<<Limitless Neutral phase: Infinity>>

‘How the hell!?’ 

Even with Yoruichi’s centuries of experience, she could not help but become bewildered at the sight that surpassed her cognition. 

Yoruichi never saw herself as unparalleled. She could have accepted it if Gojo had managed to dodge her attack, or even if he had defended from it thanks to a difference in Reiatsu. 

But this? 

“Soi Fon!”

Gojo did not even react as Soi Fon appeared like a ghost behind him and launched a kick at his midriff. 

Sadly, like with Yoruichi, she seemed to be blocked by an invisible wall that did not let her advance no matter what she did. 

“You should stop, you are simply wasting your time.” 

Yoruichi and Soi Fon appeared next to each other. Their expression grave as they observed Gojo warily. 

“So, this is the reason you wished to enter Dangai?” 

Soi Fon asked with suspicion. She more or less knew Gojo’s skill set and this was the first time she had seen him use such a skill. Of course, it was possible that it was another of his trump cards, like his Bankai, but she did not believe so. 

“You are right. Creating this skill is the reason I had to explore Dangai.”

He had already learned his lesson after what happened with Nanao and was careful with his words. 

“To put it simply you didn’t touch me, but touched the ‘Infinity’ that was between you and me.”


Yoruichi frowned at those words. She was beginning to grasp what that skill was about.

“I will explain, put out your hands.”

Gojo raised his two hands and waited for them to do so as well. 

Sharing glances, Yoruichi and Soi Fon advanced and did as he instructed, each of them pushing one hand toward him.

At first, there was nothing wrong. But, after reaching a certain distance away from him, no matter what they did or how much they pushed, their hands couldn’t advance anymore.

“See? You are not exactly stopped, but the closer you get, the slower you become.”

Looking at the incredulous expression on their faces, Gojo couldn’t help but feel proud. Bragging was always extremely enjoyable.

“Infinity is an omnipresent concept. My technique just allows me to actualize it and bring it into reality. I can even bring concepts such as convergence and divergence. Though, currently, I can only do so with Divergence.”

This part made Gojo really feel a little funny. Divergence or Red was born by using a reverse curse technique, basically reversing the negative cursed energy into a positive one. Only by doing so could a jujutsu sorcerer learn how to heal themselves and others. Even when he was alive, it took him years and nearly dying to learn this technique.

But here, he learned it first before being able to use Convergence or Blue. He could only attribute it to the fact that Reiatsu was already a positive energy.

The more Yoruichi and Soi Fon listened to him describe this technique, the brighter their eyes became. Even Soi Fon with her usual cold face could not hide her admiration. At the same time, they could not hide the dread that was gradually growing

“Can anyone learn this skill?” 

Gojo shook his head, “Perhaps it would be possible for my descendants? But aside from this, it should be nearly impossible for any other shinigami to learn this.”

Both Yoruichi and Soi Fon, let out sighs of relief at those words. 

They did not believe that this skill was invincible. There was no such thing as absolute or invincible in this world. 

But, if Gojo did not exaggerate, then this skill was the absolute nemesis of all close combat shinigami like them. 

Thankfully, it wasn’t the case. 

“So, I win?” 

Looking at his cocky grin, Soi Fon could only grit her teeth in frustration, 

“We can’t beat you, doesn’t mean you can beat us. So it should be a draw.”

“You really think so?” 

“Of course.” 

“Very well then, I wanted to try it anyways. Let me show you something — Bankai!”

<<Bankai: Tengoku futago no Gyokuza>>


From Nemu’s perspective, the moment Gojo activated his Bankai, the three fighters completely vanished from her sight and all she could see was a large black cube with white stripes floating in the space. 

‘The external form is similar to that of Captain Tosen.’

Her father and creator, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, had documents about all the important members of the Gotei 13 that were filled with information about their skills, personality, habits, and other information. 

She wasn’t privy to all the information, but she knew that Tosen’s Bankai could be classified as a domain type that trapped his opponent in an individual space. 

In that space, he could set rules such as taking away the sense of hearing and sight of those imprisoned. 

‘I wonder what is happening in it…’ 

She couldn’t help but tilt her head in wonder. 


When Yoruichi opened her eyes, all she could see was a world composed of pure white, making her feel as if she was alone in the world.

Right in front of her was Gojo and a gorgeous silver-haired woman. Both of them were sitting on a throne, and above them were two orbs akin to two eyes of a god passing judgments. One was a black sun and the other a silver moon.

“Where are we?”

“His Bankai.”

Soi Fon, who was next to Yoruichi showed an awful expression. She still vividly remembered how the army of hollows had been completely erased. Furthermore, his Bankai seemed completely different. 

“Welcome, to my world!”

Gojo stood up and opened his arms wide. Even though his head was throbbing like crazy, it was already way more bearable than when he last used it. But for him, the greatest and most important change was that he was right. 

‘Limitless is indeed the way to perfect my Bankai.’

Compared to simply covering a large zone, the ability to completely imprison people in his world was incredible. It was as close as possible to a domain.

“You guys said that you didn’t lose, right?”

Smiling, he waved his hand as the Reishi in the air swirled and changed into stars that filled the sky of his world.

It was a breathtaking view…but for Yoruichi and Soi Fon, it was horror incarnate. 

Taking back his seat, he leaned back on his throne and crossed his head while looking at them like mice trapped in a cage.

“You cannot touch me, neither can you escape. All you can do is…passively receive a beating until I am completely exhausted. So, what now?”

Looking up at the sea of stars high in the sky, Yoruichi debated briefly about going all out but, remembering the effects of Limitless, she sighed and raised her hands in surrender.

“You won.”

(AN: Welp, I made fighting Gojo to be one of the most disgusting things possible. Now he can only keep his Bankai active for a short time but, once it becomes perfect… Hehe. Also, I won’t stop here. Currently, Gojo has Space with Limitless and Matter with Reishi. Now there is still a third one that is missing. You don’t need to be a genius in Physics to guess the third one.)


GOJO CH 102: Limitless Neutral phase: Infinity



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