“…Sigh. What a weird discussion…”

Discussing with his own aunt about the matter of losing his virginity was indeed rather weird. But well, it didn’t really matter, not anymore anyway. He was already used to such embarrassing situations by now.

After that discussion, he had gone on with his princely duties all day without a stop and he had to admit that he was incredibly distracted throughout.

Finally, after a hard day of learning the essentials of being a remarkable prince, he finally went back to his room in order to rest. He was about to fall asleep when a knock sounded on his door.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me. Sorry for interrupting you, your highness.”

A maid walked in and bowed deeply.

“Oh, it’s you…”

He immediately recognized her— it was Milia.

“So, what do you want?”

He asked nonchalantly as he sat up in his bed.

“Her Majesty told me about the discussion she had with you this morning.”

“I see, well, my aunt told me to consult with you about women. According to her words, there aren’t any restrictions aside from noblewomen… Do you have any good ideas in mind?”

As if she was waiting for those exact words Milia walked slowly toward me with a large, almost creepy, smile etched on her beautiful face,

“I have indeed many ideas for you to get more experience. But, for your first time, her highness specifically asked that you would have it with someone experienced.”

A growing suspicion rising in his heart bloomed into reality when he was pushed on the bed by her dainty hand.

“Or…is your highness not willing to lay down with an old woman like me?”

Sol gulped in nervous anticipation. He would be lying if he said that he had never had any perverted thoughts about her.

“You must be exhausted after a long day, so I am here to give you a massage.”

“You don’t have to do that…”

Even though Milia was extremely beautiful and he indeed had some desires toward her, he would never destroy their relationship by forcing her to do something she didn’t wish to. Milia, understanding what he meant let out a smile as she corrected his misunderstanding of her intentions,

“You are our master, and it is a maid’s duty to show the utmost hospitality, what more, I really want to give you an evening massage to soothe the day’s weariness.”

The bewitching smile on her face hid no illusion about the kind of massage he would receive.

She slowly approached him then slid between his legs and crouched down.

With that, the charming maid suddenly began rubbing his crotch, sensually, through his pants.

Her slender fingers and palm felt warm even through the fabric and the sensation quickly brought his penis to partial erection inside his pants.

He had to hide a shiver. Even though he wasn’t a virgin in his last life, it was hard to say that he was experienced. This was even more so since his current body was still that of a virgin’s and completely in the middle of his teen years.

Milia began to remove his pants as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do in this situation.

When she lowered his underwear as well, his penis rose up abruptly, after being freed from its constraints, while gradually growing harder and larger.

“Oh, my! This is indeed something a virgin wouldn’t be able to handle easily.”

Hiding her shock at the towering size, she placed her hand on the hot shaft and looked up at him while slowly stroking it up and down at a practiced pace.

With the fabric out of the way, her palm directly wrapped around his penis and the smooth warm sensation of her fingers assaulted his crotch making him almost groan. But he still had to speak his mind.

“I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do…”

“But I do want to. Even though I know it’s wrong for me to have thoughts like that,” Her black eyes stared at Sol with a serious expression on her face. “Or is an unattractive woman like me not to your liking? If you are dissatisfied with me, I could call in one of the other maids. As unfortunate as that would be…”

Her face sank into sorrow as she earnestly pleaded for Sol’s affection. He felt a twinge of guilt in his chest and reflexively shook his head.

“No… I’m not dissatisfied at all!”

“Then please allow me to comfort you.”

A bright smile bloomed making the previous sad expression out to be an illusion of sorts as she reached for the chest of her maid uniform and pulled it down.


He gulped as the fabric covering her massive breasts was removed and their wonderful bowl shape was revealed for his eyes to gawk on.

‘The boobs of cow women are truly on another level.’

The giant breasts defied gravity to stick straight out and the cherry-colored tips were already hard and erect as if hoping to draw the eye.

Milia blushed in slight embarrassment when he stared at her breasts with such focus and intensity, but she kept her back straight and her chest sticking out as if asking him to look more.

