[Abandoned Church]

“Are you sure that it’s here?”

Sitting on the dilapidated ground of the church, three young women and one man could be seen standing and discussing.

The smallest of the three women, a young-looking girl that had  golden hair kicked some fallen rocks and grumbled, 

“This city is stuck in the middle of nowhere, but you know that Azazel-sama is never wrong when it comes to Sacred Gears.”

The one who asked the question, an attractive woman with long silky black hair long enough to reach her hips nodded. Even though the leader of their organization, Grigori, had a few questionable problems, he was one of the foremost researchers when it came to Sacred Gear.

“Raynare, how do you wish to proceed?”

The black-haired woman, Raynare put a finger under her chin and thought, “The mission Azazel-sama gave is to find the wielder of the sacred gear and put him into custody without hurting him or her. But, I believe that this isn’t enough. Once we find him, we must kill him.”

A twisted smile formed on her face while uttering those words, not caring about the life they might or might not snuff out.

The others present frowned but did not oppose her choice. In the first place, they cared little for the life of a simple human. Furthermore, they knew that, while extremist, Raynare was without a doubt one of the most loyal soldiers in their army.

“By the way, Kalawarna.”

As if remembering something, Raynare called the tall woman with brown eyes and navy blue hair. 


“When is that crazy priest coming? Same for the nun with Twilight Healing. You know how important they are.”

Kalawarna shrugged, “I don’t really know, in a few days at most? I would give two weeks.”

Raynare frowned, “A little tight. Mittelt, Dohnaseek, I want you to help me find our target. If he is a man, I will take care of him. If it’s a woman, Dohnaseek will suffice, Or perhaps it will be you, Kalawarna.”

Since she didn’t know what kind of sexual preference the target might have it was better to be sure.

“Either way, I want to find the most plausible candidate in the shortest time possible and then we will act.”


[Occult club]

“What!? Koneko got hurt? Why am I only receiving this information now?”

Bowing down with a red face, Maria kept apologizing profusely for her oversight.

“I am sorry, Rias-sama!”

Rias, a beautiful scarlet-haired woman with a huge body proportion, unlike anything a teen girl should have, pinched the bridge of her nose.

“How many times did I ask you to call me Rias or Onee-san. We are sisters after all.”

Though the two of them had different mothers, this was rather common for a noble of the rank of their father to have a large harem — rather this was practically the norm in the world they came from. This was why Rias had no bad feelings toward this little sister of hers and wished they could be closer.

‘Still, why do they like acting as maids so much?’

Rias was a hard-core lover of Japanese culture, but even for her, this was a bit too much.

She could have understood if Maria acted as a maid because of the low rank of their mother but that wasn’t the case either. After all, Sheila, Lucia, and Maria’s mother were powerful and very influential women in their world.

The worst was, ‘Those three even infected Grayfia.’

Grayfia was the wife of her big brother and another powerful woman who always wore maid clothes.

“I am sorry, Rias-sama, but you know it isn’t possible.”

“*Sigh* Anyways, about Koneko. You said she nearly fainted after observing a boy? And said boy is named Toujou?”

This was startling news. 

‘Is he related to that man?’

Rias frowned, unsure about how to proceed. That man was a living legend, someone who broke all boundaries. 

It would be short-sighted to think they were related to just that. The name Toujou, while rare, was not so rare that only one family possessed it.

Still, when paired with Koneko’s reaction, it seemed that this wasn’t in the realm of impossibility.

‘Should I try recruiting him?’

Currently, she was in need of someone strong, and he might turn out to be the one she was searching for.

Standing up, she began to walk in the direction of the infirmary with Maria and another girl wearing the Kuoh uniform. 

“Akeno, what do you think?”

Covering her mouth with the palm of her hand, Akeno smiled.

“I have only met Jin Toujou once when I was a child. He was the only one who did not look at me and my mother with disgust. But, I don’t know if he has a child or a nephew. The time I saw him, he was accompanied by a woman wearing a black hood.”

A forlorn emotion crept up in her eyes as she remembered the happiest moments of her life when she was still less than 10 years old. 

“Still, it wouldn’t hurt to observe that young boy. Who knows? Perhaps we will get a nice surprise.”

Standing behind them, Maria was also busy thinking hard.

‘Jackpot! I must contact Mio-sama later. Perhaps we finally found the second member of her peerage.’

“I’m home!”

Basara, not knowing about the undercurrents steadily growing, entered his house and saw the letters stuck on the table.

[We found another clue. Be careful. If you meet a man named Rizevim, then run at full speed. 

—Your awesome father.]

[I am sorry that we have to leave so soon without you, but the clue this time is too suspicious and in a dangerous location. Either way, now you are 15 and basically an adult. Look at the study table in your bedroom. I have left a gift for you. 

—Your beautiful mother.]

Basara chuckled at the distinctly different messages but wasn’t bothered. Though he couldn’t help but wonder what kind of place even those two would find dangerous.

‘Also, a gift?’

Feeling his curiosity steadily growing, Basara walked up to his room and entered before standing in front of his study table. What he found at the top of it were…

“A complete set of chess pieces?”

“Good afternoon, Basara-sama.”






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