Really went all out with Yoruichi smut. 3 chapters each between 1.9k-2.4k words. This is the second chapter out of the three. Enjoy

A few seconds was all he needed to strip Yoruichi completely. The only article of clothing still left on her body were her panties. Gojo found this way more enticing than having her fully naked.


This time though, their positions were different. Gojo was seated on the bed, and Yoruichi was kneeling in front of him.


Her beautiful and large breasts were pressed together and squashed against each other, a little bit of lotion already layered down on them.


The sweet softness and elasticity surrounded Gojo’s sensitive penis. as well as the gentle pleasure of that flesh transmitted a new kind of sensation. 


It was something he had always wanted to try. He had to admit, while it wasn’t as pleasurable as sex itself, there was something about seeing a woman kneeling in front of him and service him that brought shivers down his spine.


“Can you move now?”




Her cleavage enveloped the mushroom-like form and she moved her breasts up and down.


‘Ah… Th-this is even better than I thought it’d be.’


He had wanted to test it at first, but he quickly began breathing heavily from the pleasure. This pleasure was different from the stickiness inside a mouth, the pressure of a hand, or the all-encompassing feel of the vaginal flesh.




The sensation on the head was weak and nearly only a tickle, but as she moved her breasts up and down, that slight pleasure continued without end. Instead of leading directly to ejaculation, it seemed to permeate his entire body. He felt like his hips were slowly melting away.


But then he looked down at her.




Yoruichi was down on her knees and rolling her own large breasts around to pleasure his erection.


“Nn… Gojo?”


He reached out and grabbed the defenseless pink points moving up and down before him and she let out a groan of surprise.


“Is something…the matter?”


“No, continue.”


He rolled her areola around as he gave her a command. She seemed to hesitate, but she finally nodded obediently and resumed bouncing her breasts. He had already remarked that her breast seemed to be one of her weak points. 




He wanted to tease her in the same way, so he began an even more indecent attack on those bouncing balls of flesh.


The more he teased her, the more sensitive her nipples grew. Her ears, neck, nape, armpits, back, and sides were also sensitive. As he traced his fingers across her body, her entire being shivered. Sometimes he would also pulse his reishi and excite the different parts of her body with just a touch.

His understanding of the body could only be matched by the likes of Kisuke. If he so wished, he could give enough pleasure to melt her mind. But this wasn’t what sex was about.




When he gently stroked her hair, she breathed from her nose like a relaxed kitten. 

When he obscenely stroked her areolae, he could see her whole body twitching. She also began pressing her breasts more strongly against his penis.


He could feel her breathing quicken as her breaths tickled his legs. She clearly wanted him to grope her bust until they lost their shape entirely.


Eliciting that indecent reaction gave Gojo a slight sense of satisfaction. 


‘Yep, being on the receiving end isn’t bad, but I truly only feel happy when I am the one who dominates.’


As he grew intoxicated with the sensation of soft feminine flesh, Yoruichi gave him an upturned glance and let clear saliva drip down from her mouth onto the head of his penis, a cheeky light seemingly dancing in her eyes.


After already cumming once, he thought he could hold on longer, but Yoruichi’s skills were truly on another level. 


“I am about to cum.”


Yoruichi answered his warning with a bewitching smile and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis as it poked out from between her breasts.


She was wordlessly telling him to cum inside her mouth.




He had never before experienced technique this superb and it brought him straight to heaven.


He released the lust that had been building up as he watched Yoruichi’s sexual show.


The fluid was thick and plentiful. The thick cum erupted out and he felt himself floating on a cloud.


With an obscene smile on her face and a mischievous glint in her eyes, Yoruichi sucked at the tip of the throbbing flesh rod, trying to squeeze out as much as she could from him.




Caught off guard, Gojo gave a low grunt.


He had never experienced an ejaculation like this. It felt like his urethra was a straw and she was sucking the semen directly from his testicles.


‘Uuh, Yoruichi… If you do that…’


More than just a single ejaculation’s worth was sucked out. It felt like every last drop was drained from his balls. He almost felt like his soul itself was being sucked out.


