On that night, the clouds and the stars were illuminated more brightly than usual, a kaleidoscope glittering the sky. 

However, the silver white-haired man gazing at the horizon from the terrace did not seem to be impressed, for his face remained impassive.


“Nah, just wanted to look a little emo.”

Chuckling, the man turned to face the source of the voice. A dark-skinned tall woman wearing a skintight outfit that perfectly showed her bountiful curves.

“If you are here now, I guess that Senna came back safely.”

“Yes, she was completely spent so I tucked her in.”

Shrugging, she walked straight to him before sitting not far away.

“How was your day?”

“Alright, I guess? Byakuya and Ukitake are good people. They are more interested in helping people rather than obtaining outright benefits so discussing with them is easy.”

A smile of respect formed on his face. Gojo could fight and die for people he cared about, but spending so much effort for people he didn’t even know? No thanks.

Still, even though he had no interest in doing it, he still respected those who could sacrifice their lives for the greater good. 

“Heh, little Byakuya has grown up now.”

Yoruichi chuckled. In a way, she could be called Byakuya’s teacher. At least, in the way of Hoho and Hakuda, she had helped him many times and taught him many things.

Seeing the young and brash man of then becoming a respectable adult brought mixed feelings to her. It showed her that even though time passed slowly for Shinigami, things could never stay the same forever.

“What about you?”

She laughed at Gojo’s question, “Senna and Yachiru, those two little imps have been making Ikaku’s life a true hell. Yachiru brought her all through the 11th division to fight or pull pranks.”

A warm smile formed on Gojo’s face. Over the years, he had really begun to see himself as Senna’s father and he cared for her greatly. He hoped that she could stay just happy and carefree all the time. 

After a while, his warm smile slipped and hardened.

Looking at his profile, Yoruichi sighed and asked, “You finally managed to observe everyone?”

He grimaced a little, “It took some time and I had to take many missions, but I finally managed to observe all the current Shinigami. Aside from me and Tosen, all the Shinigami I observed had traces of foreign Reiatsu mingling in them.”

“Even Captain Yamamoto?”

“Even him.”

Yoruichi closed her eyes.

Five years ago, after they came back from the valley, Gojo proposed to observe and study her body.

At first, she thought that it was just him acting as a pervert, but later, she understood that he wanted to find a way to determine whether someone was under control or not.

It had taken a few years but he finally succeeded. Sadly, it brought very grave news.

Kisuke had already speculated that all the Gotei 13 and Central 46 were under Aizen’s influence but…it was one thing to have speculation, and it was another to obtain confirmation.

“Well, the situation isn’t hopeless. For one, his power is <<Illusion>>; rather than outright <<Mind control>>. Otherwise, the whole Soul Society would be under his control. Still…”

Yoruichi nodded, “Even if he can’t take control of them, it’s still dangerous — very dangerous. It’s to the point that even captain level shinigami aren’t immune.”

“Yep. Secondly, even though he can put people under illusions. That’s all they are. Illusions. It doesn’t directly increase his power level. If he fought against someone like Yamamoto for example, he would be toast.”

Gojo chuckled at his own bad pun. But he wasn’t joking. The Bankai of Yamamoto was completely forbidden because it had the power to destroy the whole soul society over time.

Yoruichi nodded, “The same goes for your Bankai. Illusion or not, if he is in that Bankai, he won’t be able to escape. The problem is that…Illusion isn’t all he has.”

Indeed, this was the problem. On top of his illusions, Aizen was a powerhouse that wouldn’t lose to anyone. At least this was the information Gojo had obtained from Yoruichi.

Furthermore, he had two captains following him and perhaps even more. 

No matter how one cuts it, Aizen was a tricky opponent to face. 

Yoruichi was still watching Gojo attentively even as he said how dangerous and tricky Aizen was. 

Perhaps he hadn’t noticed it himself, but his own lips were slowly twitching upward as if he was enjoying the situation.

She had already seen it in his gaze long ago but this man was no saint fighting for the people.

He didn’t care about Soul Society.

He didn’t care about avenging those who fell victim to Aizen.

He cared even less about bringing justice.

All this man cared about was showing that he was superior. Facing Aizen and destroying him would be an enjoyment unto itself.

‘He is very dangerous.’

She had already ascertained it, but Gojo Satoru was a wild card. His potential was out of this world and his power already stood near the top. Still, 

‘He isn’t like Aizen.’

Even though he was dangerous, over the years, she had come to appreciate the sassy narcissistic man. He might be callous and egoistic, but he had a heart and had people he cared about and for her, this was more than enough.

“Well then, It’s time I guess. Are you ready?”

Yoruichi nodded, “We can go at any time.”

“Let’s go then.”

A shadow grew and swallowed the two of them, plunging them into darkness.

When the light of the moon finally shone on their face again, the two of them were in an old factory. But…They weren’t alone.

“Welcome! Welcome! Satoru Gojo I presume? Happy to meet you. My name is — Kisuke Urahara!”

Looking at the blonde man walking with a cane and tipping his hat at him, Gojo nodded before letting his gaze trail over all the people surrounding him.

A smirk formed on his face at this sight. This promised to be a very interesting night.





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