“Hi! You vanished after dropping a veritable bomb, you know?”

Appearing in the Jardin behind the shop, Gojo was not surprised to see Kisuke welcoming him.

“So you can feel the dimensional movement of Shadow?”

Kisuke moved his small fan to hide his mouth and chuckled, “I really couldn’t. But after Yoruichi explained how you moved through the dimension, I was really curious and did some little experiments. I must say, this is truly a marvelous skill. Thankfully, the Quincys of 150 years ago didn’t master it.”

Gojo shrugged, he did not participate in the Quincys massacre and was not particularly interested in them.

The ones that truly intrigued hIm were the Quincys of a thousand years ago. Sadly, the records about them were pretty rare.

He had asked Unohana for some information about them but all she remembered was cutting them in a trove. 

“Oh! Some sweets!”

Skipping happily, Gojo took place next to Kisuke and looked at the carefully made sweets with shining eyes.

“May I?”

“Of course. Tessai is the one who made them. He always had a magic hand when cooking.”

Gojo did not ignore the fact that Tessai was the previous captain of the Kido corps.

Taking one beautiful round ball, Gojo gulped it down and immediately groaned in pleasure as the sweet melted in his mouth.


It was surprising how such an imposing man could make such beautiful and delicious sweets, but Gojo was too entranced to care about it.

‘Does he need sweets?’

Looking at Gojo stuffing himself, Kisuke quietly analyzed the situation.

Truthfully, most of the information he had about Gojo was second-hand information. 

As ironic as it was, despite being trained as a spy, Yoruichi was not a snitch. She had never really shared Gojo’s skills with him aside from some very basic ones.

‘Perhaps he needs them to get more energy? This should be a habit from when he was alive. After all, Shinigami don’t process food in the same way as humans.’

Basically speaking, Shinigami, or souls in general, were deceptively like humans. Once their Reishi’s level reached a certain level, they could feel pain and hunger. They could also have sexual needs and were able to reproduce. They could also age and die or get sick.

Even so, this was where the likeness ended.

‘He should have been a special human when he was alive.’

Kisuke mused. From the record, the first time Gojo appeared, he was already pretty strong and had his own fighting style. This was impossible for someone without training and who was used to fighting.

From his name and habits, Satoru Gojo was Japanese when he was alive and he should have been living in Japan.

Then…why was he unknown?

After the short previous meeting during the poker game, and some small information Yoruichi had sent him, his impression of Gojo was a flashy and very prideful man.

Such a man couldn’t have accepted laying down in the darkness while he was alive.

Of course, it was also possible that the man worked for some organization that couldn’t be seen by normal people. But after having lived in Japan for some time, Kisuke knew no such organization.

This could only mean that Satoru Gojo, a powerful man with incredible innate skills had appeared out of nowhere in Soul Society.

Perhaps he was active in the Western Branch?

This was another great possibility that he couldn’t ignore. Though Kisuke did not really think so. Once again, a man such as him should have been known and renowned in the world of livings.

Perhaps he was a soldier who died during the war?

This was more likely. The second world war had been pretty devastating and the number of soldiers who died was simply too much to count even now. It became even harder when the civilians of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were added.

‘Fascinating. Truly fascinating…Oops. my bad habit is rearing its head.’

Kisuke smiled bitterly. He knew that he should curb his curiosity when it came to personal matters.

While he really wondered who Gojo was when he was alive, it didn’t matter as much as knowing who he was now as a Shinigami.

“Gojo, may I ask if you were serious about your plans to create a new organization equal to the Gotei 13?”

Gojo popped another sweet in his mouth and smiled in bliss before answering,

“I never joke around…Well… I do joke around quite a bit. But this time I am not joking.”

“Pfft! Ahahaha! I see. Then, would you want a small scientist with you?”

Gojo stopped and looked seriously at Kisuke.

“I know I am the one who made the proposal but, why? I know how crazy it sounds. If we do it, we might—No. We would become the enemy of the Soul Society. A thorn in their eyes.”

“Heh. Indeed. Yama-Ji would never allow such an organization to exist without control. He would either try to integrate us in the Gotei 13 or destroy us.”

“That’s it. Why then do you wish to join my sinking ship?”

Kisuke closed his fan with a snap, “But is it really a sinking ship?”

He showed a meaningful smile as he looked at Gojo. Then looked up at the moon, “Of course, I am not someone who likes to make empty gambles. The position of captain for the 3rd division will soon be open, right?”


“First, you should succeed at it. Once you become a captain, I am sure that it won’t be long for them to contact you. If you still wish to create your organization after meeting him, then I will join you.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Gojo had an inkling of who Kisuke was talking about, but he wanted to confirm.

Kisuke gave a smile full of derision as he uttered, “Who? Of course — The Soul King.”

(AN: Not much to say. Kisuke analyzed Shadow movement basically 50 years in advance compared to canon. So the Quincys and Yhwach would have a way harder time invading the SS if nothing changed. Of course, many things will change. This is just the beginning. The division 0 might appear in this volume or the next one at the latest.)





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