“What a humiliation…What a humiliation.”

“Haha, when I proposed it, I was just joking around…didn’t think you would really do it!”

“Heh, you are underestimating me. Showing some skin isn’t a problem honestly. Furthermore, I really needed to wash off the blood of those guys.”

Currently, Gojo was watching a scene that would make even the most steadfast monk fall into depravity and sin or the greatest pervert spew blood from their noses.

On one side, he could see Soi Fon crouching down in the water and hiding her curves while her face was completely flushed, evidence of how ashamed she was.

On the other side, swimming happily was none other than Yoruichi. Her graceful curves and healthy brown skin was a sight to behold as she moved from one side to another in this makeshift bath.

The last one, Nemu, also naked and showing off her heavy breasts, was standing in the water behind him and massaging his shoulders. Her face, as blank as usual. Though a shade of red appeared when she lowered her head and looked at the lower part of Gojo.

Even now, Gojo had a hard time catching up to what was happening. It had really been only a joke.

But, though the scenery was beautiful, it wasn’t the most important. 

Be it the embarrassed Soi Fon, the shameless Yoruichi, or Nemu, all of them were regularly throwing stares at the new addition of their little team on Gojo’s side. 

Turning around, Gojo looked at the little girl that was crouching next to him in the water. 

Even though she looked like a ten years old girl, one could see that she would become quite the beauty once she grew up. 

Her large amber colored eyes filled with curiosity were observing the surroundings around her. 

Gently caressing her purple hair, Gojo asked, 

“Senna, how is it ? Is the water too hot?” 

“No, papa. It’s alright.” 

Gojo could only chuckle bitterly while thinking about how the hell he suddenly became a father. 


[A few hours ago]

“In the future? I don’t know. But now? How about taking a bath with the help of my two new maids?”

Gojo smiled as he proposed, already expecting an explosive reaction.

“You! How could you make such a shameful proposal!?”

He grinned at Soi Fon’s response. Really, messing around with her was becoming addictive. Her straight-laced and over-the-top reactions were always funny to behold.

‘Well, I should stop now.’

Jokes were only funny as long as they didn’t go too far. But,

“Pfft Haha, I was-”

“Sure. Why not?”

He was interrupted just as he was about to finish.



Soi Fon opened her eyes wide in surprise, screaming at the top of her lungs.

For a moment, even Gojo was caught off guard. Of course, it didn’t last long. Looking up and down at Yoruichi he asked.

“Are you sure?”

“I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s just showing some skin. Furthermore *Sniff* Ugh. I haven’t taken a bath in days, and our fight made me sweaty.”

Yoruichi shrugged and showed a grimace as she felt the grime on her skin, clearly not phased at all by the proposal.

‘Heh, look at that?’

“Well, if that is the case, shall we go on?”

It was impossible to take a bath in Dangai. This was why Gojo decided to meld pleasure with actual work. He decided to open a gate from Dangai to a valley of scream.

Valleys of scream were akin to small pocket dimensions that drifted all around. By using Dangai, the tunnel that stood outside of space and time, it was easier to connect to said dimensions and enter them. In fact, it wasn’t impossible to enter one valley by mistake if you walked in Dangai long enough.

Either that or you would end up devoured or imprisoned by the time current.

Of course, the word ‘easier’ could only be used in relative terms. For Gojo, who now held Limitless and the cross-dimensional power known as Shadow, moving through the dimensions was now as easy as breathing. In fact, he couldn’t help but wonder.

‘Could I go back to my world?’

This was a question that was worth pondering. But at the same time, there were many problems that were stopping him.

Firstly, even though Hueco Mundo, Human world, and Soul society were three distinctive universes, those three universes were linked by the being known as the Soul King and they could be said to exist in the same reality with their own set of laws. That could be known as Great universe B.

In his previous world, Great Universe A, even though there were many similarities, the differences were as startling. This place also had its own set of laws and could be said to be a parallel universe.

Logically, no matter what happened, two parallels should never touch each other. But, Gojo knew for a fact that they did touch. After all, he was the living proof…Though he wasn’t exactly alive, making him the dead proof…?

In any case, since he had moved from A to B after dying in A, even if it was a freak incident, a kind of event that could only happen at a certain time at a certain place, It still showed that movements were possible.

But here came another problem. When he was in A, it was in Japan in 2021. But in B, Japan was in 1946. 

How did time move between those two great worlds? 

What if he used years of research only to appear thousands of years after the day he died?

Since he was currently a soul, could he even survive in A? After all, the laws of the universes were different there.

‘Man, I have a headache.’

Sometimes, thinking too much about problems was also a problem. 

Throwing those thoughts at the back of his head for now, Gojo observed the place they stood in.

“Hum…so it’s a valley of screams? Kind of a letdown.”

Gojo chuckled at Yoruichi’s words and slightly disagreed with them.

Of course, from a simple exterior, the valley of screams was nothing to marvel at. There was a blue sky and a large expanse of earth. In a way, it was like a very large canyon. 

But what Gojo could ‘see’ with his eyes was a completely different spectacle. 

‘What a great concentration of energy.’

Like in Soul Society, everything here was made out of Reishi. But it felt different…Impure even. He tried briefly to control the Reishi here, but it proved to be much more difficult, as if someone was instinctively resisting his control.

This kind of thing only happened when he tried to control the Reishi of Shinigamis. This proved that the ‘impurities’ that were interrupting him were none other than the blurred consciousness of the Blanks, the souls that had lost their memories and were ejected from the cycle of reincarnation.

Looking at this vast world, Gojo could feel like cogs were running at high speed in his mind. The progress of the fusion between his inner world and that of Kogo that had previously stagnated was slowly accelerating once again, thereby proving his hypothesis about needing to obtain more frames of reference.

At the same time, he felt like all the Reishi in this world was following a current and gathering toward a certain direction. 

Furthermore, he could also feel other’ presences in this place. 

“Well, well, girls, it seems we will have to postpone the bath for now.” 

A grin split his mouth as he thought about how lucky he was. 

If he wasn’t wrong, then he had found the jackpot. 

(AN: Like I said, the part with the exiled nobles will be pretty fast. There are more interesting places to explore. Also, I was wondering if you guys were interested in the western branch of the soul society. I might make a volume about Gojo adventures in that place later in the story if people are interested.) 

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