When did this begin?

If Yoruichi was asked this question, she would not be able to answer.

At first, she was just curious about him.

The power he held, the charisma he emanated, the decisions he took…

Everything about him, from his face to his personality attracted her in a way she couldn’t explain. Rather she could in a way. This was the same way she had been previously attracted to Kisuke in the past.

In the end though, this had ended before it even began. Kisuke had no interest in romance and she had been too childish to capitalize on the small window she had. By the time she understood what was happening, the two of them had just ended up becoming good friends that could tease each other.

With Gojo, it was different.

From the very start he had never tried to hide his appreciation but even then, he had never crossed certains limits.

It had been a while since Yoruichi had felt wanted. It was even better because she also shared feelings for him.

Was it because of this? Or was it because the two of them acted as the mother and father of Senna?

Either way, it did not matter. What really mattered was that those five years with him had been extremely colorful and her feelings had grown more and more.

Was it love? She didn’t really think so.

Was it simply lust? Once again, she did not think so.

It was a mix of the two, with neither of them being more than the other. 

Perhaps there was also the feeling of not making the same mistake she commited with Kisuke. 

This time, she had decided to act on her feelings and not wait passively.

She would be the one in charge.

She would even tie him down to the bed if it was necessary.

This was what she thought.

This was why…

“Sooo…Why am I being tied down, again?”

Gojo mused as he laid down nearly naked on the bed, his boxer being the last protection of his privacy. His hands were tied above his head with rope made out of Reiatsu.

Standing above him was Yoruichi. Her luscious tanned skin shone under the moonlight filtering through the glass window and her two fingers traced gently his muscular naked torso.

“I am just making sure that you don’t escape.”

“Haha. If the creator of Bakudo #37 Tsuriboshi[1] knew that you used his art for such a questionable reason, he would cry in his grave.”

Tsuriboshi was a Kido that had the effect of creating a bunch of ropes made out of Reiatsu and a cushion in the middle that could slow down any things falling.

It seemed that Yoruichi had tweaked the original spell and changed it. 

Of course, had it been a fight, there was no way such a spell could constrain him.  But, this wasn’t a fight to the death.

“Though, why not simply use Bakudo #4: Hainawa[2]?”

Hainawa was a spell specially designed for restricting the movements of the enemies.

Yoruichi looked at Gojo with an incredulous expression.

“Seriously? We are both half naked on a bed and what interests you is why I didn’t use a specific Kido?”

Gojo chuckled awkwardly. It looked like he had spent too much time acting as a scientist.

“I am sorry.”

Gojo raised his head slightly.

Understanding his message, Yoruichi leaned and smiled happily before they shared another kiss.

“Hehe. You don’t need to apologize.”


While still using him as her bed, she slid a hand down toward his hips.


“Do you think you can take responsibility for making me feel this way?”




Her fingers slipped towards his hips, tickled along his thigh, and pulled down his boxers.


Just as the tickling sensation registered, she reached his most sensitive spot.


Her fingers were flexible and as delicate as if they were carved from marble, looking more like a work of art than a real hand. And yet those very fingers moved in a surprisingly nimble manner as they wrapped around his shaft.


“I have already seen it many times while bathing with you. But this is the first time I am touching it. Though, why is it soft, don’t you find me attractive?”

Gojo chuckled. He knew that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, but he was sure that Yoruichi would be considered as beautiful and sexy by at least 90% of people


“That’s not it. I just have great control over my body. Furthermore, just showing some skin isn’t enough to make me hard.”

Gojo smiled innocently as if throwing a challenge.


Hearing this thinly veiled challenge, a large grin formed on Yoruichi’s face as she began to gently move her hands up and down. Even though she had no direct experience, she had received training about different ways to bring pleasure. Seduction was the most used skill by female assassins.


Gojo was a healthy man. No matter how much control he had, there was no way he would not react to the advances of such a beautiful woman. His penis began to fill with blood as she toyed with it. She could feel his pulse as it pressed up against her hand.

“Well, Gojo? Am I attractive?”


She laughed and looked confidently down on him. She never doubted her own beauty. It didn’t matter how powerful they were, there was no woman without a certain sense of vanity.


Her expression was hard to see with the moonlight shining in behind her, but it made her long eyelashes twinkle and made him feel all the more like he was being absorbed by her beautiful eyes.


He did the best he could to nod despite having his hands so restricted.


‘Of course, you are…’


He didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of saying it out loud but he truly found her beautiful.


Her deep-looking brown skin was smooth and the glistening sweat made her look even more alluring. Her revealing clothing did not look obscene at all because the flowing lines from her bust to her waist were just too perfect.


