In this world of sword and magic, even though magic tech was somewhat developed in some countries such as Greed dike the country of dwarves, or Slothtein the country of Angels, most people lived mundane life and as such had few ways to amuse themselves aside from fucking and fighting. 

When Lustburg was first created officially after leaving the control of the elves, the king Jupiter was faced with a massive issue. 

They had no attraction. 

Attractions weren’t just a way to bring amusement to the citizens. It was also a way to make them spend as much money as possible and increase the cash-flow of the country. 

That’s when the King had an idea. Creating a special attraction that would not only help the citizens have a source of distraction, increase the cash-flow of the newly created kingdom, and finally train more competent warriors. 

Thus, the colosseum was created. A place where slaves fought and died by killing each other or by fighting beasts for the joy and pleasure of the citizens. 

Nowadays, thanks to Mars, the gladiator changed from simple bloody slaves fighting for their survival and the amusement of the citizens to veritable stars acclaimed by the mass. 

If in the past 99% of the gladiators were slaves, now they only counted for about 60% of the gladiators. The rest being warriors of different countries coming to test their might or receive fame and money. 

It wasn’t all. Once slaves reached a certain number of consecutive victories, they could redeem their freedom as long as they weren’t death row criminals slaves or war slaves. 

Sol, after helping Lilith descend from the carriage, admired the colosseum. As a child, it was one of the few places he visited regularly. After all, even though death was a possibility, most of the fight stopped after one received a grave wound or was unable to fight anymore. 

‘Frankly, it feels like I was watching wrestling matches.’

The Colosseum looked like a larger version of the Roman Colosseum and could hold more than 100000 people. It was basically as large as a soccer field. On the highest point of the right-wing, the sculpture depicting a man holding a sword and raising it toward the sky could be seen. With his eyesight, Sol could clearly see the words inscribed on it. 

<<Eternal glory to the Conqueror king.>>

‘Eternal glory my ass.’

“Your highness, please follow me to the lounge, her majesty must go prepare for her speech.”



(An: Hesitating between using, Stadium or Colosseum. Hum..) 

The beautiful voices of the artists resonated through the stadium as the spectators put a hand on their hearts and listened to the song. 

This song was a hymn of glory and a hymn of death. 

This song told the story of how a young man just short of his awakening stood up against the oppression and fought for the Independence of their kingdom. 

It told the story of how he founded the kingdom with his own blood and tear after many sacrifices and finally stood at the pinnacle of the world. 

It told how the king decided to give up on his greatest protection to protect his loved one even though she betrayed him and sealed her in the tower. 

Finally, it told how he died courageously on the battlefield with a smile on his face. 

Listening to this song, Sol, while seated in the highest room couldn’t help but understand once again the meaning of the sentence “Winner writes history.”

For him, it was a disgusting song. Thankfully only Milia was present with him, so he didn’t have to act if. 

“Do not worry your highness. Once this end it will be her majesty turn. It shouldn’t last long.”

He nodded and tuned out the song as he looked at his surroundings. It wasn’t his first time using this room. It was reserved solely for the members of the royal family and as such was beautifully furnished. 

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

He was brought back once he heard the veritable sea of applause and whistle. 

“Reminds me of one thing. Once I become king, we need to change this hymn.”

“Fufufu~! Understood.”

Smiling back at her, he began to admire the arena where he would soon fight and from where the singers left after finishing their songs. 

Despite how large it was, and how far from the terrain he was, he had no trouble seeing what was happening, and it wasn’t thanks to his super senses, but rather a beautiful piece of technology. 

Four huge holographic screens floating in the sky and transmitting all the events happening on the ground. 

It was truly a beautiful display of magical technology and from what he knew this was just some discarded toy of the angels. 

“Your highness, it’s beginning.”


He could see it clearly. Lilith entering from the side and walking toward the center of the stadium. Her gait, slow but steady, was able to capture all the attention of the spectators and bring to a total silence. 

