“A woman?”

He echoed out loud in absolute bewilderment.

‘What the fuck is she saying?’

The sad smile formed on Lilith’s face saddened further seeing his incredulous look,

“Do not underestimate the means of a woman. Do you know this saying? Beauties are the bane of heroes.

“I do not wish for you to meet such a stupid end like your father. For all his power, your father was very poor at handling women. How to say this… He was too dense? Too easily flustered by women? I never understood why despite all his power he became a total mess when facing a person of the opposite gender.”

She sighed sadly as she continued, “Since your father succumbed because of such a stupid reason, there’s no way I would let you commit the same mistake.”

She took a deep breath, then followed with several more, making her tantalizing cleavage rhythmically move up and down in the process, “Accustoming yourself to women and their charms is an essential part of learning to become a king. Since ancient times, many kings have met their downfall in their lust, your father being the most recent. You must have a thorough knowledge of female sexuality. Please think of women as nothing more than a decoration for your bed.”


Sol tried to protest, but Lilith raised her voice further, cutting him off.

“First of all, a royal has a duty to sire many children. You are the last man of the Lustburg family. Do you know why I have so many beautiful maids all over the palace? All those girls are either slaves or commoners I carefully selected and groomed. All of them for you. You can do whatever you want with them.”

“Whatever I want…?”

Taken in by the intensity of her words, Sol’s mind grew blank as he watched his aunt lick her luscious red lips.

“Yes, whatever you want. You are free to prepare them however you like before devouring them. Toy with them and dye them in whatever colors you wish. And once you have raised them into splendid love slaves, you will have grown to be a true man. And most importantly, that will allow them to repay you for everything we have done for them.”

“Love slaves…?”

He couldn’t help but be drawn by the vision his aunt was showing, finally, he let out a strained sigh as he spoke,

“I understand. I believe everything you say. But…”

He promptly got up and picked up a slice of bread, as he trotted away from the dining room,

“…I also know that you are still hiding something from me.” With those words spoken, he simply left the dining room without turning back.

The very moment Sol left the room, a shadow converged and appeared out of nowhere before standing behind Lilith,

“Your majesty, was it wise?”

Lilith, without turning back let out a smile, “Hiding everything wouldn’t be educational. As such, I gave out some hints. At least he managed to understand I was still hiding the full truth.”

“Your majesty…”

“I know, do not worry, I would never play around with the life of someone as dear to me, especially Sol. If he is unable to handle the waves that are coming, then he isn’t fit to be a king. And if that happens, I will simply take the throne from him and allow him to live the remainder of his life in such luxury that even the greatest kings would be envious of him.”

“…Those are traitorous words you speak, your majesty.”

A sickening chill seemed to cover the entirety of the room as the voice of the woman changed from apathetic to outright ferocious.


The chill was immediately drowned out by an even larger pressure, making the shadow nearly kneel, Lilith, slowly turned to face the shadow,

“You have been serving the crown’s shadow as one of the fingers for as long as I could remember. But, never and I say never again underestimate my love for Sol. This kingdom can burn for all I care. But I will do my best for Sol to live in happiness.”

The shadow struggled to move but still nodded nonetheless.


At the same moment, the pressure vanished as if it was all but an illusion. A large smile formed on Lilith’s face replacing the cold look,

“See? I knew we could understand each other.”

Only one thought went through the head of the shadow at this very moment.

‘Two-faced bitch.’

“Two-faced bitch. This must be what you thought, right?”

The shadow’s face twitched as her thoughts were echoed out loud by Lilith. It didn’t dare to raise its head and simply began to whistle.

Lilith looked at the shadow coldly, but, even though she knew she was stronger, she didn’t act in the end.

Her relationship with the shadows was cordial at best. Ultimately, most of the current higher-ups were people trained by her brother personally.

Right now, rather than saying that they were loyal to the crown, it was better to say that they were loyal to Mars and by extension to Sol.

‘Brother. How could someone with such an unusual charisma be so stupid and weak when dealing with women?’

She ground her teeth in frustration before throwing the thoughts away and refocused on the shadow kneeling before her.

“So? I doubt you disturbed me for just that. What’s the problem?”

“The supreme daughter of Castitas is on the move. It seems like she grew tired of you finding excuses to separate her from Sol and gave you an ultimatum.”

The shadow immediately vanished after stating the news. It didn’t wish to be currently in the same room as this woman after delivering this message.

It ended up being a wise decision because…



A purple-ish glowing energy erupted from Lilith as the surroundings were seemingly divided into two equal parts. When the energy slowly calmed itself, the result was astonishing, to say the least, as absolutely everything in the room was divided into a perfect pair of two. Even the walls were not spared and the corridor, as well as the outside, could be faintly seen.

Lilith looked at the room with disinterest and simply left. It wasn’t the first time this happened, the Dwarves and the other servants would just repair it.


Sol was now on his bed as he stared at his ceiling, lost in thought. He still had a long day since his breakfast had just finished, but he didn’t have any drive to move. In his mind, the whole conversation between him and Lilith was replaying over and over in his head.

‘Did I take this world too easily?’

He frankly didn’t know. But even if he had, who could blame him?

He was both handsome and talented.

He was born in the royal family and he was the crown prince.

He had no evil relatives and was supported by all those he met aside from one exception.

His father was this world’s savior.

His mother was a friggin’ dragon.

Who wouldn’t think that they were some kind of chosen one and that everything revolved around them?

But then he finally confronted his current situation,

‘Until now I was just a noob playing the damn tutorial.’

He was just a new player learning the basics and fighting rabbits while thinking they were werewolves. Now, he finally reached the necessary level and would soon face the true wolves.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

“Your highness, may I enter?”

He immediately recognized the voice,

“You may.”


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