(AN: This chapter was asked by the patreon. These events happen just one day before Sol awakened his core or two days after Sol took Camelia’s virginity.)

“Head maid, the breakfast is ready to be served.”

“I see. I hope you avoided the things his highness did not like.”

“Of course.”

“Head maid, what about her majesty’s breakfast?” 

“Do as always. She isn’t picky.”

The maids snickered at the obvious difference in way she was acting. Despite that, none of them were particularly surprised. It wasn’t the first time and it has been for more than ten years. 

“Head maid, his highness is awake and is about to take a bath.”

“Was the temperature set to ideal?” 


“Who is the one on service today?” 

“Two of the newbie and one who already served for about two years.”

“Any of them already received His highness favors?” 

The maid frowned as she took a notebook before checking the name. 

“One of the newbies was part of a previous rotation and already received his favor. The other two did not.”

One of the maids blushed heavily. Clearly, she was the one who already received the favor. The other two weren’t better, anticipation could be seen in their eyes. 

“I see. Prepare the contraceptive and make sure they drink it before and after. Only if his highness clearly states that they are allowed to have children should they stop?”


After that, she beckoned three Catwoman maids who wore different clothes than the rest. Rather than just normal frilly clothes, they also had arm guards and leg protectors as well as a Halbert in their hands. 

“You two, what is the schedule for her majesty today?” 

“A conference with some of the nobles about the rampage of bandits and another one with the dignitaries of the church about the temporary new leader at noon. In the afternoon a meeting with the Duke Highland and at night one banquet with the duchess.”

“Very well, you two will serve as guards for today. You will also test all the food during the banquet. I will call a squad that will help prepare it. Everything must. Be. Perfect! Any mistakes will be punished with your salary immediately halved and a grave mistake will result in being fired.”

She then turned toward the last one, “As for you, Setsuna is becoming cranky because his highness doesn’t train with her lately. You are today’s sacrifice.”

The maid that was pointed paled, “But–” 

But a hand was placed on her shoulder as she was looked at with a sad expression, “Sorry, your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Your answer?” 

Downcast, her ears and tail drooping down, she sighed, “Understood.”

The two other cat women sighed in relief as they patted their rather small chest. Currently, Setsuna was on the verge of going berserk. Even though she didn’t use her horns, few of the battle maids could hold a candle to her. 

“Well, now that it’s done… I need to go do some grocery.”

The three of them tilted their heads. As the head maid, Milia did not need to do any chores aside from directing them. Still, they didn’t bother arguing. This was an old habit of Milia as she always personally chose the ingredients for his highness dinner. 


Being a maid wasn’t easy. Being the head maid-was headache-inducing. 

The number of maids present in the tower was about five hundred. There was no male in the tower of babel so all the servants were women from 15 to 40 years old. 

Each maid was carefully screened. Different characteristics such a loyalty, clean background, good personality, beautiful appearance, and the ability to serve were necessary. 

Even after they became maids, they wouldn’t be allowed to approach members of the royal family before at least having worked for three years and accumulated enough experience. 

A servant wasn’t just someone used to work. A servant represented the face of the one they served. The mistake of the servant was the mistake of the master. 

What’s more, they had to be careful about spies, assassins, or seductresses sent by the nobles’ families. 

Of course, as the head maid, Milia had to work on all of that. She didn’t refuse all the bad seeds. Sometimes she accepted bad maids only to fire them later just to show the good ones how lucky they were. 

She also allowed some of the seductresses and spies of the nobles family to give them the illusion they were getting some information on the royal family. 

Of course as for the assassin–their destiny didn’t need to be explained. Milia was many things, but she wasn’t forgiving. Anyone trying to hurt Sol was just a target that should be exterminated in the swiftest way possible. 


Walking outside of the tower with a basket in her arms, she gently hummed as she reached the main street of the plaza. She wasn’t wearing her maid clothes but rather a simple large white robe that hides all her curves. Her usual working clothes showed too much skin and she refused to let anyone aside from Sol see her like that. 

This order was also given to all maids. They could walk as scantily clad as they wished in the tower but they had to wear demure clothes once outside. In her mind, absolutely all the women in the tower belonged to her master. Even if he never touched them. 

All the maids chosen were virgins and they were forbidden from any relationship while in service. Of course, she wasn’t a dictator. If any maid wished to enter into relationships, she just had to leave their service. Of course, they would never have the occasion to serve again in the castle. 

She ignored the wide berth people were giving her. In the past, many ignorant men had tried to accost her. Now though, they understood that she wasn’t someone they could mess with. 

The atmosphere in the market was bustling, people screaming, and calling to their shop, old women discussing and dissing younger women, younger women were scoffing at the dissing of the older one, pickpockets were trying to steal, and pervert tried to cop a feel. 

It has already been about 2 hours since she went out, from her calculations, Sol should have finished his bath and exercise before taking his breakfast. 

