Sol ignored Camelia’s protest as he roughly turned her around so that her buttock was high in the air. It was a posture where her upper body lay on top of the bed whilst her ass stuck out towards him. 

Her snowy, curvaceous, delicious panties covered buttocks subconsciously made Sol caress them. He had to admit once again that she was truly a work of art. 

The underwear Camelia was currently wearing was of a beautiful and stainless white. It boosted the charm of her already pale complexions. 

Even though she was wearing panties, it was clear to see that her sacred place was moist to the point that there was no need for foreplay but enjoying the main dish directly would be too impatient.

Thinking such, he extended his middle finger and covered it with mana before slowly and carefully, cutting the flimsy fabric. The hole he made, revealed her glistening but still closed pussy and her rose bud. 


Camelia let out a startled cry the moment she felt a gust of wind on what should have been protected. Before repressing a moan once he traced her defenseless lower lips with his finger. Her shivers and repressed moans were a delight to his ears. 

The tender feel, and the incredible view, and her moans caused Sol’s penis to soar as well as harden.

However, it was still too early to put it in. She still had a punishment to accept before the fun.

‘Let her cum once. It should make the pain less clear once I begin.’

Carefully probing the entrance without going too deep in fear of tearing the hymen. 

Looking at the certain particular bumps, he aimed for this place, stroking it mercilessly. The effect was spectacular. Her already moist garden was practically overflowing. 

Her moan no longer repressed as she wriggled and let out continuous hot sighs. 

A normal virgin woman wouldn’t be so easy to please. Just using your fingers in such a way wouldn’t be enough, but, Camelia’s body already knew the pleasure of the flesh. 

“Nn~! Please! Ah~ !” 

As his movements increased in speed, the volume of her moan continued to increase, overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling as if something was going to leak out. Sol scooped his finger outwards swiftly, delivering it as the finishing blow as he bent down, and gave a lick to her magic button.

After undergoing through the continuous torment, this hit summed up as an insurance, making Camelia pass over the limit.


Her mouth opened in a silent scream as her body became completely rigid while her hole became completely drenched. All this while, Sol continued licking, making her already strong orgasm even more powerful.

Once her convulsions stopped, Sol also stopped licking her and admired his handiwork with pride. 

His face was currently shining from the liquid that splashed on him, but he didn’t care. 

An evil glint in his eyes, he bent down and murmured in Camelia’s ear, “I am about to begin. Same old rules.”

He was talking about the safe words they already agreed upon on their first night together. 

Once she nodded, Sol smiled before raising himself back, 

“Now, count for me.”







Only the sound of spanking and Camelia’s anguished voice sounded in the room. This chorus was like a piece of heavenly music for Sol. Of course, even though the sound was loud, he didn’t hit particularly heavily. 

The way her beautiful backsides changed form under his heat, the gradually reddening color of her ass, the soft sensation, everything happening was so sensual that Sol felt like he was dreaming. 



Sol was careful and methodical in the way he acted, he didn’t just spank her. Each time he gave a couple of slaps, he would tease her backside and pussy with his fingers, or he would gently caress her butt. 

This mix of pain and pleasure was completely driving Camelia insane. Her mind was growing foggy and her pussy was continually releasing a clear liquid. Saliva was flowing from the side of her mouth and her expression was loose. 

Anyone who saw her now would never think that she was the beautiful and kind Supreme daughter. Right now, she was just a woman in heat, drowning in pleasure. 

“This is enough.”


She was ready to receive her 25th slap when Sol suddenly stopped. Her clouded mind immediately woke up and she turned her head to face him while stuttering. 

“I mean, this isn’t much of a punishment if you are enjoying it, right? So let’s stop for now.” 

“Look.” A sneer of derision flashed in his eyes as he shortly put his fingers in her pussy and took them out, strings of love juices attached to them. “How could it be a punishment when your pussy is so wet?” 

Camelia’s face reddened in shame as she wanted to explain. She was close, oh so close to another orgasm. 


