.


Sensing the danger of the coming ejaculation within the vortex of sweet pleasure, he grabbed her breasts that were bouncing because of their intense movements.


The mounds had been forming bell-like shapes as they bounced and they felt even softer and more melted than when he had felt them before. Heat filled his fingertips as they sank into her soft flesh.


“Ah!! My boobs, ah, ahh, all of a sudden, ahhh, y-yes, ahhh, they’re so sensitive!”


Yoruichi hissed in pleasure and began to move and act even more wildly.


He pinched her nipples, the one hardpoint on those soft mounds.


At the same time, he had just about pulled his erection out of her but then thrust all the way back in for a merciless blow to her womb.


“Ah, ahhhh, it’s so…so good! Yes,,. yes, Ah~!!!!”


She tensed up like she had been zapped by electricity while he continued the hard thrusting from behind and finally achieved orgasm while her entire body convulsed.

Her mind grew completely blank because of the explosive climax while her vaginal walls squeezed tight in orgasmic pleasure.




The urge that had reached the base of his dick rapidly grew and a scorching sensation rushed up to his urethra. 

Now that he had reached his goal, he stopped fighting the pleasure and let go.




Maddeningly sweet pleasure soaked his dick while a milky torrent surged out and quickly filled her vagina.


The intensity of his ejaculation struck her womb and its heat filled her vagina, causing another wave of trembling pleasure to wash over her while she leaned back on the bed.

When Gojo slowly withdrew from her body with an audible pop, a large amount of white cloudy liquid began to flow out from her beautiful body.


Outside, a sound so small it was imperceptible resounded, but Gojo simply showed a smile.

His last thought as he hugged Yoruichi and brought her to the bath wa:

‘I wonder if she enjoyed the show.’

It seemed that he had to find the time to visit the 2nd Division later.


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Soi fon gonna have a fun night with herself.

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        So? There’s no proof she had any physical relationship with anyone. I will consider all characters virgin as long as they don’t have explicitly stated relationship.
        For example Byakuya isn’t a virgin.
        I rather avoid extrapolation. Though if you can bring absolute fact I will be happy to rectify this

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