After releasing his seed, and calming himself, Sol decided to finally go to the final stages. He could spank her all he wanted later. 


Feeling the emotions from Sol, Camelia couldn’t help but shiver a little in excitement. 


She also put the mention of those spankings for later.


“Let’s go.”


Saying so, he rose from the sofa and took Camelia’s body in a princess carry. As he did so, he also stopped manipulating his mana, and the mana collar around her neck vanished. 


Sol didn’t mind SM play. He also quite enjoyed them, to be honest. But, he didn’t want their first time together to be a play. He wished for it to be a sweet moment between the two of them. 


Camelia understood his wish and shared his sentiments. After all, she was still a maiden at heart. She also had many expectations for her first time with the man she loved. 


Once they reached the bed, Sol carefully put her on it before slowly taking off his clothes. 


This time it was the turn of Camelia to gulp as she watched his body. While it was true that she didn’t particularly care about physical appearance, she also had to admit that seeing a handsome boy with a body full of carefully chiseled muscles was a wet dream for any woman. 


Once he finally took off his underwear, Sol’s nude body stood in all his glory, while his raging large cock stood to attention, as if affirming that simply releasing once couldn’t calm it. 


Crouching down a little, he began to nibble on her neck as he took a more comfortable position on the bed. 


Camelia released hot sighs as she felt her temperature rise differently from the usual one. It was a slower and more calming build-up. 


Sol traced his lips from her neck down to the vicinity of her breasts.




A jolting pleasure from her breasts forced Camelia to let out a short moan. He took a mouthful and sucked on it. As if milk was coming out of her breasts, he licked her nipples meticulously.




He could not resist, so he began sucking at that delicious-looking flesh. Camelia got breathless as he licked around the areola before sucking on it once more.




She put up no resistance and let him do it.


He squeezed and massaged them while sucking at the large nipples.


They were bigger and softer than Setsuna’s, making them highly gropable. They pushed back at his hand like they were packed full of something.


He continued licking and sucking at the nipples as they grew erect.


“Your body feels really good to hold. And it’s kind of tasty.”




Her breasts were soft and tender while being incredibly large. It felt like he was holding pudding in his hands. Meanwhile, she was quietly laying down in bed while grasping onto the sheets, but her body would tremble while her hips jolted up from time to time. Gradually, he felt his lower half starting to grow even hotter.


He let go of her breast, which was now wet with his saliva, and moved to caress the other one. He licked, sometimes lightly bit, swallowed, and from time to time sucked with great force. Whenever his tongue moved, a tingling sensation would travel up her spine, and she couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. 


After that, he progressively went downwards. He kissed from her nipple to her navel and from her navel to her calves. 


He took her breast in his hand and brought his other hand to her abdomen. He slowly let his hand brush down her abdomen and naturally slid it down to her inner thigh, pressing his fingers toward her inner thigh. 


At that moment, her gaze locked with his. Camelia was surprised to see that his usual gentle blue eyes had changed into menacing golden ones.




His long and firm finger slowly entered her. She yelped, not from pain but surprise. When his finger slid out, she sighed in relief. But the next moment, he inserted his finger deeper into her.


As he already knew she was sopping wet. So much that it was impossible to make her any wetter than this. 


He hesitated briefly before steeling his resolve. Asking if it was okay with her at this level would be too lame. He had to take care and he wished to make it into a beautiful memory she would never forget. 


Pulling down the vestige of her panties, Camelia flushed, even more, when Sol separated her thighs so boldly. She tried to close her thighs in embarrassment, but he spread them even more instead.


“You’re plenty wet, so I should be able to put it in now.”




“Put your legs like this.”


He said in a low voice. Her long slender legs clumsily wrapped around his hips, bumping here and there through the process. 


She nodded and he placed his erect cock against her vulva.


He placed her tired arms around his shoulders.


“Hold onto me. Don’t be nervous and relax your body.”


Camelia hesitantly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, being careful as if she was touching something she shouldn’t be. His muscles felt firm but flexible. He chuckled and smiled to compliment a job well done, making her heart start thumping loudly.


The contact between their sensitive flesh felt good. It felt like they were melting together. He pushed his dick in as if it were being sucked in.




Her vagina was spread wide as it took the penis head inside.


“Probably, it will hurt a little bit.”


He fiercely raised his upper body and centered himself against her, gradually adding his weight onto her. An aching pain shot from between Camelia’s legs, and she furrowed her brows.


‘If it’s this much pain, it will be bearable.’ 


“Relax. I haven’t even started.”


Even half of half of his thing had not entered her yet. He had only slightly pushed the crown in, but her body was too tight and it didn’t seem it would be able to stretch out further. The pleasure felt more like pain and it was very hard stopping himself from just thoughtlessly pushing himself into her.


