At first, Yoruichi was quite hesitant about sharing her story, even more so since she didn’t plan to let Soi Fon hear it but…because of the bet with Gojo, she was obligated to listen to him. 

Furthermore, she had a faint expectation in her heart. If a genius like Gojo joined forces with Kisuke, winning against Aizen should be possible. 

There were even more chances of success if Gojo had never met Aizen and as such never looked at the Aizen’s Shikai. 

Once her thoughts reached this point, she stopped hesitating and began to summarize the story. 

“Back then, there were already many weird cases of shinigami or members of the Rukongai vanishing mysteriously. Shinji, who was the captain of the 5th division back then, already had suspicion on someone. 

In the end, it was that person who pulled the rug under everyone and used the occasion to explore the mystery of Hollowfication.”


Gojo was a little intrigued. One didn’t need to be a genius to understand what it meant just by hearing the name. 

“What happened to those captains?” 

Yoruichi sighed, “Thankfully, Kisuke and Tessai managed to save them. But, everything went to hell. Suddenly, shinigami appeared on the scene and Kisuke was sent before the central 46.

Those old bastards accused Kisuke of pursuing Hollowfication experiments and using his comrades as experiments subjects. As such he was sentenced to eternal exile on earth after having all his power sealed. 

Since he used <<Spatial Displacement>> and <<Temporal Stasis>>, two forbidden Kido, Tessai was sentenced to imprisonment in Shugou, the 3rd underground prison.

As for the Shinji and the others, they were sentenced to be treated as hollows and as such, executed.”

She spat out through her gritted teeth. Back then, Kisuke had tried to explain what actually happened but no one listened to him. 

“The worst was, Kisuke really did research Hollowfication so he had no way to defend himself. In the end, I intervened and helped them escape, hence becoming a fugitive alongside them.”

Gojo mulled a little at the information he received, but in the end, there was one that mattered. 

“Who is the culprit?”

“The culprit is, or rather, the culprits are — Kaname Tosen, Gin Ichimaru, and finally, Sosuke Aizen.”


Soi Fon jumped out, her expression showing how shocking Yoruichi’s statement was. In the soul society, if you had to ask who was the most popular captain, Aizen would without a doubt be one of the strongest contenders.

“Back then, there indeed was doubt about Aizen. But, there were 125 witnesses who could prove having seen him in the barrack of the 5th division. Out of those 125, one of them was Captain Shunsui Kyoraku.”

Yoruichi showed a bitter smile, “It’s the fault of his Zanpakuto.”

Soi Fon’s shock was replaced by comfusion, “Wasn’t his Zanpakuto a water-related one?”

“It was a lie. His zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, is not an elemental type, but a pure illusion one.”

Yoruichi then proceeded to explain. Kyoka Suigetsu was monstrous. Though it lacked the offensive might of Zanpakuto such as Ryujin Jaka, no one would dare to underestimate it after knowing its true ability — Kanzen Saimin[1].

It allowed Aizen to completely control the five senses of the people who watched the transformation in Shikai of the sword. 

As if it wasn’t enough, the effects were eternal and permanent. Aizen only needed to fulfill the conditions once and from that point on, he would be able to pull his target in illusions at any moment. 

This was one of the reasons she left the Soul Society. Since she had already seen his Shikai release, she could never know when he would pull her into an illusion. The feeling of not even being able to trust your own senses was not one anyone could appreciate.

“That bastard! He made a joke out of all of us.”

While Soi Fon was beset with rage and humiliation, Gojo was organizing the information in his mind and came to one conclusion.

“So you’re telling me — thiis guy basically took down 4 captains, 4 vice-captains and framed two other captains while making another captain who was incidentally the leader of the strongest clan into a fugitive, all that in one night and without even drawing his sword once?”

Gojo whistled. What Aizen did was the equivalent of cutting down the strength of the Gotei 13 by more than half in just one night while keeping the perfect alibi.

‘Man, why do I have to face another scheming type?’

This way of acting strongly reminded his oh friend, Suguru, or more precisely, the one who possessed his body, Kenjaku.

Aizen wished to surpass the limit of Shinigami and used Hollows, while Kenjaku wished to evolve humanity and use Curses. 

Thankfully, this time, unlike against Kenjaku, not only was he not in the dark, but Aizen did not know his true power and abilities. 

“I get that his sword is scary and all and that his mind is even scarier, but, what about his strength?”

Yoruichi shook her head, “I don’t know how powerful he is exactly, but, he effortlessly blocked the Hado #88:Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō[2] launched by the commander of the Kido corps with a Kido of his own. Furthermore, he didn’t even use a chant and used the Bakudo #81: Danku[3]”

This time even Gojo showed a more serious expression. The power of a Kido was dependent on three things, 

The power of the user.

The rank of the Kido.

The presence or absence of a chant.

Since both the man named Tessai and Kisuke used chantless Kido, and with Aizen using a lower-ranked one but still coming out on the top, it didn’t need to say about who was superior in that clash.

‘So he is strong, smart and has a hax ability… Hum…Why do I feel like I am describing myself?’

He joked around inwardly but thought seriously about what his next actions would be.

If he had to be honest, he had no interest in fighting Aizen. After all, he wasn’t the one slighted and it wasn’t as if he was loyal to the Soul Society. Gojo did not care about why Aizen was acting like that either. 

But still-

‘If I am right, that guy is the cause of the earlier swarm of hollows.’

This would mean that the bastard had tried to kill him. Had he been weaker, the plan would have surely succeeded.

Gojo was neither a saint nor a kind buddha that could forgive every slight done against him.

In fact, he saw himself as someone incredibly petty and vengeful.

Since Aizen had tried to kill him, it meant that they were enemies.

Unknowingly, a chilling smile formed on his face.

All this time, he had been acting with no clear goal aside from becoming stronger. While it wasn’t wrong, Gojo knew that such a goal was a little empty.

Now though, he just found something that would spur him on to reach greater height. Since Aizen wished to break the limit of Shinigami, wouldn’t it be fun if he broke through that limit first?

Thinking about what kind of expression that man would make then, Gojo could not hide the feeling of sadistic glee that was sprouting in him.

“Well, those were very interesting revelations.”

“What do you plan to do?”

“In the future? I don’t know. But now? Heh, I have some very interesting idea.”

[1]: Perfect hypnosis 

[2]: Dragon Strike Heaven-Shaking Lightning Cannon

[3]: Splitting Void – – – – >link for Tessai Hado #88 vs Aizen Bakudo #81

(AN: So let’s make things clear. Aizen illusion isn’t perfect. In bleach, it failed two times. One with Unohana, and the second with Yamamoto. In the two cases, they had to rely on their years of experience and very specific circumstances. 

Well, I guess I did what I had to do. The next little arc in this volume will be the fight against the Exiled nobles. This one will be done very fast because they are honestly completely unimportant and will be soon forgotten. Gotta end it fast. But, some fan service before going.)




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