“*Sob*…Basara!? Are you alright!? Basara!…Please answer me…*Sob*”

The cries of a young girl calling up to him sounded behind him, but were drowned up by the rumbling of the grounds.

All around him were body parts, cleanly sliced off.

What should have been a large and beautiful forest had been replaced by a deep crater, an abyss whose end could not be seen.

The boy was aghast, for he could not register the situation properly. Just a few moments ago, he was spending time with his friends, but now…only two things surrounded him — death and destruction.

Looking at his hand encased in a red streamlined gauntlet holding a silver sword. His mind flashed and the full understanding of what happened hit him.

The fatigue creeping up on him, his consciousness slowly left him, and one last thought stayed deeply rooted in his mind.

‘Hah…I am the culprit.’



Basara opened his eyes and at the same time made a rough gasp. When he looked up to the ceiling, he realized that he had woken up. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down his chaotic heartbeat.

‘No matter how often I see that dream, I just can’t get used to it.’

Laying on his bed face up, Basara stared at his own right hand that he had brought up to his face.

He could see the multitude of scars running alongside his arm. The proof that his dream wasn’t just a mere dream, but the sad and cruel reality. 

“Basara! Take a bath then come eat.”

A gentle and mature feminine voice sounded in his ear the moment he woke up. It was a mystery how she always knew when he was awake.


After taking a hot bath and making his ideas clear, Basara walked down the stairs with a light-hearted expression. He had never really talked about his dream to his parents and he didn’t want them to worry.

“Good morning, father.”

Toujou Jin, his father, a handsome middle-aged man, was reading the newspapers when he entered the room and nodded to him with a smile. 

“Slept well? I know it’s a little sudden but I hope you like our new house.”

Basara shrugged. 

He had no friends nor any sort of relationship in the previous city. So leaving or staying didn’t matter to him in the slightest.

“Here, it’s time for school. Eat it while it’s still hot.”

Placing the breakfast on the table, a beautiful buxom young woman with red hair and red matching eyes, gave him a warm smile and ruffled his hair before sitting next to Jin.

“Thanks, mother.”

She was Sapphire Toujou. No matter how much you looked at her, be it because of her appearance or her name, it was impossible to consider her as Japanese and she really wasn’t one.

Watching him eat, Sapphire asked, “Are you sure everything will be alright? It’s your first time in that school. Should I accompany you?”

“Mom, please. I am not a child anymore.”

It was his first year of high school, but he didn’t really care.

“The boy is right, you know?”

“*Sigh* Okay. You are right. It’s just…I am so worried. We just entered a new town and soon we must go for another mission and leave him alone.”

Basara shook his head, “I know what you guys are doing is important. You finally found some clues about where she might be.”

Both Jin and Sapphire gave a bitter smile at his answer. They knew that they hadn’t really been the ideal parents during those few years. Thankfully, Basara was extremely mature but it was this maturity hurt their hearts.

“Anyway, see you later. Don’t forget to send me gifts.”

Wiping his mouth and after placing the dishes in the sink, Basara took his bag and left in a hurry.

Watching his receding back, Jin tilted his head in wonder.

“Dear, did you warn him about the ruler of this territory?”




Silence filled the room while Sapphire showed an embarrassed expression. In the end, she could only make excuses while stuttering.

“W-well… It has been a few years since I came to Japan, you know? I haven’t even contacted my family since then. Hahaha…I think the current ruler should be Cleria Belial? Either way. I am sure everything will be alright. Basara is a big boy. Yep!”

In the end she decided to swipe the matter in the rug and go back to busying herself.

Shaking his head, Jin showed an amused smile at the shamelessness of his wife, though this was what made her cute.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Even though his instincts have dulled greatly, he never really stopped training. I don’t feel any presence that could actually threaten him in the city.”

He looked outside of the window, in the direction of an abandoned church and shook his head.

“Whoever is in charge of this city is really too lazy, if I must say so.”


“So this is my new school — Kuoh Academy.”


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