The Soul King.

The supreme ruler of the Soul Society. An entity who lived in the Reiokyu[1], a separate dimension kept suspended above Soul Society that both served as the official residence of the Soul King as well as its Royal Guard.

Not much was known about the Soul King himself – for the simple reason that very few shinigami were even allowed or had the chance to meet him. 

Gojo had always found it hard to understand.

Despite being known as the King, he did not rule the Soul Society. Most, if not all the decisions in Seireitei were taken by the Central 46.

Furthermore, even after searching through hundreds of books, there were basically no clear information about him. It was as if…As if all records of him had been purposely erased or kept hidden.

He had once asked Yoruichi about the Soul King, but all she did was to show him a strained face and an expression full of shame as if remembering an unbearable past.

After that, she asked him to never ask a question about the Soul King since this was a secret that concerned the security and the stability of Soul Society as a whole. Even though she had betted her freedom to him, this was the only thing she refused to accept no matter what.

Now that Kisuke had also talked to him about the Soul King, Gojo was now sure that whatever secret was hidden, uncovering it would be really interesting.

Of course, this wasn’t all. The way the Reiokyu worked really made him think of his own Bankai. If he could enter that place and observe it as well as the Soul King himself, he was sure that he would be able to develop his skills in a more comprehensive way.


A shadow stretched on the ground in a jardin before two people, Gojo and Yoruichi, walked out of it.

“Whenever I see you bypass the security measures of the Seireitei so easily, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if that skill was given to enemies.”

“Heh, If it was me, I would first try to assassinate the strongest enemy, in this case, Yamamoto. If this fails, I would use the portal to bring a large number of cannon fodders ready to be sacrificed so that they create mayhem and scatter the forces.”

Yoruichi stopped and looked at Gojo, 

“Don’t tell me…You seriously made a plan about attacking the Soul Society?”

“Hahaha, how could I? I am a pure pacifist. I will never send the first hit against Soul Society.”

Yoruichi did not miss what he left unsaid. He might not send the first fist, but what would follow would be a full retaliation without any kind of pity.

Today had been an interesting day for her, even more so since she satisfied one her deepest curiosity. 

A meeting between Kisuke and Gojo.

Though, now that she saw how easily they clicked, she couldn’t help but wonder if she should be worried. Those two could be rather extreme when they wished. She couldn’t even imagine what kind of shenanigans they will be up to once they become more used to each other.

Yoruichi was about to follow Gojo in the house but, feeling the Reiatsu of someone entering, she immediately changed into a cat, and fled.

She had already recognized the signature energy of Nanao and she didn’t wish to be present during the intimate scene that would follow.

Even now, just thinking about how the little girl who would hold her large book and follow behind Kyoraku like a lost kitten was now being a grown-up woman who would moan under a man, made the usual teasing Yoruichi blush a little.


Feeling the energy of Yoruichi vanish, Gojo gave a small grin while opening his arm wide to welcome the black-haired woman.

“Come and give me a hug.”

Nanao blushed a little. She didn’t know that even after five years of a semi-steady relationship with Gojo, she still felt like a little girl when facing him and his relentless teasing.

Letting out a sigh of resignation, she appeared and hugged him gently, her heart at ease.

Sniffing lightly, she could feel the fragrance of another woman on him, but this did not particularly disturb her. She had recognized this fragrance many times and even smelled it on Gojo’s daughter and in the house itself.

She didn’t know who that woman was, but it didn’t matter. After all, she knew what kind of man Gojo was. The simple fact that he basically reduced his dalliance to zero as after he came back five years ago was already a miracle in her opinion.

“How was your day?”


Nanao yelped when Gojo swept her feet and took her in a princess carry before bringing her to the living room.

After putting her back down, Gojo asked gently while helping Nanao take off her black coat so that she could move easily.

Letting out a sigh of contentment, Nanao smiled a little, 

“You know very well. The same as always. Though, there was a little change today.”


This caught Gojo’s interest. Soul Society was a place where few things happened. He wondered what had happened.

“Captain Yamamoto had called my captain to discuss an issue. A project initiated by Captain Ukitake a few years ago.”

“Is it about the entertainment business?”

Even though he said this, he did not believe it was. He just had a meeting with Jushiro and Byakuya this morning. If there was any problem, he would have been warned.

“Don’t worry, it is about something else. An initiative to increase our scope of actions in the human world.”


Gojo nodded, remembering what it was about, “The shinigami substitute initiative?”

“Yes. One of the blocks in this law is the worry about what humans, given such power, could do if left unchecked or if something happened.

In the end, Central 46 decided that if this plan was to take place, they would need to establish a way to observe and control the substitute at any moment.”

“Heh, and let me guess, the sub wouldn’t know that he is being spied on?”

He sneered at her silence. He was not surprised that the first thing that came from Central 46 wasn’t how to make this initiative truly work, but rather control them.

Of course, he understood that taking the appropriate security measure was important. Still, there was a limit to it. No secret could stay a secret forever. Sooner or later, the substitute would learn the truth and by then, it would bring the very result they tried to avoid.

‘Well, in the end, this ain’t my problem.’

“So, why did Yamamoto call you two?”

“Central 46 already approved the project. All it lacks now is the approval of Captain Yamamoto or rather, Gotei 13 as a whole. Such a decision cannot be taken without a vote of all captains.”

“Ohoh! So that means…A summit?”

“Yes. The selection for the new captain of the 3rd division had been brought forward because of this. Soon, it will be decided who between you and Gin Ichimaru will become the captain of the 3rd division.”

Gojo licked his lips in anticipation. It seemed that things were happening faster. The time of reckoning was coming.

But what interested him currently was another thing, 

“This is truly interesting, but…Why don’t we talk about life?”

The suggestive smile he showed left no doubt about what he meant, and the blush on Nanao’s face showed that she understood clearly.

What followed was a truly magical night full of moans and sweat[2].

[1]: Soul King Palace

[2]: Aside from the first time with each new girl, all the other smut chapters(with the same girl) will only be available to Patreon as Special chapters. 

(AN: I have some problems with Nanao, but I guess this is also the problem of most harems. It’s hard to make the girls accept without making them feel like soulless dolls that exist just to please the mc. In SHK, this isn’t really a problem since most of the girls might really kill each other if it wasn’t for Sol, lol. But here it’s a little harder since I don’t want to make characters OCC. Thankfully, Seireitei follows medieval Japan, so harem itself isn’t a problem.)





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2]: Aside from the first time with each new girl, all the other smut chapters(with the same girl) will only be available to Patreon as Special chapters. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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