After the shock of seeing a baby come out of a cocoon passed, Gojo and the others wondered what they should do. 

Even the blanks that previously crowded around dispersed, as if it had nothing to do with them.

For Gojo, the situation was even more serious. 

The fact that he suddenly got a daughter out of nowhere aside, he could feel that while she had a spiritual body like one belonging to souls and shinigami, there were some little differences he still couldn’t really pinpoint. 

At the same time, not only was the amount of energy in her small body incomprehensible, but he could also feel a faint part of his and Yoruichi’s Reiryoku in the body of that girl. 

That energy was slowly being assimilated with that of the child. 

“Hah!? Mother!?” 

The reaction of Soi Fon was hilarious. It was even more so since the one who should have been shocked was simply showing a thoughtful expression. 

“Well, in a way, she isn’t wrong. We can be said to be her parents.”

Clearly, Yoruichi remembered how a part of her energy had been absorbed by the cocoon. 

At the same time, she couldn’t help but let out a hollow laugh, “I never thought that I would be a mother like this. Though, that kid is pretty cute.” 

Yoruichi crouched down and took the baby girl in her arms, the slime and goo on the body of the baby didn’t seem to disturb her. 

“Umu! My little girl is indeed beautiful. As expected of me.” 

Gojo was a little surprised at how calm Yoruichi was, and it made his respect for her increase. But even so, there were some line that shouldn’t be crossed after all, 

“I am pretty sure that she is so beautiful because of me.”

He could accept many things but he refused to concede on that front. 

Gojo’s rebuttal made Yoruichi’s eyes glint and this was the start of an apocalyptic battle to determine who between them the girls looked more like. 

Watching them like this and taking a look at the ever impassive Nemu, Soi Fon opened her mouth wide and couldn’t help but wonder if she really was the weird one in this situation. 

After everyone calmed down — Though only Soi Fon needed to do so, they decided that the baby needed a bath and by using some low-level Kido, they managed to create a hot spring of sorts. 

[Back to the present] 

“Still, who would have thought that she would grow up so fast?” 

Yoruichi commented idly while scratching Senna’s hair. 

She had heard many times about how children would grow fast if the parents took their eyes off of them. 

But this time, it was simply absurd. 

They had only taken their attention away a few moments to set up the bath, but in that short moment, Senna grew up from a toddler to a young child of about 9 years old. 

It didn’t help that she even named herself. 

“Will she continue to grow like this?” 

Yoruichi asked with a worried expression. 

Even though Shinigamis and souls’ growth depended more on the mental image they had of themselves or the time of their death, time still affected them somewhat. 

On the side, Nemu showed a complicated expression – one mixed with expectations and worries. 

The reason for such feelings was clear. Senna was like her and closer to an artificial existence than a normal one. 

This was why she felt expectations at the prospect of finding someone truly similar or close enough to her. 

At the same time, she remembered that the most successful Nemuri experiment, experiment # 6 died two years after her creation because of an abnormal division of her cells. 

Nemu couldn’t help but wonder if the same was happening to Senna and if so, how long she had left. 

Thankfully, “Nah, everything is alright. She shouldn’t grow anymore than this for a while. Of course, I need to inspect her for a while to get more accurate data, but I am pretty certain already.” 

Nemu immediately let out a sigh of relief. She had an almost blind confidence in Gojo and if he said it wasn’t a problem then it wasn’t one. 

Yoruichi meanwhile raised a skeptical eye but, remembering what capabilities he showed in front of her, she decided that it wouldn’t hurt to believe in him and observe the situation. 

Once the worries were abated, Gojo smiled and he relaxed in the hot bath and admired the stunning views that were presented to him.

Two pairs of mountains and one vast plain with two small bumps. 

It was an artistic scenery worthy of being painted by the greatest artists. 

As a man of culture, Gojo did not discriminate between the mountain faction and the plains faction. He believed that all sizes should be appreciated equally. 

“You are pretty blatant with your gaze?”

“Heh, what did you expect? Did you think I would blush and close my eyes with an embarrassed expression?”

“Pfft! Hahaha! Well…haha… Not to that extent. But indeed, people are surprisingly prude sometimes.”

Saying so, Yoruichi sneaked behind Soi Fon and grasped her breasts, 


“Hum. It seems like you have grown a little since the last time.”

Ignoring the fretting Soi Fon, Yoruichi continued to molest the girl like an old pervert. Poor Soi Fon was caught and could only feebly fight back. The situation was really funny for Gojo.

During this short adventure, he had seen many unexpected sides of the ever-serious Soi Fon. He had to admit, the gap between her serious and her flustered face was incredibly cute.

While Yoruichi continued to molest and begin to attack even Nemu, Gojo took Senna and began to massage her scalp.

He unfortunately didn’t have any soap on him but it was enough for now. At the same time, he couldn’t help but use the six eyes to explore the interior of her body and could only marvel at the power of nature.

The child was strangely silent. Only speaking sometimes and calling him father. She understood a little. After all, the Shinenju was created from the memories of tens of thousands of souls. Even though it seemed that his presence had cut the date of the natural birth short, the number of memories in her mind was already overwhelming.

‘I will have to pay attention to her mental state regularly.’

His thoughts stopped at the question of Yoruichi.

“Now that I think about it, what are you going to do with Senna? If you want, I can bring her to earth with me?”

“Huh? Earth? Hahaha….When did I say you were allowed to go back to earth?”

Gojo gave a wide smile as a mischievous light danced in his eyes. 

‘This will be fun.’

(AN: just to stall any questions. Even after Senna grows up properly, like with Kogo, she will never become part of the harem. Also, I think I more or less finished Dangai. Perhaps I could have done better with this volume. I feel like some parts were really dragged out too much. Anyway, the next chapter will be the Epilogue. Hope you loved this volume.)






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