Once Yoruichi surrendered, the world that had imprisoned them dissolved fully, and they once again found themselves in the void of Garganta. 

Looking at Gojo who was bleeding from both his eyes and noses, she couldn’t help but sigh.

“So you were bluffing.”

Gojo grinned at her words. That was indeed the case. 

With Infinity, they truly had no way to hurt him but…the same could also be said about him. He had no way to hurt them either. 

The only way available to him was his Bankai but unfortunately, while it was definitely easier to bear the load of information that filled his mind, it was only relatively easier when compared to the initial debilitating effects. 

He had thought that finding Limitless was the way to complete his Bankai, but it seemed that it wasn’t enough. He needed a key, most likely one last key and he already had an idea about what he had to find. 

The universe was composed of time, space, energy, and matter. [1]

In the world created by his Bankai, he initially only had the equivalent of energy and matter through Reishi. 

Later he obtained the equivalent of space through Limitless. 

All that was left was — Time. 

‘Hum, I should also work on the matter part.’ 

Even now, he could only create organic matter, through the manipulation of Reishi. Aside from this, the best he could do was create energy weapons. 

But, while this was already incredibly useful and powerful, his control over Reishi shouldn’t be limited to this. 

In theory, he should have been able to not only destroy things composed of Reishi but to also create things. 

This showed that his skills were still limited and that he wasn’t making full use of Kogo. 

‘After this trip ends, I will focus on controlling matters. Then I will visit Hueco Mundo and complete my control over space. Only then will I begin to search for a way to manipulate time.’

The more he thought about this, the more excited he became. 

If he could control those four powers individually, he wondered if there would be a qualitative change to the power he was wielding. 

While thinking so, he walked toward the place where he had left Nemu and lifted the protection around her. 

“How are you?” 

Even as he asked, he was inspecting her body to see if she was suffering from any wounds. After all, it wasn’t impossible for powerful shinigami to completely kill weaker ones with their Reiatsu alone. 

Even though Nemu was a vice-captain and none of them targeted her, it was better to be safe than sorry. 

Once he was sure that everything was alright, he finally turned back to the despondent Yoruichi and Soi Fon, 

“So, what will you do? I can understand if you renege on the bet. After all, I have no way to force you.”

Yoruichi scratched her hair with an annoyed expression, “Alright~Alright. No need for this poor attempt at reverse psychology. Since I dared to bet, then I am of course ready to lose. But, I can only speak for myself.”

She shot a glance at Soi Fon. 

Soi Fon on the other hand was very tangled inside. At the end of the day, she was still the captain of the 2nd division and leader of the secret forces. 

What if Gojo asked for sensitive or secret information? 

At the same time, now that she finally reunited with Yoruichi, she did not wish to show her bad side. 

In the end, she gritted her teeth and accepted, “You can make me do anything you want, as long as it doesn’t affect the interests of the organizations I am affiliated to.”

Gojo showed a meaningful smile as he looked her up and down, “Anything? Really?” 

Soi Fon flushed, “Don’t go too far!” 

“Heh. Can’t take a joke.”

Gojo simply shrugged and stopped paying attention to Soi Fon. 

Right now, he needed to think about his future. Sooner or later he was bound to leave the soul society but he didn’t wish to flee like a bereaved dog with no home. As such, it was necessary to prepare. Before leaving, it would be best if he could pull some people to his side. 

In his mind, the picture of Momo and Toshiro flashed. Those two were still new to Soul Society and as such not as loyal. It wouldn’t hard to have them follow him when he left. He then took a side look at Soi Fon and frowned a little.

Getting Soi Fon to follow him normally would have been impossible. But, his gaze landed on Yoruichi, and he smiled, 

‘With her on my side. It should be much easier.’

From what Gojo had observed, Soi Fon certainly wasn’t lesbian. She held no attraction toward women in general and neither was she Bisexual. Furthermore, from her reactions, she had without a doubt a certain interest in him, even if said interest was somewhat limited. 

But, this did not change the fact that she was sexually and emotionally attracted to Yoruichi. In short, she wasn’t attracted to Yoruichi because Yoruichi was a woman. The gender of Yoruichi did not matter. She was simply in love or at least, obsessed with Yoruichi. 

Nothing more, nothing less.

Such a pure feeling was really beautiful and rare but, at the same time, also rather easy to distort. Thankfully, it seemed that Soi Fon had not evolved into a full-blown yandere.

“Well, well, well. I think it’s time to go search for those nobles and while we are going…” 

He smiled at Yoruichi.

“…Why don’t you tell us what happened 60 years ago?”

It was time to know the whole truth.

[1]: so, let’s be clear. I am no scientist or physicist. I know that saying the universe is composed of time, space matters and energy is like a super oversimplification. But things are what they are. 

(AN: The feeling Soi Fon has for Yoruichi is hard to describe. Once again, she isn’t homosexual and I even wonder if she is straight. All that matters for her is Yoruichi. The best example of this is Satou Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life. She is in love with Shio Koube, a little girl. Satou is neither lesbian nor into Underage girls. She is simply in love with Shio. If you don’t know the anime. Search. One of the greatest yandere in my opinion and far more interesting than Yuno.)




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