Walking up to the domain of the Kuchiki Family with Nemu walking alongside him, Gojo couldn’t help but smile at how similar it was compared to the five years ago when he went to Byakuya to discuss that project.

If there was one difference though, it was that, rather than walking behind him like she used to do, Nemu was standing right beside him.

“What is Senna doing today?”

Nemu took out a digital notepad, courtesy of Mayuri, and began to scroll the page until a red shining point and small blue dots could be seen on a big map.

“She is currently in the 11th division.”

“Hum? Visiting the little Yachiru, I guess. Yoruichi is with her, right?”

Gojo nodded, not worried about the situation.

It might have seemed excessive to place a GPS tracker on his daughter, but not only was Senna perfectly aware of its existence but she was even given clear instructions about what to do if she was in danger.

Whether she liked it or not, as his only weakness, Senna was a high potential target for anyone who would wish to deal with him.

There was also the fact she was the first of what could be seen as a totally new species. Though calling it a species when she was the one and only representative was a little weird.

He couldn’t afford to leave such things to luck. Not only did she have a tracker, he even placed a heavenly vow on her, as he did on Soi Fon.

The only difference was that this vow had no restrictions. It just served as a way for him to immediately be able to find her coordinates and teleport to her should anything happen in the unlikely event. It would also generate a fixed Kido, the Hado #81: Danku [1] up to four or six times if she was in danger.

Danku was a powerful Kido that could block any attack at a level below that of a Bakudo #89. 

In a way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Senna was the second most well-protected being in the whole soul society.

The first of course being the Soul King.

‘The soul king, huh.’

Gojo’s thought stopped at this, as a crazy theory flashed through his mind.

‘No, I must be crazy.’

He tried to convince himself, but the idea wouldn’t leave him.

In the end, he decided to throw this question at the back of his mind, after all, he lacked an important element to prove his theory.

‘I wonder if there is a way to meet the Soul King.’


The meeting with Byakuya was going pretty well if all things had to be considered. They were just reviewing the situation of the past year and the growth of the available works.

What was funny about the development of this manga and light novel business was that the most popular types were geared towards love stories or slice of life.

The shonen, or more precisely Nekketsu[1] were not really that popular. The main sales of those types came from the 11th division and ironically enough, most of Nekketsu authors were also from the 11th division.

Gojo laughed at this but also understood the reason. People were drawn to manga and the like because they wished to escape their everyday life, wishing to live through the adventures of the main character.

In the normal world, Nekketsu were the most popular because magic and such didn’t exist in the mind of humans without cursed energy or Reiatsu.

But for Shinigami who had to fight regularly and risked their lives against hollows, reading more stories about fighting monsters wasn’t particularly appealing—except for the members of the 11th division of course.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular authors currently, aside from the BL one, of course, was Nanao, author of the novel, <<Please don’t get carried away!>>. A rom-com novel about life in a futuristic normal high school.

It was followed by Soi Fon, author of the <<Road to Assassination>> a thriller-type novel that followed the villain who was being pursued by a hot and sexy detective.

However, the uncontested master standing at the summit was none other than Jushiro Ukitake and his novel, <<Sogyo no Okotowari >>, previously published in the Seireitei News. The novel was about a man fighting evil and saving villagers. 

It wasn’t particularly popular between Shinigami, but it was overwhelming for children of the Seireitei and the soul society in general.

The only problem was that because of Jushiro’s health issues, the novel was constantly on Hiatus. But every time a chapter was announced, the sales were crazy.

If not because of those Hiatus, even the <<Silver and black-haired hot swordsmen>> wouldn’t be able to stand in the first place.

“Well, this is it for the report. Since Captain Jushiro gave his permission, we are going to prepare the manga adaptation of the first five volumes of <<Sogyo no Okotowari .>>

Standing calmly on the podium with different graphics behind her, Rukia finished the presentation.

The growth of Rukia during those five years had been startling. Currently, she was already the co 3rd seat of the 13th division.

There was already talk about her being transferred as the vice-captain of the 6th division if she continued like this.

“I have one question.”

Gojo raised his hand.


“Your presentation was beautifully well done, I must say, and the graphics you showed are very accurate. I just can’t help but ask… Didn’t we ask to tone down on the rabbit’s face because of what happened with Byakuya last time?”

Byakuya and Rukia coughed lightly to hide their embarrassment, while Jushiro gave a small laugh.

It was a recurring problem whenever one of the Kuchiki’s siblings made a presentation. Seeing the drawings of Byakuya had been an eye-opener for Jushiro. It had eternally changed the way he saw him.

But more than anything, 

‘Things really changed.’

Ten years ago, he would have never imagined seeing Byakuya act embarrassed or something like that.

It was a heartwarming sight to see the ever stoic Byakuya caring for his sister. Their relationship was still a little stiff, but it was clearly much closer than what it was five years ago.

That wasn’t all, the soul society as a whole was slowly changing.

The projects that had been introduced were helping low-level Shinigami, as well as citizens of Rukongai, find a way to live an easier life.

Currently, they had already managed to bring more order and wealth to the districts in Rukongai below the 10th. 

It was a slow but progressive change. At this rate, in fifty or so years, it wouldn’t be impossible for the Soul Society to be completely different than now.

Of course, Jushiro didn’t wish for a perfect world where there was no injustice. Such a world was nothing but an utopia.

But if he could make the world a little less dangerous, if he could make children a little happier, then….It would be more than enough.

All of this was thanks to one man – Gojo Satoru. 

The man was bringing changes to his wakes. He didn’t know yet if it would be negative or positive for the soul society as a whole in the future but whenever he looked at Gojo, he couldn’t help but have an uneasy feeling. It was like looking at a man busy making his goodbye.

‘Perhaps I am thinking too much.’

Soon it will be the election of the new captain of the 3rd division. If Gojo managed to succeed, he was sure that Gojo would be in measure to bring even more and hopefully even better changes.

[2]: one misconception is that shonen/Seinen is a genre. Those terms define the target audience. Shonen for young boys and teens and Seinen for Adults. For example, Shingeki no Kyojin is a shonen, same for full metal alchemists. It also designed the magazine. For example, a manga published in shonen jump is a shonen. Simple.

What people really mean when they think of shonen is Nekketsu or ‘Hot blood’. Basically, mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One-piece, and of course Bleach, are Nekketsu.

[1]: Splitting void


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