He lowered himself onto her and locked lips. He sucked on her small soft lips, taunting her with his tongue. He squeezed and massaged her breasts with his hand. Once he soothed her a little, her tense muscles relaxed. When he could feel some room to move again, he pushed himself forward a bit more. A sharp pain shot through her body and Camelia gripped onto his shoulders with greater strength, to the point her fingertips paled.




Camelia’s breaths became rough as if she was lacking air. He kept moving forward bit by bit without pause. He gradually filled her more and more, until he reached a thin wall. Once he broke through that frail wall, he was able to slide himself in with ease.




Severe pain. It felt like her body would split in two. It was different from the pain of being spanked or the like or pain from a wound on the battlefield. It was a pain all women had to go through. Even Camelia, despite her years of training, couldn’t help but grit her teeth at this pain. 


Sol furrowed his brows from the sudden ache in his arm. He had been supporting his weight with his arms so he wouldn’t have to put his full weight onto her, but she had bit his arm heavily. Her teeth were lodged onto his thick muscular arm, while tears welled up in her eyes as she glared at him with resentment as if asking how could this pain be only a ‘little bit’. 


Sol gave a bitter smile but didn’t shake her off. Her struggling form was so cute. What more, 


‘This feels amazing…’


It wasn’t the first time he did it with a virgin, but doing it with Camelia was completely different. He wasn’t just satisfying his lust, but also his heart.


His firm member was stiffening to its limit and she was squeezing him tightly. He felt very apologetic, but he couldn’t endure any longer. Raising his body, he thrust his hips so that his length could be fully wrapped inside her.


*Huff* *Huff* *Huff


Once he was fully inside her, he stopped à little to give her time to adjust a little bit and lightly kissed her lips. 


“Are you okay? Is it less painful this time?”


“Yes, I’m fine. How is it for you?”


She looked uneasy as she asked that, so he whispered back while practically biting at her earlobe.


Camelia’s body twitched from a new-found shocking sensation. He saw her red blood flowing out of the moist junction between her thighs as he pulled out. Her eyes gradually melted with warmth. 


“It feels amazing.” He answered honestly. He was sorry for her pain, but he honestly felt incredibly good. 




A tremor ran through her entire body.


“Currently I am really happy. Thank you for giving me such a gift.”




She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight.


“Hey, don’t cry.”


“But I’m so happy~!”


He wiped the tears from her eyes while a simple thought occurred to him.


‘She’s mine and she’ll never betray me.’


At the same time, her vagina began to tremble like crazy. The bumpy folds crawled all over his cock. It felt so good that he held her tight in his arms.


“Hey, Camelia, can I move?”


“Ah, ah, go right ahead,” she said this as she grimaced. Sol knew that the only way was for him to simply finish as fast as possible to calm her pain. 


Once he had permission, he began slowly moving his hips.


She must have naturally produced a lot of love juices because more flowed out with every thrust and he stirred it up as he pulled out.


“Ah! Ah! Ah!”


She wrapped her arms around him and held on tight as he pounded her.


She could not keep her mouth closed, so she continually moaned. It was really cute and made him think of a puppy.


She looked to be in pain, but her body twitched with pleasure. When he pulled out, she felt a burn from her inner walls, but once he pushed in again, her entrance swallowed him hungrily. Her soft inner walls continuously stimulated his shaft. He felt a surging sensation that was about to burst at the back of his neck.


Blood flowed out from their point of union, staining the bedsheets. His sensitive sense of smell picked up the scent of blood. Half of his rationality was already gone. Wet sounds reverberated through the whole room as he kept thrusting vigorously. 


She hung onto his shoulders tightly and her nails dug into his back, creating scratch marks. 


‘It hurts…’


It felt like a blazing fire was burning inside her. Her body moved up and down along with his strong thrusts. 


It hurt. It definitely hurt, but… Something felt strange. From the tip of her toes to the top of her head, an overwhelming euphoric shock engulfed her body. She swallowed back her scream and let out a low breath.


“Your insides are shaking like crazy.”


He firmly held onto her hips as he bore deeper into her. Her juices, mixed with bits of blood, flowed out from her down to her buttocks. As he continued to thrust, the viscous fluids created a constant moist slapping sound. Their point of connection had residual blood splattered here and there.


Her lips no longer let out cries of pain. Instead, she mewled and moaned in pleasure. He slowly changed the direction of his thrusts as he penetrated deeper. He concentrated on her panting and groaning, and stubbornly hammered into her most sensitive spot.


“Ah! Aah~!”


Her insides squeezed and started to spasm. He saw that she was about to climax and plunged deeper into her.




Her body froze and she cried. Her entire body began to tremble. The moment she reached her limits, Sol also let go of all restraint and released himself inside her. 


Camelia’s body gradually grew limp as something hot spilled into her body. She panted as her chest rose up and down.


‘Is… it over… ?’

Her thoughts didn’t last long. She felt his large hand caress her forehead and just like that, she instantly fell asleep.


That night, Camelia had a dream. A dream of a distant past. 



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