Back to a few moments ago;

After all the hollows in the surroundings were erased, it took a few moments for Soi Fon to snap back from the shock she had felt.


Turning her attention toward the bleeding Gojo, she took a step forward threateningly, 

“What was that!? Why did you not report the possession of such a Bankai!?”

She shouted hoarsely. Even for her, the shock was simply too much.

In the past, when Soi Fon knew that Gojo could manipulate Reishi, aside from being surprised, she had not been particularly curious. After all, she, as well as most captains, had faced many quincys and knew how limited their powers were.

In fact, the only reason shinigamis even bothered to eradicate most quincys was because they refused to stop their hunts of hollows. When a shinigami ‘killed’ a hollow, that hollow was purified and sent back to the cycle. But when a Quincy did it, that Hollow was completely erased, and thus negatively affecting the cycle.

But what Gojo just did…Just thinking about it sent shivers to her spine.

Coughing a little, Gojo, with the help of Nemu, walked toward Soi Fon and asked with an impish smile, 

“Why should I have? “

“Why!?” Soi Fon seemed incredulous, as if wondering why he was asking such an elementary question.

“You know very well that any Bankai able to affect the functioning of Soul Society must be recorded and forbidden.”

The bankai was the hallmark of genius. All those who managed to reach this level had their name marked down in the record of the history of Soul Society. But, even in this privileged group of geniuses, there were always some outliers. People whose Bankai defied all common sense and were forbidden to use.

One such example was Captain Commandant Yamamato. She did not know all the power his Bankai granted him. But the passive effect of his Bankai was enough to frighten anyone. After all, it emitted a temperature comparable to that of the sun’s surface.

If used in the mortal world, his Bankai was enough to erase all life in existence on earth, even affecting a few more planets.

Another example of forbidden Bankai was Shinji Hirako, whose Bankai affected the very concept of allies and enemies. The effect seemed absolute, making him a nightmare on any battlefield. Though the effects were also indiscriminate. As such, he could not use his Bankai with allies around him.

But even those two paled when compared to what she had seen from Gojo’s Bankai. After all, if her deductions were right, Gojo could be said to be the nemesis of all Reishi-based life forms and—Shinigamis fell under that category.

She understood now why Gojo had asked her to not try to kill him. She might have resisted easily now, but she also understood that this Bankai was currently incomplete.

But what after ten more years? A decade? By then, wouldn’t he be able to erase all life in Seireitei at will?

Knowing that Soi Fon really couldn’t help but give birth to some killing intent. The situation was perfect. Even though she was quite wounded and tired, she could feel that Gojo had it worse. He was also currently very close, at this distance killing him would be easy. As for Nemu, Soi Fon scoffed at the simple idea that a fake vice-captain like this one could stop her even for a tenth of a second.


‘Calm down, calm down. He saved you. You also promised to not harm him. Do not be an ingrate, do not renegade your debt.’

Soi Fon had always been extremely loyal toward the Seireitei. But deep in her heart, her loyalty to a certain person was even higher. Because of this, even though she wouldn’t hesitate to die for the Seireitei, she would still hesitate to harm someone she was close to. Even more so when this person had just saved her life.

She tried to see things from a more positive viewpoint. After all, with Gojo’s power, no hollows would be a threat. He might even become the next captain commandant of the Gotei 13.

But she knew that that was just her wishful thinking. The members of central 46 were extremely paranoid. it was impossible for the higher ups of the central 36 to sleep well knowing the existence of someone with such a power. She had seen for herself how much Zaraki Kenpachi was harassed. To the point that the central forbade Captain Yamamoto to teach him Zanjutsu.

Taking a deep breath, she fought to calm herself down and silence her internal struggles before continuing, 

“Let’s forget it, for now, the most important thing is to find a way back.”

Her wounds still hurt and the amount of blood she lost was not a joke. She was too tired to deal with a matter such as this one currently.


Gojo was inwardly surprised. Even though his vision was blurry because of the blood, he did not miss the instant a terrifying killing intent emanated from her. But this feeling vanished as fast as it appeared. Clearly, she had decided to not attack him.

‘It seems like she is really someone worth befriending.’

Even though he had many countermeasures, in his current stats he was happy to not have to force himself. Still, this sadly wasn’t enough.

“Now, I almost feel bad about what I am going to do…Almost.”


Before Soi Fon could ask what he meant, Gojo who was now only a few steps away from her placed his index together as he muttered, 

<<Domain Expansion: Infinite Void>>

Soi Fon immediately felt terrible danger and tried to move, but with how tired she was, her reaction was a step too late.

The result was immediate. Her mind closed down because of the intake of an immeasurable amount of information.

“Help her up.”

Despite her shocked expression, Nemu did as she was told and took Soi Fon on her shoulder.

Gojo had been careful with his usage and she should only be stunned for a few moments.

“Well then, I guess we will be considered as missing.”

Gojo smiled. It had been a long time since he had been so free.

Waving his hand, a portal of shadow opened and swallowed the two of three of them. It was time to enter the Dangai.

‘I hope that there won’t be any more surprises.’

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(AN: About Soi Fon’s thoughts on quincys being weak. Remember that Soi Fon only participated in the Quincy’s eradication war a few decades ago. She never faced Yhwach of one thousand years ago, nor the Upgraded Yhwach and Quincy that would have normally appeared in about fifty years in the future. Also, a thought. Yamamoto’s Bankai can literally erase all life on earth. Meaning he can’t use his Bankai on earth. But during his fight against Aizen, Aizen feared that Yamamoto would use the Bankai. Of course, they were in a fake space, but it was slightly broken so it was connected to the real world. Basically, Aizen was sure that Yamamoto wouldn’t hesitate to use his Bankai even though it would erase all life. Gotta show how cold Yamamoto can be. Lol. Funnily, since Aizen stopped Yamamoto from using his Bankai, he somehow saved humanity that time/ XD)






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