‘Haha, as I thought. Trouble has already begun.’

He had been somewhat prepared after feeling those presences in the classroom when he entered. Still, who would have thought that a girl would almost faint just after looking at him?

‘Am I that scary?’

Walking down the stairs, Basara stood in front of the infirmary with the girl, Koneko, in his arms.

The girl had tried to struggle a little at first, but now, she seemed calm.

Maria, who was taking the lead, opened the door wide and shouted.

“Hasegawa-sensei! Koneko doesn’t feel well.”

“Oh? Place her down on the bed, it’s unoccupied.”

The infirmary was not that different from what you could expect from one in a Japanese school. It was mid-sized with three beds aligned on the far side of the room covered by curtains.

The infirmary was pretty neat and tidy, but the moment Basara entered, his eyes could only stay fixed on the stunning woman that was sitting with her legs crossed, showing a glimpse of her sexy black underwear because of the tight mini black skirt she wore. It was coupled by a pair of brown stockings that covered her long dainty legs.

Because of how beautiful his mother was, Basara was insensitive to most women but… he had to admit that the woman in front of him was not in any way worse than his mother. 

Beautiful long black hair, gentle green eyes hidden behind a pair of red round glasses, and those huge breasts. Her green knitted turtleneck sweater emphasized those heavy mountains rather than hiding how voluptuous she was.

‘We have the same green eyes.’

The color of his eyes was pretty unusual for a japanese. So he was surprised to see someone else with the same color as him.

Thankfully, even though he was surprised by her voluptuous body and the color of her eyes, he did not foolishly stare at her. 

“Oh? You are with someone?”

Standing up, the woman walked towards Maria and Basara, but once she saw his face, she was briefly stunned before showing her usual smile. Her expression of surprise had vanished so fast that, neither Basara who was doing his best to not stare too much, nor Maria who was worried about Koneko managed to see it.

Once they placed Koneko on the bed and the nurse made sure that everything was alright with Koneko, she stood up and stretched her hand toward Basara.

“Hello, I am the school nurse, Chisato Hasegawa. You must be Basara Toujou, nice to meet you.”

Basara briefly wondered how could this woman know his name, but he remembered that he was one of the few men in this school and a transfer student to boot. It was pretty normal for a teacher or a nurse to have information about him.

But, just as he was about to answer her-


Maria let out a cry of surprise and even Koneko, who was sitting on the bed, opened her eyes wide.

Feeling like her action had been too exaggerated, Maria chuckled awkwardly,

“Sorry, sorry, It’s just that Koneko is also named Toujou. What a coincidence, right?”

Basara nodded, this was indeed a coincidence. The name Toujou, while not unique, was pretty rare nowadays. For two of them to meet in the same school was pretty interesting.

But, then suddenly the school broadcast sounded.

[Hasegawa-sensei, please come to the staff room at once. I repeat—]

“…Oh, right.”

Hasegawa muttered wearily, a tired sigh accompanying her weary tone, and headed for her own desk on the opposite wall from the beds.

Then she took out documents from the drawer.

“Sorry, I have to attend a meeting for a while.” She looked at Koneko, “Toujou, I can’t look after you, but if you want, you can rest here a bit longer. Also, Toujou…” This time she addressed Basara, “…Hmmm. I will just call you Basara to avoid confusion. Basara, Gremory…”

Saying so, she threw something silver shaded at him that Basara promptly caught.

“It’s the key for the infirmary. I’ll tell the teachers about it, so lock the door and return the key later.”

After saying so, Hasegawa left the room as gallant as she had come.

Then she suddenly stopped at the door with “Ah, I forgot…”.

“You’re at that age, so I won’t tell you to not screw around, but that’s a sickbed. At least do it somewhere where we teachers don’t see it. There are various spots around, like behind the school building or the gym storeroom.”


Basara was left speechless at the brazen words coming out of the mouth of the nurse that was winking at him.

“Also, be careful and use protection.”

Saying so, Hasegawa left the room this time for sure on those last words.



Basara and Koneko were both dumbfounded while Maria laughed out loud.

“I really like her.”

“Hasegawa-sensei is a pervert.”

Koneko murmured and hid her face with the blanket.

Her mind was swirling at the name of the boy.


For Koneko, this name wasn’t just any name. It was the name that had given her a new chance and a new identity.

Because of all the ups and downs she went through, it didn’t take long for Koneko to fall asleep, her mind filled with images of what had happened earlier.

Once Basara made sure that Koneko was deep asleep, he stood up.

“Well then, I think I will leave you alone. See you later, Gremory-san.”

He had done what he had to do and it was time to leave.


Looking at his departing back, Maria hesitated a little, wondering whether she should act out or not.

In the end, she decided to not take any actions without informing Rias and Mio.

“See you later, Toujou-san.”

Once Basara closed the door of the infirmary behind him, his expression clouded.

“Gremory, huh?”

His education in the Vatican hadn’t been completed back then because of what happened and he had never interested himself in that side of the business since he was excommunicated.

Still, there was no way he wouldn’t know this name.


Letting out a deep sigh, Basara couldn’t help but wonder if it would be better to simply change school again.

He felt like his normal everyday life was about to crumble.

After all — he had just met a relative of the Satan Lucifer himself.

[AN: For those who don’t know. In shinmai, Maria and Mio are half sisters. By way, Basara’s first mother, Sapphire, is the sister of Maria and Mio’s father. As for Chisato, she is the cousin of Basara’s second mother, Raphaeline(yeah I know. Weird thing. He has two mothers to whom he is related by blood. He isn’t called the Ichigo of Shinmai for nothing). So Basara boned his two cousins and his aunt. Gotta hand it to that author. But he knows what he is doing.]


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