After Gojo announced his Christmas plan, the Seireitei became rather active.

While Gojo was yet to be a captain, because of his influence as a healer and his endeavors in the entertainment department, he was basically known and respected by everyone.

In terms of popularity, he did not fall behind Aizen and was in fact even more popular.

After all, who could ignore the one who brought you health and entertainment?

Thus, while it was a first for the Seireitei to celebrate Christmas, not even the Central 46 tried to stop him.

Of course, it wasn’t just that. He had bribed some members of the council here and there. It was rather funny to see souls care so much about money in this world.

This showed that human nature was something that couldn’t vanish, whether dead or alive.

Thanks to his bribes, the council had been rather tame when it came to him. This went to show how corrupted the Central 46 was, but as long as it profited him, Gojo did not care.

‘Though I wonder if I should just kill them all before leaving.’

When he was alive, the elder council was a thorn in Gojo’s side but, even though he could have easily killed them, he never did it for the simple reason that he knew how useless such an endeavor was.

If he wished to have people follow him and his ideals, he couldn’t simply kill anyone that was against him. With such a mindset, he focused on developing a new generation of jujutsu sorcerers.

Meanwhile, he had no such hang up here. He did not have any great ideals nor did he wish to convert anyone.

It was then that he thought about those close to him here and sighed before smiling,

“Anyways, Christmas is coming. No need to have bloody thoughts.”

Christmas was supposed to be a day full of joy and fun, not plotting and murder.

Sitting in a spacious room, a slender man with green eyes and medium-length, dark-green unkempt hair that was tightly tied by a braid along the left side of his head was drinking green tea.

He was clad in a loose-fitting, black Shihakushō over which he had added a white hatori.

Tracing the rim of the cup with his finger, his handsome face was covered with a frown.

“Tokinada-sama[1], what might be the problem?”

Standing beside him was a man clad entirely in black from head to toe.

At his question, Tokinada wiped away the frown and showed an insidious smile.

“Nothing. I am just wondering when this stupid home imprisonment will end.”

The guard lowered his head when he felt the indifference in his voice.

About seventy years ago, Tokinada had been incriminated for the murder of his wife after being discovered by Captain Shunsui Kyoraku.

As a member of the Tsunayashiro Family, the strongest and noblest out of the four great families, he was acquitted and judged innocent officially.

In the end, the only punishment he received was being imprisoned at home where he had everything from servants to even singers and women.


“I do not dare.”

The guard shuddered and immediately kneeled in dogeza.

“Haha. No need to worry. Now that I think about it, you were the guard and servant of Kakyo when she was alive, right?”

‘As if you didn’t already know it?’

All he could do was swear and grit his teeth. 

Kakyo was the name of the late wife of Tokinada. She was a gentle and righteous woman who was loved by all the servants in the house.

‘Though my pain is incomparable to what Tosen-dono[2] must have felt.’

Thinking about the equally gentle blind man who was now captain of the 9th division, all anger vanished from his heart and all he felt was sadness.

“*Sigh* This is so boring.”

Tokinada did not miss the change in feelings of the man and lost all interest in provoking him.

Since the day he learned about the “Original Sin” of the Soul Society or more precisely, the sin committed by the four great families, Tokinada’s view about the world had greatly changed.

If such a crime could go unpunished, why then would he be punished for simply killing some woman?

His greatest joy in this meaningless world was to bring sadness and soul-crushing despair to other people.

This was what he did when he killed his wife.

This was what he did when he beat down Kaname Tosen while mocking him about how helpless he was against Kakyo.

But It wasn’t enough. Bringing despair to individuals wasn’t enough at all.

‘I need to become the head of the family.’

Only by becoming the head of the Tsunayashiro family would he be able to inherit the Enrakyoten[2].

Like the Shinken Hakkyoken [3] of the Ise clan, the Enrakyoten was a Zanpakuto that could be inherited.

In his opinion, the Enrakyoten was not only one of the oldest Zanpakuto, but also one of the most-if not the most-powerful Zanpakuto.

Thinking about the sword and all he would be able to do once he became the head, a mad light danced in his eyes.

“By the way, the new sensation is Satoru Gojo, right?”


“Heh, meeting him will be very interesting.”

He was really curious about that man. 

Gojo Satoru. A name that sounded like thunder in the Seireitei as if there was no one who didn’t know about that man.

‘Messing with him would be very delightful.’

A snake-like smile formed on his face as he thought about it.

[1]: This guy is the main bad guy of CFYOW. For those who don’t know, it’s the novel that depicted events between the second last chapter of Bleach and the last chapter of bleach. Since those two chapters are set ten years apart. Just for a reminder. CFYOW is Canon. But SFWY (where the 7th and 8th Kenpachi are introduced) isn’t canon. Though I might really introduce them. For those who read SFWY, you will see how similar Gojo’s Bankai is to the one belonging to the 8th Kenpachi. It could be a interesting point if the two fought. I will see.

[2]: Law of the Bewitching Lucid Mirror.

[3]: Divine Sword, Eight Mirror Sword

(AN: Welp. I think I finished introducing all the concepts I will need for this volume. Now it’s time to meet Senjumaru and then go for Christmas. Those chapters are basically the calm before the storm. For those who have no knowledge of bleach, I hope you are able to follow. If you don’t, don’t hesitate to tell me so that I can give more details.)





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actually Gojo didn’t kill the council because he knew that they were hiding something regarding the curses, since the curses exist thanks to the Jujutsu, then… protect the humans?, Geto realized this, and Gojo still doesn’t know them. he has killed because he needs more context

    MoF · 2022-03-12 at 11:05 AM

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