Her basket was already filled to the brim and she didn’t find anything else. 

Walking back toward the tower, she stopped at a rather normal looking shop. It was a jewelry one. 

“Hello! What can I do for you?” 

In the jewelry, an old middle-aged man with a potbelly waved with enthusiasm the moment she entered. 

“I wish to see your boss.”

“I am the boss.”

“You wish.”

Saying so, she ignored him and entered deeper before slowly vanishing. All this while, the smile of the shopkeeper never wavered. 


Milia appeared one hour later, in the same place she previously vanished, and went out of the building without paying attention to anyone. Her expression, stoic, and unchanged. 

The rest of the day went past as she busied herself for the different reception and conference as well as the banquet. 

Thanks to her directing, the banquet was a smashing success, and the duchess left happily. 

Milia of course knew what they discussed about, and while she didn’t really approve, she knew it was necessary to help Sol reach the perfection he was destined to accomplish. 

She did not doubt that Sol would reach the summit of this world. Her role as a maid was always to stay at his side and support him while observing his rise and protecting him from the darkness that tried to stab him in the back. 

She was his shadow. He was her light. He was her life. He was her everything. Her devotion to him was unparalleled. 

The maid quarter was extremely large. Newbies lived in dormitories. Acknowledged maids lived in room for four, senior maids in room for two. As for her, she had her own room separated from all the quarters and closer to Sol’s room so that she could answer to his call at any moment in the fastest way. 

As she went back to her room, her heart was beating in joy, and her body was brimming with energy.

Of course, working from dawn to nearly midnight was hard. However, no exhaustion was bothering Milia. On the contrary, she couldn’t be more awake. She was like a young girl who discovered her first love.

After all, she was working for the sake of her beloved lord. 

“Fufufu~!” A smile broke out on her face.

She knew that if someone else spotted her now, things would get complicated. As the head maid, she had to always show dignity and inspire respect in her subordinates. She should never show them her slovenly appearance. But, she couldn’t stop her cheeks from relaxing. 

Finally reaching the door of her room, she injected a bit of her mana in the lock before the door finally opened. There was no way she would use something as simple as a key to protecting her privacy. After all, she knew that if anyone saw what was hidden in her room, she might lose her job as a maid and even her companion in the crown’s shadow would look at her weirdly. 

Of course, the inside was pitch black. When Milia used a bit of her magical power, the magical lights in the room went on, illuminating the area. In front of her stood–Sol. 

However, it wasn’t just any Sol. It was a Sol that had been created by her, a life-sized statue created thanks to her high mastery of earth magic. If you took a closer look, you could see that it was a statue, but at a distance like this, it greatly resembled the person in question. And, there wasn’t just one. Around 10 of these Sol stood scattered in this rather large room, giving the impression that the room was smaller than it should. 

“I’m back, Sol.” Milia greeted the statue with a smile.

But, if she only greeted this one, then the others might be sulking, so she greeted every single other statue.

“I’m back, Sol.”

“I’m back, Sol.”

“I’m back, Sol.”

She repeated this process for the other statues and showed a satisfied smile. Not even bothering to take off her maid uniform, she just collapsed on the bed, tightly embraced her miniature plush dolls made to look like Sol, and filled with some of his hair. 

She looked up at her ceiling and meets eye with the painting of Sol holding a sword and wearing a golden armor. 

Sleeping and waking up in this world filled with the person she loved, always motivated to give it her best for the day.

This room was filled with her beloved Sol. The plushy, painting, and statues aside, her blanket was made from Sol’s old clothes. Her drawer was filled with Sol underwear. She also had his sweat-soaked training gear. 

She possessed hundreds of goods related to Sol. This scenery would surely be enough to gross out the person in question, but Milia had no plans of ever inviting him over in her room, so there was no problem. And if the impossible were to happen, she was prepared to beg for forgiveness and cut her belly in suicide.

“Fufufu~!Ahhh… Sol… you’re as dignified as always… Even today, I cannot get enough of you…”

Recalling his dashing figure as he entered Edea’s world for the preparation of his core awakening, her hand slithered to her crotch as her breathing grew heavier as her arousal increased. 

She was losing herself. She knew herself that she could never show these feelings, no it was shameful to even hold such extreme feelings in the first place, but she couldn’t hold them back.

Her finger finally found her already drenched slit and she began to comfort her. She hadn’t been able to receive affection from Sol today but it wasn’t a problem. She knew that it was necessary for him to not be distracted. 


The movement of her hand progressively increased as her voice became more shrill. Until finally. 


Her body stiffened as she silently climaxed. Before she relaxed and sighed in relief. It was nothing compared to what she feels while doing the deed with him, but it was enough to calm her aching body. 

Discarding her clothes and deciding to simply wash herself later, Milia closed her eyes blissfully in her world filled with her beloved. 



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