“Nn, nn, nn…”


Yoruichi breathed from her nose as she slurped up the extract and gulped it down like a tasty treat. She forced every last drop from his urethra.




Once the unprecedentedly intense ejaculation ended, Gojo breathed an intoxicated sigh.


‘I’ve never felt anything so amazing…’


Even though she turned the table on him at the last moment, he still was very satisfied. But the horny woman was not going to let him stop here.


Despite his member being a little soft, she placed the entire thing in her mouth and worked at it inside there.


“W-wait… Yoruichi.”


He honestly did not want her to touch his penis so soon after cumming, but as the woman forcibly sucked at it, the seductive mood returned.




Her sensual smile sent a chill down his spine before he returned a confident grin. 

‘So this is how you want to play?’ 

After calming down a little, he took her by the arm and brought her back to the bed. A cheeky smile was still present on her face as she wanted to see how he would counter her two wins.

‘It’s time for a payback.’

Gojo didn’t disappoint her as he used his finger to trace slightly south; until it reached her tender place still protected by her panties.

“Oh oh oh~! What I am seeing here?”

He brought back his finger and looked at it. They were completely drenched.

“I only touched your breast but look at how wet you are.”

He smirked as he said this. He wasn’t trying to be mean, but he just couldn’t help but tease Yoruichi. She switched so fast between shy and bold, it was very interesting.


This made him want to bring her even more pleasure no matter what.


He groped one breast with his left hand, sucked at the other nipple with his lips, and roughly rubbed against her crotch with three fingers of his right hand.


He could feel moisture through the thin material. This perfectly plastered the thin panties to her pussy and the shape of the contents showed through.


Gojo shut his eyes and felt along that feminine shape until he touched a small bump.




With a quiet groan, a tremor ran through Yoruichi’s slender body.


He looked up at her with her nipple still in his mouth and saw her tanned face had grown tinged with pink.


Her long eyelashes were shaking anxiously.


‘Oh, so even she has a sensitive clit.’


Having found her weakness, Gojo struck a triumphant pose in his heart and focused on tormenting that small bump.


“Ah…ah, ahh…”


Toying with her clitoris through the thin panties must have been the perfect level of stimulation. She was clearly feeling great pleasure.


“Y-you mustn’t…you mustn’t…ahhn!!”


Her words were belied by her gradually fading resistance and she finally collapsed onto her back. She wanted to take back the lead, but Gojo had surprisingly nimble fingers.


She had been pressing her thighs tightly together, but now they limply fell open.


As he warmed up the center of the stain with his three fingers and teased her breast with his left hand, Yoruichi’s eyes gradually grew blank.


“Ahh, ahh…no…what…? I feel…funny? What…what is…this!? Ah…”


She had always seemed to control everything, but now she looked utterly confused as to what was happening to her body.


No matter how powerful she was, her body was still that of a woman.


Yoruichi was, apparently, holding back her moans which only made Gojo want to make her moan even louder.


Her heart was still struggling, but her body could not fight him any longer. Gojo removed his mouth from her nipple.


He used his right hand to toy with the clitoris forming a visible bump in her wet panties and used his left hand to pinch her nipple which was wet with saliva.


Finally, he reached for her panties and pulled them down. It had been obvious through them, but the inside was really soaked.

‘Fingers alone won’t be enough.’

He wanted to utterly destroy her. He grabbed the back of Yoruichi’s plump thighs and spread her legs wide.


Warm air rose and filled his nose with an intensely sweet scent.


He placed the thumb and forefinger of both hands on either side of the maiden’s hidden slit and spread it wide.


“Ah, th-that’s embarrassing…”


When Yoruichi realized he was carefully examining her vulva, she covered her face with her hands, but her damp eyes were secretly peering out from between her fingers. She was too embarrassed to let him see her face, but she was also curious about what he was about to do.

The anxiousness brought her both pain and pleasure, making her mind even more cloudy.


Their eyes met and the woman asked a hesitant question with her legs spread.


