[Central 46]

‘*Sigh* I really hate this atmosphere.’

In a room nearly devoid of light aside from one flashlight illuminating the center of the room, what looked like a court hearing was happening.

“So you’re telling me that you succeeded in the mission thanks to a portable portal created by Mayuri Kurotsuchi?”


Looking up to the old bastards perched in their chairs and covered by veils, Gojo, who was wearing his blindfold, wondered what he should eat once this hearing finished.

“As for the hollows tide, you managed to escape it after a fierce struggle?”

“That’s the case.”

Some nice sweets would be good, after all, he spent a huge deal of energy in the past.

“In the end, the reason we managed to find you in the valley of screams was thanks to repairing the tracker that was initially deemed as destroyed.”

“You perfectly summarized my report.”



‘Be it in this world or the other, they are all the same.’

Old decrepit bastards who did nothing but tie themselves with outdated rules and were not worthy of the power they held. 

Even though he couldn’t see their expression, he could see their energy churning, showing that they controlled themselves with difficulty.

“Captain Soi Fon, is this report without falsehood?”

“I have nothing to add.”

Soi Fon, ever stoic, answered shortly. Even though the representative seemed irked, he could only hold it in. After all, not only was Soi Fon powerful, but she had both the Fon and the Shihoin’s family backing her.

“What about you, 2nd seat?”

“I already made my report.”

Nemu, who for once stood alongside Gojo rather than behind him, also gave a short answer. But once again, the Central had to control themselves. After all, the current scientific research department wasn’t like the one at its start. Currently, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that both the shinigami on the field and those in Soul Society were completely reliant on the technology they produced.

‘Ah, the feeling of crushing people with influence. It gives a different kind of thrill.’

Gojo loved putting down old bastards who thought they were worth shit with his power but he had to admit that those bastards becoming speechless because they were facing more influential people than them was a sight to behold.

“Hmmm….Captain Soi Fon, Vice-captain Nemu Kurotsuchi, and 3rd seat Satoru Goji. I don’t know if I should call you lucky or unlucky, but, on behalf of the soul society, I must sincerely thank you for your efforts. Your reward will be appropriately given in the coming days, you are free to rest.”

Even though they didn’t fully believe the reports, the Central 46 had no choice other than to reward them appropriately. After all, the mission was already considered as a high-grade one and became even more dangerous later on. A reward equivalent to the effort was necessary.

It was then that Gojo raised his hand, 

“For my reward, I don’t need money or anything of the like. All I want is….”


“It seems like your plan failed.”


Gin, standing in the office as always was looking at the smiling Aizen with curiosity.

Rather than seeming distraught at his foiled plan, the smile on his lips conveyed the joy he was feeling.

“Gin, what do you think of the reports they wrote?”


Gin did not bother answering because he knew that Aizen didn’t need him to. 

As expected, Aizen continued.

“I carefully read those reports, and everything was bullshit. As such for them to have entered the valley, it means that one of them managed to open a portal or they received the help of someone who could. Clearly, the first option is the most likely.”

Aizen couldn’t put down his smile. To this day, aside from him, only Kisuke could open a dimensional portal by himself. 

Now, there was a third one. 

It was the mark of a supreme genius — someone possessing unparalleled talent. 

Furthermore, he knew how big the Hollow wave should have been. For them to survive and come back unscathed, it meant that they completely obliterated all the hollows. 

This proved that Gojo was without a doubt comparable to a high-level captain or had some extremely powerful wide-scale destruction type skill.

‘Haha, another like-minded person entered the game.’

Since Gojo had voluntarily manipulated the reports, it was clear that he wasn’t that loyal to the Soul Society and was in fact quite wary.

Soi Fon also gave false reports, which honestly was rather surprising since he knew how stubborn and inflexible Soi Fon could be. 

For her to accept a false mission report made him deduce that Soi Fon was on the same boat. 

Nemu was the greatest masterpiece of Mayuri. Since she followed Gojo like his shadow nowadays, it also meant that Mayuri was in the same boat or at least something close to it.

Finally, there was Unohana. Nothing more needed to be said about that madwoman.

‘Hahaha, truly splendid. To think he managed to create such deep connections in just five years. Taking him down won’t be easy.’

His heart was beating at the notion of a new challenge.

At the same time, Aizen truly regretted not understanding Gojo’s personality sooner. 

If he had managed to do so a few weeks, months or years ago, he could have managed to ally with the man.

Now though, since he already tried to kill him once, the die was already cast.


The smirk on his face grew larger,

‘Let’s have some fun, shall we?’


[Karakura Town.]

“Pfft! Hahaha!!”

Kisuke, who was initially sitting down on the floor, suddenly exploded out of laughter.

The cause being the transmitter in his hand, “This isn’t funny.”

A slightly grouchy feminine voice came out of the transmitter.

Fighting to calm his laughter down, Kisuke chuckled. 

“I mean, it was supposed to be a simple mission. Who would have thought that your first mission after sixty years would end up with you being tied down because of a bet?”

“*Sigh* I guess I wasn’t careful enough. Though, there’s nothing to say since Gojo really beat me fair and square.”

“Heh, is he that powerful?”

“Powerful? Hum… I don’t really know. His firepower pales in comparison to some and his endurance is pretty low. But I can’t say one thing. While there are many people he can’t beat, even fewer people can actually beat him.”


Yoruichi refused to explain what that man power exactly was, but from her words, he deduced that it should be some kind of defensive power. 

“What about your daughter? Pfft! Haha. *Ahem* *Ahem*.”

“Satoru took care of that. Now, Senna is officially known as Senna Gojo. Satoru Gojo simply said that she was his family in Rukongai. As for me, I simply appeared in my cat form.”

Kisuke nodded. Since all the people in Rukongai were departed souls, the families there were in fact composed of people who had no relationship with each other.

Still, they saw themselves as family and it was an endeavor encouraged by the Soul society as a whole. As such, no one would be wary of that girl.

‘Hum, I would have really liked to at least take a look at her. She is basically a completely new form of life. A race that is close to a soul without exactly being one.’

The scientist inside him was itching, but it couldn’t be helped.

As for Yoruichi, he wasn’t worried about her. 

Not only was her cat form the greatest form of camouflage, but even in the unlikely chances she was discovered, absolutely nothing would happen to her.

The Central 46 would never dare to order the execution of the previous leader of the Shihoin family.

Raising his head to gaze at the starry sky, Kisuke smiled. It seemed that a new variable appeared.

He wondered what kind of storms that man would bring.


  1. (AN: One problem with Aizen is that he craves to have people equal to him. In Canon. The first was Kisuke and second was Ichigo. Weirdly he never really showed respect or longing for Yamamoto, or perhaps I missed it. Either way be it because of arrogance, loneliness or hidden hope to be stopped. Aizen always wanted strong opponents or rather strong and smart opponents. Goji suits him.)





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Kisuke is in the odd area between respect and hatred for Aizen because:
– he’s smarter than him (at least on a purely scientific level), and Aizen can’t stand this fact
– he pushes the boundaries and is willing to tread new ground in his research, which Aizen appreciates
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Anonymous · 2022-01-18 at 3:49 AM

Thanks for the chapter
Are we getting to canon anytime now? I also hope for more senna daughter interactions

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