In this world, Seven Kingdoms stood tall, each of them, named after one of the seven sins, each of them, representing one of the seven races inhabiting this world.

Currently, in a room at the very top of the royal palace of Lustburg, known as the tower of Babel, a young blonde-haired man could be seen sleeping soundly in an opulent bed large enough to hold four or five people.

*Knock* *Knock* Knock*

“Your highness, may I enter?”

Opening his eyes, still blurry with sleep, at the sound of knocking, the man yawned and stretched his arms before adjusting himself.

“You can enter.”

Once the order was received, a woman wearing a maid uniform entered the room,

“Your Highness, good morning.”

The brown-haired maid who had entered at his words pinched the sides of her skirt and curtsied elegantly. Her perfect movements suggested just how skillful of a maid she was.

She appeared to be in her mid-twenties and she wore no makeup, yet she had a somewhat graceful appearance and sharp features adorning her face.

At first glance, one would think that she was no different from any other woman. At least they would think as such until they tore their gazes away from her magnificent chest that seemed as heavy as a mountain and focused on her facial features instead.

Two horns prodded up in curved arcs from either side of her head and paired with the distinctive droopy ears twitching restlessly showcased her race— she was a cow woman.

Dressed in a peculiar maid outfit with black patches plastering, aesthetically, all over the outfit and a layered mini skirt that did nothing to hide her meaty thighs adding to it the white garter belts hugging said thighs tightly emphasizing them further, it just gave her a unique charm.

Her chic maid uniform was not exactly decorative or revealing, but her entire body gave off a mature sex appeal thanks to the weighty breasts visible through the wide-open chest and the plump meaty thighs visible between her skirt and white-colored knee socks.

Yawning once again, the young man answered the greeting in a slightly sleepy tone, “Hello, Milia. It’s rare for you to come and wake me up. You are the head maid after all. What happened?”

Despite him being the sole heir of the kingdom, he never put on an air of superiority when present in a private setting and always treated the staff in the best way possible. This was even more so for this woman. After all, she had been his wet nurse for as long as he could remember.

“Fufufu. Your highness’s sleepy look is so cute. Perhaps I just wanted to take a look?”

He simply smiled charmingly at her teasing words.

It might have worked at first when he was younger and less used to her charms and behavior, but it didn’t take him long to adapt.

Though, he had to admit that it wasn’t easy. After all, despite her clothes being completely respectable albeit a little short, her voluptuous body made it very alluring. This became even more so when combined with her motherly aura that appealed to him immensely.

The head maid, seeing that her antics were useless, pouted a little before whining.

“*Boo* You’ve become so less cute since a few years ago. I miss your blushing and flustered look. *Sigh* Anyway, her majesty wishes to see you.”

“Aunt Lilith? Hum… alright, I will prepare myself in a jiffy.”

“Understood, I will go prepare the tea. The meeting will be held on the lowest floor.”

Hearing the place where the meeting would happen in that place, he couldn’t help but take the situation more seriously.

The lowest floor, or the floor of secrets as some of the maids loved to call it, was a place that was only accessible to the royal families and their closest confidants.

‘I wonder what brought the sudden call.’

With that thought, Sol wore his clothes and made his way towards the place of meeting, contemplating the upcoming event.


[Lowest Floor]

“It’s for you to find a fiancée.”

His question was answered with utmost abruptness.


He couldn’t help but frown while asking as he looked at the purple-haired woman who sat, facing him after pushing away the mountain of paperwork that never seemed to decrease.

She was his aunt as well as the substitute Queen, Lilith Luxuria, a woman so beautiful and enticing that he could only say that she was worthy of her enchanting name.

If Milia was a woman with a motherly feel, then Lilith could only be seen as a woman that could make a monk give up on all his vows. It didn’t help that she wore a long dress with such a low cut that her breasts seemed ready to spill out of it at any given moment.

Lilith, seemingly observing his reaction to her declaration asked with a bewildered face,

“You do not seem very interested. What might be the problem?”

“I was just thinking that this was quite sudden. Moreover, while it pains me to admit, I do not have any particular target. Since I have only met a few people outside of this place.”

“This is indeed so, but what can we do? We cannot take the risk of lacking an heir should anything happen to you. In fact, you should have already had a fiancée one year ago but I decided to first wait for your awakening.”

He could only hide a wince at her remark. The fact that he was the last heir of the kingdom. Indeed, if anything happened to him, the kingdom would fall into turmoil.

“Then about this. Rather than rushing toward finding a fiancee, you should first develop more experience. Don’t you think so?”

“Do you mean that you wish for me to become some kind of playboy?”

He asked incredulously, not believing the implications behind his aunt’s words.

She smiled while giving him a meaningful look,

“Exactly. However, always make sure to discuss it with Milia no matter who you choose. I don’t want you to be ensnared by some weird woman.”

This was the only limit she gave. After all, it wouldn’t be funny if the prince were to fall in love with someone who was obviously using him.

He frowned again, this time a bit deeper, he could feel that there was more to the matter, though he could not really understand what it was,

“I’ll properly consult with Milia to not cause you trouble.”

“Very well. I’ve already explained everything to Milia. You just need to discuss it with her.”

“I see. If this is all, I’ll take my leave.”

Just as he was about to stand up and leave, he was stopped by Lilith’s abrupt words.

“Finally, let me give you some advice…”

A beautiful and gentle smile bloomed on her previously stoic face as she spoke,

“You can do whatever you want with whoever you want. Just, never forget who you are, please.”

“I will remember.”

Nodding silently, he left.

Life was always full of regret.

‘If only I can start all over again…if I could have a second chance.’

Who never had such thoughts?

He didn’t believe that there was anyone who could. After all, humans always lived in regret.

In the past, he was just an ordinary man that could be found anywhere.

He did not have some tragic background. Nor did he have a cool, heroic setting like dying after saving someone from death’s grasp.

He was just an ordinary teen.

Losing his virginity in a very shitty way. Having a hard time finding a girlfriend. Never lasting long, in the relationship, with said girlfriend once he got one.

A simple and ordinary life, full of regrets and wantings.

He had no memory as to how he died. He did not even know if he really died.

His last memory of earth was getting dead drunk at some party and taking the last train home.

Yes, he wasn’t on earth anymore. At first, he had thought that he was reincarnated in some medieval time, but one look at a beast woman was all he needed to understand that this wasn’t the planet he called home.

Now, he was the crown prince and sole heir of the kingdom of Lustburg as well as the son of the man who saved the world, Mars Luxuria.

He was Sol Dragona Luxuria… The son of the hero king.



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is there somewhere that we can see pictures of the character?

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