“So this is my new school — Kuoh Academy.”

The distance between his home and the school was thankfully not that great. As such, he could leisurely walk and reach his destination on time. 

Standing in front of the gate, Basara looked up at the school that looked more like a big cathedral than anything else. He was a little surprised to see such a large school in such a small town.

From what he knew, this school was previously a female-only school and only became co-ed this year.

“I guess this would be heaven for some guys.”

He didn’t really understand what was so exciting about being around girls you could only admire from afar, but it wasn’t a subject that interested him enough for him to ponder on it for too long.

Entering the school, he could effectively see that this school was still mainly female only because of the overwhelming number of girls compared to guys.

The uniform of the school was a white shirt with a black blazer above it and a black ribbon on the collar. The difference between the girl’s and boy’s uniform was that girls wore a red skirt with white lines and had a small black cap, while boys wore a black pair of pants.

The moment Basara stepped into the school, his eyes narrowed briefly, but he ultimately didn’t move and continued in the direction of the main building.

‘Well, it seems like my chances of having a normal school life aren’t that high.’

Upon entering the school grounds, the flood of students got to its peak and the hallways were crowded with students.

Since Basara was a transfer student, he headed to the staff room first. 

When he told them at the door that he was the new transfer student, he was instructed to wait for a bit in the waiting room next door. After the chime rang a few times, a young female teacher came to pick him up with a class register in her hands. 

She held out her hand with a brilliant smile.

“I’m Sarashi Mamoru, your homeroom teacher. Nice to meet you, Toujou-kun.”

“Yes, hello, sensei.”

Even while being overwhelmed by the unnecessarily refreshing aura, Basara replied to the handshake.

Since the morning homeroom followed right after the staff meeting, they moved to the classroom right away.

“Well, we often get transfers due to family circumstances, but your case seems a bit more complicated.”

“Yes, kind of…”

Before that accident happened, he mainly lived in the Vatican. After that, he began to follow his parents in their travels and rarely stayed long in any place they traveled to.

It was honestly a miracle that he could even reach high school under such circumstances.

After a short discussion, they arrived in front of the classroom.

“This is our class. A new school might bring various hardships, but you’ll get used to it in no time.”

All Basara could do was smile stiffly. After all, he could already smell two possible incoming troubles in this classroom.


[First-year class]

“Hey, hey, Koneko-chan! Did you hear? There will be a new student coming soon.”

A petite long silver-haired girl with purple eyes gushed while moving animatedly. Anyone who saw her could clearly imagine how full of energy the girl was. 


Her partner, on the other hand, showed a lethargic reaction, her interest fully invested in the snack she was holding. She was an equally petite but short girl, possessing white hair and golden eyes alongside a cat-shaped hairpin on either side of her hair.

Though she was seemingly being ignored, the long silver-haired girl didn’t seem to mind. She knew that her friend was listening to her.

“I really hope it will be someone interesting. Mio-sama had been searching for someone talented to help her, but all the talents in this school are already under Rias-sama and Sitri-sama’s control.”

“Buchou is the best, Maria should stop bothering.”

“Aye aye, I know that for Koneko, Rias-sama is indeed the best. But this isn’t the problem here, you know? Sigh.”

The long silver-haired girl, Maria, sighed while crossing her arms. She wasn’t joking around. Her master, Mio Gremory had just received her pieces, but even now, the only one under Mio was Maria herself, as a Rook piece.

The situation was worrying, even more so since there was a competition between Mio and her big sister, Rias. As of now, though Rias still didn’t complete her peerage, she was at an overwhelming advantage.

‘Argh, if only Lucia was willing to join.’

Munching on her snack, Koneko looked at her friend’s scrunched face but didn’t know how to comfort her. In the first place, she had never been all that good at expressing herself.

There was also the fact that she knew Maria would bounce back easily. After all, she was the kind of person willing to work as a maid for her own sister.

Even to this day, she couldn’t understand why, but since Maria’s mother, Sheila was willing to work for her husband, Zeoticus Gremory, as a maid, she guessed that it wasn’t such a big deal.

Now that she thought about it, even the wife of Sirzechs ‘Lucifer’ Gremory acted as his maid.

The Gregorys were really a weird family, but it was also a warm family.

Thinking about all she owed to the Gremory, Koneko was about to bite on another snack, when her hand suddenly stopped and she immediately stared at the door of the classroom.

“Guys, calm down a little, we have a new student.”

Koneko completely ignored the teacher that walked past and stood on the podium. Her golden eyes could only see the young man following behind.

It was a tall young man with slightly unkempt brown hair and light green eyes. A small scar could be seen on the side of his face, just below his right eye, giving him a slightly delinquent look. 

Even though the young man was rather handsome, this was not why Koneko was besmirched.


She ignored her friend and began to lower her head as she shivered and whimpered, refusing to look at the man any longer. What she had seen and felt from him had been too overpowering. Everything was too sudden. She expanded her senses too much because of her short curiosity.

“Sensei! Koneko isn’t feeling well. I will take her to the infirmary.”

Just as Maria was about to help her, Koneko suddenly felt like she was being lifted.


The class exclaimed in wonder, and it was only then she understood that she was in a princess carry, in the hands of the same transfer student.

She blushed a little and the dread that had been previously filling her heart slowly calmed down. She tried to struggle a little out of shyness. But even though she wasn’t particularly sociable, she didn’t want to spit on the hand of someone helping her. There was also the fact that he felt very warm.

“Sensei, sorry. I will help them a bit.”

The teacher hesitated a little, but nodded in the end. 

“Alright, come back later with Maria Gremory once everything is settled.”

“Understood. Maria, right? Can you lead the way?”

Maria, who was a little startled at first, nodded hurriedly, 

“Yes, let’s go!”

Inwardly though, she couldn’t help but become wary of the new transfer student. After all, ‘How did he slip through my perception?’

It seemed like the new transfer student was more mysterious than she thought.

(AN: What is funny is, In Shinmai, Maria is classified as a power type. Basically, a Rook when converted to DxD. It’s weird that those two authors had the Loli be the one with the heavy fist.) 

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