Yoruichi could only look at the smug face of that man and sighed.

‘I want to punch him so bad!’ 

She really wondered how some people could have such ease at infuriating people. 

At the same time, even though she was looking relaxed, she had already tightened her muscles. 

Even though out of the three facing her, one was unconscious and the other wounded, Yoruichi was not the kind to underestimate anyone. 

Even though Gojo was just a student five years ago, she had already seen some of what he was capable of at that time. And since he could walk in Garganta, then he was comparable to a vice-captain at the very minimum. 

“So, why is there an unconscious woman on her shoulder?” 

Even though she recognized Soi Fon, Yoruichi decided to act as if she didn’t. 

She did not forget that she was a fugitive. She did not plan to kill any shinigami and she did not wish for her whereabouts to be tracked either. 

“Hum… You don’t believe me when I say that I kidnapped her?” 

Gojo showed a bewildered expression full of hurt as if her not believing her was the saddest thing in the world. 

‘So fake.’

Gritting her teeth, she wondered what she should do. 

The best option was undoubtedly to flee and continue her mission. But, even though everything seemed alright, she was a little worried about Soi Fon. 

But if she waited too long and Soi Fon woke up, then the situation would become tricky. 

‘Should I subdue them first?’ 

Just as she thought that, 

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you.”

Her gaze crossed that of Gojo. A smirk on his face as if he was waiting for her to act. 

“Do you believe that you can win against me?” 

Her eyes narrowed dangerously at the provocation. 

Even though she was quite rusty, Yoruichi was still an ex-captain and recognized as the fastest in the Gotei 13.

Just because she had some reservations did not mean that she was scared of colliding. 

“Heh, it seems like Miss Fugitive has quite the temper, or should I call you Princess Yoruichi Shihoin? “

Yoruichi and Nemu’s eyes widened at Gojo’s words. 

For Nemu, even though she had heard about the different fugitives, there was basically no information about Yoruichi herself available. 

After all, the Shihoin family, as one of the four great families, was no pushover. Releasing an arrest warrant on the leader of such a clan was the most they could do. 

In fact, some people speculated that one of the reasons why the Central 46 didn’t urge the Gotei 13 to capture the fugitives, aside from the fact that they were all captain or vice-captain level, was the fact that Yoruichi was with them. 

After all, even if they caught her, it wasn’t as if they could order her execution. Doing so would most likely cause a civil war. 

“How did you know?” 

The shock on Yoruichi’s face only lasted for less than a moment before vanishing. Her mental fortitude was too high for such things to truly shake her. Though she was quite curious. 

“Heh, Blame the girl.” Gojo snickered as he pointed at the unconscious Soi Fon, “You wouldn’t believe the number of posters of you there are in some rooms of the 2nd division. I am pretty sure there’s no one there that doesn’t know what you look like.” 

Yoruichi groaned a little. She knew how loyal Soi Fon was to her. This was one of the reasons as to why she didn’t call Soi Fon when she fled. 

After all, Soi Fon had a bright future in the Seireitei and she didn’t wish to pull her down. 

Even as she thought so, she left a sigh of relief inwardly, ‘Seems like he did not recognize me.’

Being recognized as Yoruichi was no problem. It wasn’t as if he could find where she was based with just that. 

After all, technically, this wasn’t their first meeting but the second one. Though that one was with her as a cat. 

If Gojo were to recognize that, he would be able to at least pinpoint their general location, which would be quite problematic. 

‘That is what she should be thinking right now.’ 

Not missing the feeling of relief that briefly flashed through Yoruichi’s eyes, Gojo struggled to hide his urge to laugh. 

Even though the aura around her was different, for Gojo, thanks to his eyes, it wasn’t difficult to recognize that she and the cat were related. 

Either the cat had been one of her shikigami or at least the equivalent that existed here, or she had possessed it. 

Of course, there was also the possibility that she was the cat. Though this one seemed quite outlandish. After all, he had never read about any shinigami having the power of polymorphism. 

‘Though it would be possible if she wasn’t completely a Shinigami.’

The first time Gojo saw the captain of the 7th division, he had been curious about what was hidden behind the mask. 

Even though he had no X-Ray vision, by observing the energy circulation he had been able to understand that Sajin Komamura was no ordinary shinigami but something of a Wolfman. 

Even though he had found no clear information. He at least knew that there existed some hidden clans of spiritual races that were not shinigami. 

‘Well, this isn’t important now.’


After this, Gojo and Yoruichi discussed a little about the situation. 

Even though the two of them hid the reason for their presence in Garganta, they had at least cleared the heir and made clear that no fight was necessary. 

Yoruichi also managed to ascertain that Soi Fon was in no danger and so decided to leave the premises. 

She was a little offended that Gojo did not try to stop her, but she was happy to avoid what would have been a bothersome situation. 

Watching her departing back, Nemu, who had stayed silent until now asked quietly, 

“Was it alright?” 

No matter what the situation was, they had just let a fugitive escape without even trying to stop her. Should this be known, the two of them would most likely suffer quite the punishment. 

It did not really matter to her, but she did not wish for Gojo to suffer from the repercussions. 

“Heh, whether it’s alright or not, why don’t we ask our dear captain? You are awake, right?” 

Nemu was quite surprised when she felt Soi Fon stir suddenly on her shoulder. 

Placing her down, she watched as Soi Fon opened her eyes and threw a complicated glance at the direction Yoruichi had just left. 

“Since when did you know that I was awake?” 

“Why did you think she left without hesitation?” 

Even though Gojo answered with a question, it was easy to understand what happened with his words. 

The only reason Yoruichi had left calmly was that she knew that Soi Fon was awake. 

A myriad of emotions flashed in Soi Fon’s eyes but it did not last long. 

Tearing her gaze away, she settled on Gojo, and only anger was present in her eyes. 

“Why did you leave me alive?” 

If Gojo had killed her, no one would be able to divulge his secrets. This was the best opportunity. 

“Well, for one I didn’t really want to kill you. Furthermore, why should I kill you now, when I can now kill you anytime I want?” 

A mean smile formed on his face. He wasn’t worried about Soi Fon at all. 

He didn’t just make her fall unconscious. He had also left a failsafe in her body. 

“If you try to tattle on me, then — you will go Boom! and become a true representation of art.” 

At this moment, Nemu really wondered if Gojo was the villain. 

(AN: Yoruichi walked away, but no worries. This isn’t the last time we see her in this arc. Also the thing about the captain of the 7th division is Canon. He isn’t exactly a human soul. Explaining everything would create a long as fuck AN so I won’t. Even more so since I plan to use it as a plot point for future chapters. So you will have to wait or search wiki.) 






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