Lilith wasn’t wearing her usually revealing attire, but rather a long blue dress and a silver armor above it. One could say that it was the female version of his current attire. 

Even though he was seeing her through the screen, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath in admiration. He was used to Lilith his aunt. He was also used to Lilith his instructor. But the current Lilith, Lilith the queen was someone he had never really met. 

The moment she reached the center, she stopped and raised her head toward the sky. 

“My dear citizens.”

Her voice immediately reached his ears, making him feel as if she was next to him. It was a beautiful application of mana. Infusing one voice with mana was very dangerous since the vocal cords were rather sensible. It was a true demonstration of skills. Something even master didn’t dare to easily do. 


Lilith raised her head in the direction of the highest VIP room. The one Sol was in currently. 

When she thought about the fact that she had to make a speech, Lilith was a little lost. 

It wasn’t the notion of making a speech. She had been serving as the queen for more than 10 years and was used to it. No, it was rather the content of this speech. 

What could she say? 

Praise the country? 

Praise the old kings? 

Talk about the war? 

Introduce Sol? 

Perhaps none of that? 

Perhaps all of that? 

She didn’t know. She didn’t like not knowing and she hated the feeling of caring less and less. 

She didn’t want to be here.

She just wanted to sleep. Just to rest a little. But it wasn’t the time yet. 

As such, she had to stand up, no matter how many times it took. 

“My dear citizens.”

Refusing the micro, she infused mana in her voice. It was rather easy for her and it gave her a way to calm herself. 

The feeling of mana coursing through her veins was always a special feeling she would relinquish for nothing. 

“I do not want to make a long discourse and I am sure none of you came here to see me talk about something you have no interest in.”

She decided to use the necessary skill for all politicians which was–Bullshit. 

“All of you know me as the queen of this beautiful kingdom, even though temporary, this is the duty that was entrusted to me by my beloved brother and I have never hated it.”

Lie. She hated this kingdom for which her brother had to sacrifice to protect. She was also indifferent to most of the citizen. Some night, she wished it was just erased. 

“In all those years, I received an incredible amount of support from all of you and this is something I will never forget.”

Another lie. Those bastards fought her all the way until her coronation. Stupid peasants being manipulated by equally stupid nobles. 

“I love this kingdom more than anything and I am willing to lay down my life for it.”

Hahaha. As if. The very moment this kingdom showed signs of collapse, she would take Sol and her daughter before fleeing from it as fast as possible. 

“But, my time as a queen is coming to an end.”

True. She was so happy. She would soon lay this burden to rest. 

“The one to replace me is someone I care very much for. My nephew, the son of my beloved brother. Sol Dragna Luxuria.”

Sol, Sol, Sol. What a gentle kid he was. She really hoped that he would find his own way in life. 

“My nephew is someone who since as long as I remember, trained to become a king worthy of this kingdom.”

Lie, this was this kingdom who was unworthy of him not the opposite. 

“He is a gentle and kind prince. Someone who would make his father proud. Someone who is making me proud.”

He was the pride of her life. In this life, only her daughter was equal to him. 

“But, no matter how much he trains, training can never be enough to match the real world.”

Oh, she wished she could shelter him from all pains and all tribulations. From all the dangers and ugliness of this world. Sadly she knew it was impossible. But it did not matter. She was sure that he would grow and become an even more splendid man than his father once was. 

“Today, mark the day for him to show the result of his training and to step on a greater stage.”

Indeed, he was destined for a beautiful future. 

“I hope all of you will support him in his endeavors and his growth.”

Please, I don’t ask for much, just don’t stand in his way. That would be more than enough. 

“Today is the day for you to finally meet your future king. But, I will leave the place to the elite force of the kingdom.”

As if those could really be called elite. Just a bunch of kids who never saw blood and only play make-believe. 

“Then, give a resonating ovation to the protector of the kingdom! That is all.”


Screams and applauds followed her as she left the terrain. In her mind, only one thought kept repeating, 

‘I am so tired of this bullshit.’


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