“U-um… Is mine…weird? Are the, um, lips weird?”


She was a little worried. After all, it was the first time she let anyone see that place. Even though she didn’t mind being seen naked, she wasn’t shameless enough to show her most intimate parts to anyone.


“Not at all. It’s beautiful.”


Gojo soothed her worries. Her vagina was a beautiful pink, like a strawberry.


‘And it looks really tasty…’


Feeling hungry, Gojo stuck out his tongue and took a lick.




A short sweet moan, unlike her, escaped her mouth as she jolted and reflexively closed her legs, but Gojo’s head was in the way, stopping her from doing so.


It tasted a little salty. That had to be the flavor of her love juices.It was an oddly tantalizing flavor that seemed to melt his tongue.


‘I want to lick her more and more.’


Gojo lost himself in this first taste, his tongue crawled all over to slurp up the hot love juices that flowed out.


When she heard the obscene wet noises, Yoruichi writhed as if she could barely stand it.


“Th-that place is dirty…”


She held Gojo’s head between her knees, arched her back, and convulsed, but he showed no mercy.


He was so delighted that he was bringing pleasure to her that he spent a good time using his tongue to enjoy the firm sensation of her virgin flesh.


“Ahh, ahh, ahh…”


Her moans tickled his heart. After fully tasting out her vagina, he pulled his mouth back and used a finger to poke at the clitoris inside its hood.


He wanted to see all of Yoruichi and to make all of the young woman his. He pinched her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger.


“No, no, noooo!”


He had her weak point in his grasp, because of that, she clenched her fists like a baby and shook her head in protest.


But it was too late.


Even the purest woman would be helpless when fingers wet with her own love juices squeezed her clitoris.


Gojo rolled his fingers around to toy with the clitoris contained in its hood.




Yoruichi seemed to be doing her best to fight the pleasure rising within her, but her youthful limbs trembled, her mouth hung open, and sweat coated her body.


“Hee, kh, khhh~ …Please…no more… I-I’m going to…ahhh!”


Despite her urgent cries, Gojo peeled back the hood.


‘So this is  Yoruichi’s clit. …It’s so cute.’


The exposed clitoris was as beautiful as a ruby, but the way it trembled looked almost painful.


Gojo stuck out his tongue and gave it a lick.


“Ah, stop…ah! Ahhh!”


Having her most sensitive point licked so thoroughly after being exposed was too much pleasure for her to bear. Saliva dripped from her mouth and tears gathered in her eyes.


‘Heh. Now cum, Yoruichi!’


His tongue moved quickly to lick around her clitoris.




She finally succumbed to his technique.


She looked up toward heaven and let out a silent cry of joy. Her lower stomach started twitching and then her juices sprayed out.


It was like a water balloon had been inflated until it burst.


‘Wow, I’ve never seen a woman squirt so much…’


In a way, that young celibate woman’s lust had exploded after building up for years.


‘It’s like a storm~’




After squirting like that for a short while, the woman who had always seemed so superior was now too weak to even close her own legs.


‘It’s so erotic.’


Gojo’s eyes and wet face shone as he observed Yoruichi. It was a thorough victory. But it wasn’t enough.


“Hehe, I heard that women can cum many times in a row, unlike normal men. Why don’t we test this?”

This time, it was Yoruichi’s turn to shiver at the implicit threats. Gojo’s message was clear. He was going to completely mess her up, and she was going to love it.






Anonymous · 2022-06-23 at 3:20 PM

isnt this a copy of trials, the MHA story.

Legionsbane · 2022-04-16 at 10:39 PM

“Gojo soothed her worries. Her v*gina was a beautiful pink, like a strawberry.”

The strawberry comparison is fine in any other verse but Bleach. Seriously, Ichigo’s scowling face popped up in my mind because of it… 🤣

Anonymous · 2022-03-25 at 7:15 AM

How could you author.. Why didn’t you just upload all of the lemons..

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Love it she will

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Damn… this bold-shy gap is dangerous.

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Yoru best girl

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    Damn that was a good read.

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