Her stomach was thin and a little muscular and her butt was indeed a little big, but…


‘That plumpness is really sexy.’


Strength filled the hand teasing his penis.


“C’mon, c’mon!”


Even if she was confident in her beauty, seeing the one she wanted, admiring her so much made her even more ecstatic.




Gojo couldn’t help but groan. As if tempting him, she wrapped her fingers around the shaft instead of just pressing down on it.


The throbbing at the base of his hips shook the reasonable part of his mind. He normally had enough inhibition to resist his desires, but this cheerful and kind young woman was using the entirety of her exotic body to seduce him. He didn’t think even a monk could resist in such a situation.


“Of course, I’ll just take you by force if you resist~!”


A somehow bewitching light filled her eyes as she slid the piece of clothing covering her upper body. She knew that Gojo was letting her do as she wished for now and could easily take control anytime. But it still excited her to see him so helpless and under her control.


His eyes opened wide when he saw that hidden flesh within arm’s reach. In fact, it was so close he did not even need to reach out.

He gulped as he looked up at the perfect curves of that melon that was trembling ever-so-slightly. When she saw him breathing more heavily, Yoruichi laughed seductively, breaking the rope binding him and guided his hand to her breast.


It did not take him long for him to grab that cup in his hand too.

“Nn~! C-c’mon, Gojo.”


Earlier she had retained the composure of an adult, but she too began to melt when he began roughly attacking her bust.


The great hills of her breasts were large enough to bulge out between his fingers as he squeezed and fondled them from below.

He continued his persistent attack, waited for her to moan, before pinching her nipples.


Those stiff points were darker colored like her skin. That made them look incredibly obscene, so he could not help but tease them. Not satisfied by only pinching them, he tickled her trembling areolae too. He also poked at the depressions at the very ends of the tip meant for lactation.


“Nn~!… S-stop that. Don’t tease my breasts.”


How could he stop now? His persistent petting made Yoruichi’s limbs twist around.


“Hyah! D-don’t tug on them like- ah! I mean it…”


“You are just too damn irresistible.”


He said with a small smile as he continued. She too grinned


“You’re such a naughty boy. Are you trying to make me submit to you?”


Heat had entirely filled her eyes, and her movements became more intense. She had been touching it quite a bit already, but removing the boxers exposed his sweaty hips to the cool air, making him shudder.

She murmured, 

“Ah-ha. You’re so damn cute. I want to tease you because you’re cute and teasing you makes you look even cuter. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop.”

The usual Gojo was someone prideful and full of power. The gap between what she was used to seeing and what she was seeing now made her heart beat faster and faster. She even felt like she could faint because of a nosebleed at this rate.


She seemed to like their respective positions. He was lying on his back and she was leaning over him on all fours. She pressed her face close to his neck and revealed an intoxicated look.


“Nnn~! I love this smell. It makes me so horny.”


She was truly becoming crazy, as if going into heat. All that remained in her mind was pleasure and even more pleasure


His somewhat tanned skin gained a unique youthful scent when it was soaked in sweat. She could not get enough of his scent in as she delightedly stroked his rod. 


 “Stop…stop. Wait, Yoruichi. Wait a second.”


He had been so absorbed in caressing her tits that he forgot that he was in a rather precarious situation. How humiliating would it be for him to cum just because of a handjob?

In the first place, how the hell was she so good at it? Every time she moved, he felt a shudder of pleasure.


“Why would I stop? You want me to tease you, don’t you?”


Her aggressive arousal seemed to be growing as she whispered even more strongly into his ear.

Her wild and beautiful face grinned as she felt his penis swell in her hand.


“Are you about to cum? C’mon, c’mon. Not yet. Let me see that cute look some more.”


She continued to move her hand faster and faster, until, finally,




Semen erupted from the tip of his dick and filled her hand. It was the first time Gojo had ejaculated so powerfully.

Yoruichi slowly retracted her hand from his boxer and began to admire the white semen, then slowly, she licked it. Her eyes immediately began hazy as she showed an intoxicated look.


“This isn’t the end, right?”


Gojo took a deep breath before suddenly turning around. A mean smile on his face.


“Of course, it isn’t.”

He may have lost the first round, but he would show her who was truly ‘cute’ between the two of them.

[1]: Hanging star

[2]: Slithering rope.

(AN: Lol. Gojo was a little dominated this time but no worries, he will payback. I just think that sex is more interesting when the partners switch roles from time to time. Girls also want to have fun, you know?)


(AN: Currently, the vol is near the end and Gojo is about to fight Unohana for their final bet. Don’t hesitate to subscribe if you are curious)




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