“No need to ask,” Sol shook his head as he continued, “I think for you, not spanking you is more of a punishment than anything else.”

As he said so, Sol begins to slowly caress her backsides again while teasing the opening of her pussy but he never went too far. 

This slow build-up was causing an aching pain in her loin. She could feel herself close to a climax, but it was as if it was missing a piece. This was driving her mad. 

“Please! Just one more!” 

She was reduced to begging for a release, she needed it so much, but Sol was merciless. 

“Hehe~ !” 

Sol looked at her teary face and begging expression before walking toward the large Sofa facing the bed and taking place on it. 

With a movement of his hand, the mana strings that bound Camelia changed from the bondage-style to a simple collar around her neck. 

Tugging a little, he said calmly, “Get up from the bed, and go on all four before walking toward me like a dog.”

A shiver passed Camelia’s body as her body began to heat up even more. 

She meekly listened to his order, as she stood up, Sol felt his breath struck in his throat. 

Camelia was previously just in white underwear. Her cleavage was already a sight for the sore eyes, and her devastated look followed by her torn panties made the current scene simply incredible. 

“Take off the bra.”

Camelia simply nodded as she deftly took them off. Her massive breasts, as if insulting gravity, stood proudly. 


Gulping a little, Sol beckoned her with his fingers and Camelia complied. Her posture was particularly low and she slowly advanced toward him ,hanging her head in shame. 

Normally Sol wouldn’t do something like that, but since he was connected to her, he could feel her feelings, and he knew that currently, she was having a blast. So he continued without any intention to stop. 

The initial distance wasn’t that large, so it did not take long for her to come to him. The floor was covered by a very soft blue carpet, so she didn’t have to worry. 

Once she finally reached him, Sol began to pet her and caress her hair and ears while murmuring, “Yosh Yosh, you are really a good little girl. You are so cute like that.” 

Once he was satisfied, he pushed her away from him a little before lowering his trousers. 

His erect dick, still encased in his boxer, could already be seen. 

Sol, with his face devoid of any emotion, simply ordered, “Suck it.”

Camelia’s mind wavered a little before a feeling of euphoria filled her. The more Sol ordered her, the happier and hornier she became. 

“Yes, sir.”

She was so happy that she called him with an honorific, even though he didn’t ask her to do so. It surprised Sol quite a bit, but he fought to keep a cold face. He couldn’t afford to show surprise and destroy the moment. 

Camelia didn’t pay attention to his inner turmoil. 

Brushing back her hair that had grown soft from sweat, she crawled over to bury her face in his crotch. Taking a long whiff, an enamored expression formed on her face as she slowly took out Sol dick from his boxers. 

Her tongue crawled across his rod that was continuously hardening under her tender care.

She had initially grimaced at the taste, but when she saw the delighted look on Sol’s face, she stroked her extended tongue along the shaft.

“Ugh!” Sol groaned a little. Camelia had no particular technique, but since she could also feel his emotions, she could accurately pinpoint his weak points. 

She sometimes started to choke when she brought it too deep into her throat and she was clearly less skilled than Milia, but she made up for inexperience with passion. She was falling into a state of ecstasy, a longing filled her eyes as she sucked the almost bluish-red penis.


He wanted to see her face some more, so he used his other hand to brush back her hair and called her name.

She looked blankly up at him. Her eyes were narrowed as always, so she looked like a sleepy puppy.

Not only was she cute, but she was incredibly erotic. 

‘She belongs to me.’ 

A feeling of possessiveness and love-filled his heart as she continued to suck his penis. 

Sol could feel himself close and Camelia could also feel it and began to accelerate her movement. 


Warning her, Camelia took out her face at the last moment when Sol began to cum.

White lines were drawn through the air like tracer rounds as the hot liquid spewed again and again from the swollen head. Camelia quickly closed her eyes, but she forgot to move out of the way and everything from her cheeks to her lovely blonde hair was dirtied.

Sol watched the scene in a pleasant daze. Without aiming the tip away, he watched as his bodily fluid dirtied the face of one of the strongest women in the kingdom.



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