The black-haired maid lifted her breasts in both hands and pressed them towards each other with Sol’s fully-erect penis smothered in between.


The smooth, unbelievably soft and springy texture of her breasts surrounded his heated crotch. The warm and firm titty pressure was so pleasant that he could not help but moan out loud.

“It has been rather long since I did such an act. How do you like it?”

She pressed her breasts together and stroked his rod while turning her pitch-black eyes up toward him.

“It feels…really good…”

“Does it…? Then please enjoy it even more…”

When Sol averted his gaze in embarrassment and obediently nodded, the beautiful maid happily narrowed her eyes. Her dignified features remained unchanged, but her cheeks looked a bit flushed and she seemed to be breathing a little heavily.

And as she moved her boobs up and down, small trickles of milk seeped out from her nipples.

“Ah, Milia, your milk…”

“Nh… It comes out when I massage them hard enough…but the addition of milk should serve as a lubricant…”

He recalled hearing that all cow women began to produce milk in their teenage years.

It was reliable enough that a girl’s first lactation was as much of a coming of age milestone as her first period, so it was not at all strange for milk to come from the breasts of a beautiful adult woman like Milia.

‘To think that I was fed milk from those same boobs when I was a child.’

A sweet aroma rose from her milk-wet breasts and the speed of the titty friction rose as the milk acted as a lubricant. The breasts bounced nicely atop his crotch, rubbing the rod between them all the while.

The sensation of the wet boobs was too much for the virgin penis, so his hips began to tremble with immense pleasure.

Each time Milia shook her breasts with force, warm milk endlessly flowed from them.

The sight of the cool and composed woman giving him a heated look while working hard at a titjob was immensely enticing. It stimulated his male instincts, the powerful pleasure ruled all five of his senses, and he could only think about the rubbing friction of the maid’s tits.

Pleasure provided by someone else was very different from masturbating, so he already felt the urge to ejaculate rising within his pelvis.

Milia held her mouth shut to restrain her voice from leaking out, but she could not stop the occasional longing hot breaths from escaping her quivering lips. The sight only aroused him further.

He wanted to experience this pleasure even longer, but he also felt an urge to expel all of his desire right away.

“Ahh, go ahead, Sol. Please cum… Cum all over my milk-soaked tits!”

All the while, Milia continued to attack his manhood with her milky breasts.

“If you keep rubbing like that, I really will cum!”

“Yes…and I’m telling you to do so. Hurry up and squirt your cum on my tits.”

He grabbed the sheets and tried to hold back the ejaculation, but his limit was approaching at breakneck speed. The stimulation was simply too great.

“Sorry! I-I’m cumming!!”

He was unable to restrain the desire to ejaculate as it forcefully rose from deep within his crotch and he reflexively thrust his hips out.

The swollen head poked out from between her breasts and then exploded in a stream of white.

“Ahh, i-it’s so hot.”

Milia accepted the ejaculation with an enraptured expression as it scattered around, and covered her face and breasts.

“Are you satisfied?…”

Milia scooped the semen from her body and licked it from her fingers before having her tongue crawl along his penis to lick up the rest of the smelly and sticky liquid.

“Yes, very much…”

“I am glad to hear that. However, you are still nice and hard down here…”

Despite having just ejaculated, his penis had not gone flaccid. It retained its hardness and stood up toward the ceiling.

She grinned as she looked at him with an almost hungry look. The look of a predator finally meeting its prey.

“Perhaps it’s time to pass to the main.”

Looking at her smile, Sol couldn’t help but have a feeling of immense anticipation. He knew that this night would be really memorable.



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Anonymous · 2022-01-31 at 8:30 PM

Another sissy start. I mean just in the previous chap he was warned to not be led by woman, but this can be excused as she is his loyal maid. Still he can not always be the SON of the hero right? He will grow right?

    Hikaru Genji · 2022-02-01 at 1:18 AM

    You do know that there is a difference between being led on by a woman and letting a woman take the lead during sex?

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