“What…What did you say?”

“Do you wish to form an organization equal to the Gotei 13? Or even superior to the Gotei 13?”

An awkward atmosphere greeted the question uttered by Gojo.

Yoruichi, who had stopped laughing at Shinji, stood on the side as she quietly observed the situation. Gojo had never informed her about this goal of his, but she long guessed that he had such a goal.


On the other side, Kisuke showed an intrigued expression at the confidence Gojo was showing. He really wondered what gave him such great confidence.

“You are insane.”

Shinji, whose usual smile was nowhere to be seen, sighed as he took his hat and twirled it with his finger.

“Why do you think so? You guys, Visored, were all either captains or vice-captains. One of the Visored was the vice-captain of the Kido corps and the man that was with Kisuke earlier should be a captain. Yoruichi and Soi Fon are nobles as well as members of the secret force. Kisuke was the leader of the scientist department and I am a member of the Healing department.”

Gojo showed his fingers and continued to list their current full force before concluding.

“With just the few of us here, we could already be called the Gotei 13 version Lite.”

Shinji frowned because he could see that Gojo was making sense.

The Gotei 13 was composed of the Army itself with the different captains, the Secret force, the Kido corps, the Healing department, and the Research department.

As Gojo said, they really had all the elements to form their own organization. But… 

“The Gotei 13 isn’t just that.”

Even though Shinji and the others were disappointed with the Soul Society and Seireitei, they held no grudge towards the Gotei 13 itself.

They respected the rules and the ideals it stood for and were happy to uphold them even though they were no longer captains.

The Gotei 13 represented an ideal, the goal to keep the balance of the world. 

Of course, it wasn’t perfect — very far from perfect even. They had done many things they weren’t happy about, like the massacre of the Quincy. 

Even so, it did not take away the meaning behind the creation of the Gotei 13. 

“I mean…The Gotei 13 really did a good job as protectors. A little too bloodthirsty, but if Quincy were less prideful, the massacre wouldn’t have happened in the first place. But…You know it right? No matter how good the Gotei 13 is, as long as it’s tied down by the Central 46, then it will eventually become rotten.”

Gojo shrugged and continued, “Let’s make something clear. Once again, I don’t need you. There is no one I need in this world aside from my sword.”

The moment he said this, an insane spiritual pressure-filled the room before completely focusing on Shinji alone.


Shinji’s breath became stifled and Kisuke raised an eyebrow in astonishment, 

‘What a frightening control.’

Even for him, it was basically impossible to stop his Reiatsu from spreading widely when he used it. 

Gojo did not care about Kisuke and Yoruichi as he continued.

“I don’t care about protecting the world.

I see no meaning in sacrificing myself for the weak.

I fight only for the things I am interested in.”

“If you have no lofty goals, why then do you wish to create an organization similar to Gotei 13?”

“Why, you ask?”

His pressure completely receded in his body and he stood up, showing a calm and gentle smile.

“Because it’s fun.”

A few minutes later, Gojo stood alone on the roof of an abandoned building and observed the wandering souls.

Sometimes, he would use his sword to purify them and send them to the Soul society. After all, it wouldn’t be pretty if those souls ended up getting eaten by hollows.

[You have been pretty harsh. Why didn’t you try to bring them to your side more calmly?]

Kogo asked with an intrigued voice. 

Even though she was the other half of Gojo, it wasn’t as if they shared all their thoughts. His actions made her pretty curious. After all, Gojo was pretty charismatic and convincing. If he wished, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to convince them if he took his time.

Gojo, looking up at the moon, shook his head, “I could have and it was initially what I wanted to do, but…”


“I wonder if what I am doing is meaningless. After all…”

While it was pretty embarrassing when he talked about creating an organization similar to Gotei 13, he couldn’t help but become lost.

Why was he even bothering to do all this?

Back then, Yamamoto brought 12 great criminals and created the Gotei 13 with the goal to quell the chaos in Soul Society and protect the balance of the world.

But, what about him?

What did he fight for?

He had no idea and no particular goal. He was like a cloud, aimlessly drifting in the sky.

[I understand what is worrying you, but…Why do you need some lofty goals in the first place?

Wishing to become the strongest is a good goal. Fighting for fun is another good goal. At the end of the day, what matters isn’t how large and awe-inspiring your goal is, but rather how fulfilling your life was.] 

This was the reality. In this world, some people were born with a grand destiny. They were fated to become leaders of their city or country. They had many obligations and many ideals. Some failed and some succeeded, but they were all written in the annals of history.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of people were destined to a life with no particular achievement. Becoming an adult, finding a job, marrying, having children, growing old, and dying…

An even more vast majority lived without ever finding happiness. Be it because of their economical or personal situations.

Those people would never be remembered and would never affect the matters of the world. They would die and be forgotten for all but their loved ones.

But…Did it mean that their lives were meaningless? Did living without accomplishing anything made you worthless? 

The answer was no.

Everyone had their own goals. Be it big or small, exceptional or mundane, it did not matter.

Gojo felt like a heavy weight on his shoulders vanished. The words of Kogo had allowed him to clear the doubts that had plagued him for a short while.

The truth was, he had come to like this world. 

At first, he had been isolated and alone, but slowly, he began to create connections and had people he cared about and who cared for him. He even had a cute daughter.

In more ways than one, his current life was even more fulfilling than his previous one.

[Also, You did not forget, right? Through heaven and earth…]

“…We alone are the honored ones.”

[Indeed. You promised to make me the strongest sword and I promised to make you the strongest Shinigami…Or, was it a joke to you?]

Gojo regained his confident smile. 

“Of course not. I am not into playing second fiddle to anyone. For people as talented and charismatic as us, the top is nothing more than our rightful place.”

[Of course.]

Like this, one man and one sword grinned while their eyes shone with an unprecedented thirst for strength.

After calming down, “Sigh, oh well. Let’s go back to business.”

Gojo spoke as if their heart-to-heart talk did not happen a few moments ago.

[Did you manage to find it?]

Kogo did not mention the short episode either. She knew that Gojo wasn’t the kind to show the weakness in his heart easily. Furthermore, they indeed had something more important.

“Yep. I saw it. Completely looked and analyzed it. Though, I don’t know if I will be able to replicate it.”

Gojo wasn’t lying when he said that he didn’t need the Visored. As such, why then did he try to meet them?

On one side, it was about curiosity.

On another, it was about—observing Kisuke.

When Yoruichi talked about how Aizen made the Visored what they are now, she did not mention how exactly Kisuke managed to stop and control the process.

This was why Gojo had speculated that Kisuke had a device similar to the one under Aizen control.

This theory of his was further proven after he was given permission to enter the library five years ago and obtained a very interesting piece of information.

This was why he wanted to meet them.

He had made a bet about where such a device would be kept and it seemed that he was right in betting that Kisuke had it on him. After all, someone like Kisuke would not easily trust others with such a thing.

He was also very curious about the body structure of the visored. 

This was why he had proposed to play poker. During that time, he was able to completely examine them as he wished and even if they felt it, they would just think he was trying to find what cards they had.

The result had been more than fruitful.

“…The Hogyoku, was it?”

Gojo put a finger under his chin and stared thoughtfully at the moon. It seemed that he would need a few more hours of research.

“*Sigh*I really need to master time manipulation and integrate it in my Bankai.”

He wished to create his own version of the Dangai and get more time for himself when doing experiments.

Standing up he stretched a little and began to walk towards the little store not far away from where he stood currently. It was time to meet Kisuke alone and have a little discussion with him.





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