After the events of Christmas, nothing much seemed to change on the surface. The festivities had lasted for a total of three days.

The regular switching of the workforce allowed even those that were on missions to participate.

In the end, the event had been deemed as the most grandiose festival ever done in Soul Society and the main characters were none other than Byakuya, Jushiro and Gojo.

As for his relationship with Yoruichi, like with Nanao, they were in a weird state where they were more than just sex friends but not quite lovers.

Ever since their first time, Yoruichi had become quite enamored with sex and would work him out every time she had the occasion and Senna was out.

It was an enjoyable relationship for both.


Currently, Gojo was standing in the prairie of Rukongai first district.

“Yo! You are here a little earlier than planned.”

Isshin Shiba greeted him in his usual way as he appeared next to Gojo with a Shunpo.

Taking a deep breath, he looked at the curtain that was barely visible as it surrounded the village in the first district.

“I must say seeing something like this really puts me at ease.”

Even though it was basically impossible for hollows to attack the first few districts, it wasn’t as if some small fish never managed to slip through the net.

Sadly, while they were small fish for Shinigami, they were calamities for citizens of Rukongai.

Now though, thanks to the curtains created by Gojo, the mortality rate of people in Rukongai would greatly decrease.

“Well, this is for my awesome self. Just a little gadget.”

Gojo wasn’t really moved by the thanks of Isshin. In the first place, he just did it on a whim, to repay the grace he received. He did not need anyone’s gratitude.

Furthermore, after having Jushiro literally kneel in front of him while weeping tears of Joy, no thanks could rival that.

‘I wonder if I should deal with that thing in his chest before going.’

Gojo was curious. Even though he thought he didn’t plan to copy the bones of the members of Division 0, he still had some inspiration to greatly reinforce his body.

The most important thing was that, by comparing the power in Jushiro and those bones, Gojo could confirm that they were all related.

“Hahaha! Indeed. You are really awesome. I never could have thought that you could pull those stuck-up members of Division 0 down to help you.”

“It’s all thanks to Unohana. Well, I always thought that the Shiba Family was just a normal noble family.”

Gojo chuckled, “Heh, Who would have thought that not only were you the hidden fifth great noble family but you were also related to Division 0.”

Isshin gave a bitter smile, “We have nothing to do with them anymore. Since its creation, the Shiba Family had always been estranged from the four other clans.”

“By the way, I know that the five families predate the Gotei 13 by quite a bit. Just by how much though?”

“Pfft. I can’t tell you everything since this involves the greatest shame of our family. But the five families don’t just predate the Gotei 13 or even the Soul Society.”

Isshin gave a calm smile as he looked at Gojo, “The five families predate the creation of humanity itself. Our ancestors witnessed the separation of the three realms with their own eyes while standing on the side of the Soul King.”

‘Of course, they ruthlessly betrayed him later.’

Isshin left those words unsaid as he focused on the super large canon that was slowly being raised.

“You see, at first glance, our family specializes in fireworks only…but another duty of ours is to direct this great canon. This canon is one of the few ways to access the Soul King Palace.”

“Seems like a pretty important duty.”

Gojo whistled. No matter in which era, the one who had the key of the house was generally the one the master considered as the most trustworthy.

If the Soul King believed in them, how could he let that family fall so low that they couldn’t even hold a place in Seireitei?

‘Perhaps it’s a ride?’

The mention of the Shiba Family was buried in history. This was equivalent to erasing all information about who held the key. This was perhaps one of the best ways to make a fortress inaccessible.

After all, the Shiba would be the most obvious target during invasion if they were known.

‘Well, I don’t think it’s something that is well thought of. It feels more like…’

It felt more like they got exiled by the other four families.

Gojo didn’t know whether he was right or wrong in his conjectures, but he didn’t care. He just had to ask the truth to Yoruichi during the night.


“Ohoh! How many years has it been? This canon is still as inelegant as always. I really wonder who had the bad idea to create such a way of transportation.”

Just as the discussion between Isshin and Gojo was winding down, three Shinigami, Unohana, Senjumaru, and Kirio suddenly appeared.

“Heh, I guess my ancestors wanted to send a clear message.”

Isshin grinned as he looked at the two Royal Guards, or should he say two Royals Jailers? 

He had never been particularly a fan of Division 0 overall, but the sad reality was that his opinion didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

“Ohh. Isshin-chan, how have you been?”

“Pretty well, If I must say, what about you… Kirio?”

Of course, Kirio was an exception. After all, who could hate such a gentle woman? Still…

“You certainly…Hum, You changed quite a bit.”

Isshin gave a nervous laugh. He remembered that Kirio was a lean, tall buxom woman whose breast size did not lose to Rangiku.

When she was still in the Gotei 13, she was one of the most popular captains for the males Shinigami. She was basically an Idol. 

Since Kirio had developed her food creation skill after entering Division 0, Isshin did not know that Kirio needed the extra fat as a precaution when she cooked seriously.

While Isshin and Kirio reminisced, Senjumaru approached while holding a bag filled with clothes. 

“Here is what you asked for.”

Gojo smiled as he took the bag, “Thanks. I am surprised you didn’t ask any questions.”

Senjumaru gave a complicated glance at Gojo when she remembered what kind of clothes Gojo asked her to sew.

“I thought that we would become comrades a few years after you become captain, but it seems like that will not happen.”

After all, if her conjectures were right…

All Gojo did was shrug, “Still, you are pretty gusty. What if I sold you out?”

“Haha. I know you wouldn’t. I am pretty sure you guys have no interest in Seireitei. As long as whatever I do doesn’t affect the Soul King Palace, we will not be enemies.”

Senjumaru opened her eyes wide and threw a glance at Isshin.

“No worries. I have placed a sound-isolating barrier and a light distortion barrier. He can neither listen to us nor read our lips.”

“I see.”

Senjumaru smiled and shook her head.

“As you said, we shall not interfere. Even if the Seireitei was burned to the ground, we would not interfere as long as the one doing it doesn’t threaten the Palace. After all — The Soul King hates Shinigamis.”

“…What do you mean?”

She turned and began to walk away, “It’s time for us to go. This was definitely an enjoyable outing. For your question, if you are curious, ask your friend Yoruichi — about the [Original Sin] of Soul Society.”

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Anonymous · 2022-04-01 at 1:32 AM

The orginal sin is one of the saddest things I’ve read. Like bruh for what they did to my boy reio, they deserved to get curbstomped by yhwach and quincys. Ichibe was also planning to do the same to ichigo if the end if they didn’t have yhawch’s corpse.

Anonymous · 2022-03-30 at 11:34 PM

Thanks for the chapter bro

    Anonymous · 2022-03-31 at 5:41 AM

    the five noble house founders created the existence known as the Soul King and caused the world to split into its current state, allowing life and death to take on separate forms.

    The three worlds were created by sacrificing a being who was both a devil and a messiah (soul king).

    Basically the world before the soul king was a world without death and Hollows.

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There is it again. What is this original sin? Ahhh nevermind I hope this LN updates faster. F***ing cliffhanger!

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