After cumming thrice from Milia’s passionate attention, Sol had fallen asleep almost immediately. 


But for some reason, as the light of the sun shined on his eyes and began to wake him up, he felt a wet and warm sensation surrounding his lower body, specifically his penis. 


“What is happening?”


He rubbed his heavy eyelids and looked at his crotch, he immediately identified the source of the pleasurable feeling.


“Good morning, your highness.”


Milia looked up at him with a gentle smile, but for some reason, his underwear was pulled down to his knees and his morning wood was held firmly in her dainty hand, shining wet with saliva.


“Right… good morning… AS IF!!! What are you doing!?”


“My, why the outburst? A blowjob of course. I came to wake you and found out you were already hard again after last night. So I thought. Why not?”


Milia acted like this was a perfectly normal thing to be doing as she took the engorged head of his penis into her mouth. Her warm saliva and rough tongue wrapped around his penis and the shock ran through his sleepy body.


“Ahh! S-seriously…?”


His blazing rod was twitching with pleasure and it was already soaked with saliva, so she must have been sucking him off for a while already.


Being woken up by a blowjob from a beautiful maid was the kind of upper-class luxury that Sol could only have dreamed of in his past life. He did wonder if he was, in fact, dreaming this or not, but the sweet, addictive tingling assaulting his lower body was very real.


“Nh~! You are so hard this morning…*slurp*…And it’s twitching too…such a fantastic cock…”


Her plump pinkish lips stroked the shaft and she intensely sucked at the sensitive head. She seemed to be trying to milk the cum right out of him with her oral technique, so Sol writhed on the bed from the unbearable pleasure.


Partially because it had been so unexpected, he could not fight the urge to ejaculate as pleasure took over his entire body.


The tip of her tongue slowly, sensually, crawled from the base to the head as if licking off the precum flowing from the tip and an obscenely wet sound rang throughout the room as it mixed with the saliva in her mouth.


“*Slurp*, please cum when you are ready… ”


His reactions must have told her he was close because she looked up at him with damp black eyes and prompted him to ejaculate.


“I’m cumming!”


The passionate tongue caresses to his penis, so soon after waking up brought him to climax quite easily. Overcome by pleasure, he grabbed the little horns peeking out of Milia’s head and used them as a handle to make her take his full length.


The maid’s eyebrows moved for a moment, but she soon composed her expression. Then she audibly swallowed all the semen filling her mouth as if that were the only acceptable option.


“This really feels great.”


Even after he had finished ejaculating, Milia sucked at his rod to take care of the cum remaining in his urethra as if it was the sweetest thing in the world. 


He had cum so much last night, but she had just milked out even more this morning.




After she cleaned his rod with her tongue, Milia got up and looked at him with her usual mischievous smile, 


“How was it? Did you enjoy my mouth?”


She then tilted her head in wonder as she saw his cock slowly hardening again. 


‘His Stamina is really something else.’


“Was that not enough to satisfy you? In that case, how about I use my breasts like I did last night? Or would you prefer my vagina?”


He was only a little bit exhausted, but Milia misinterpreted his reaction and grew overly excited as she began removing her maid uniform.


“It felt good! It felt really, really good!”


“Really? Then tell me what it is you would like.”


Milia must have thought he was simply too shy to say anything because she was already beginning to bare her breasts to smother his penis between them.


“I appreciate the thought…but I really think we should stop…”


He was really happy that she wanted to pleasure him that much. It was an attractive offer, but sadly he had to refuse because he feared he would drown in the feeling and forget about everything else. After all, there was a time for everything. 


Milia looked somewhat disappointed but otherwise didn’t insist. She knew that she would have many occasions to have another night of passion with him. Meanwhile, Sol pullings his underwear up and searched for some of his training clothes.


“I see… As you wish. Now, Sol. Her Majesty wishes to have breakfast with you today, but what will you do?”


“Hum, Breakfast? Indeed, we didn’t have time to meet each other lately. Yesterday was our first meeting in one week.”


Even though he was the crown prince and his aunt was nothing more than the queen regent, he had a large amount of respect for her. 


After all, like his parents, she was one of the heroes who saved the world. 


“Tell her that I will be happy to join her. Now I need to meet Setsuna for our morning training or she will skin me. That girl is really too brutal.”


“Fufufu!” Milia covered her mouth as she let out an elegant laugh. She knew that even though Sol was complaining, Setsuna was one of the few people he really trusted and cared for. “Your sword and training gear are already prepared. Setsuna should be in the garden.”


“Thanks. Please tell the maid to heat my bath and prepare some oil. Yesterday I missed our daily training. So I am sure that today I will have to pay for it.”


He let out a bitter laugh before changing his clothes. All this while Milia stood and looked at him with a teasing smile, but Sol didn’t mind. 


Their previous relationship was already as close as it could get. After last night, it only became even closer. It would be pretty stupid to still be embarrassed about being seen naked now that they did something so intimate.


“Okay. I am out.”


Milia stood in the room as she watched Sol depart. She knew that she should have told him to take a bath but at the same time, she thought that this would serve as a boost for a relationship that should have bloomed ages ago. 


What’s more, it would serve as a lesson for him. After all, 


“How could he forget how sensitive the nose of a beastkin is? Fufufu! I wish I could take a look at her face when she sniffs him.”



One hour later…


Sun shone, scattering its blinding brilliance on the lush trees. Birds chirped the rhymes of nature, twiddling upon various branches of the trees. Cute, tiny squirrels plucked fruits from the saplings and scurried into the bushes.


This was nature in all her humble brilliance.


In the center of this lively garden, two people could be seen standing in training gear. One of them, swinging a sword while the girl beside him was counting each of his swings, the scowl on her face indicating that she was in a very bad mood.


“450. Do it again.”


He had thought that he would only have to suffer a little bit. 


“450. Change your posture.”


He had already imagined different situations and ways to cope with them. 


“Study your opponents and find their weakness.”


But it seemed like he had seriously underestimated how angry she would be.


“455. I know you can do better.”


Still, he didn’t stop charging his posture as he continued swinging his sword. After all, he knew more than anyone else, this world wasn’t just some happy dream with him being a carefree prince. 


“455. Your swing was too weak. It doesn’t count.”


He knew that this world was a very dangerous one where life and death could be decided at the drop of a hat. Ultimately, there was a reason why he was an orphan even after being the son of the hero king. 


‘If even the king and his wife can get killed. Who can avoid this fate? Death does not care about how noble you are.’ 


As such, even though he knew Setsuna was simply blowing out some steam. He didn’t stop her and instead put all his mind and focus on swinging his sword again and again. This continued for about 30 minutes. 


“990. Just ten more and it will end.”


His arms felt like they would fall off at any moment. Still, he did not stop and gave his all to perfectly perform the finishing swing.




Those words reverberated in his heart like the sweet voice of heaven forgiving a sinner of their eternal damnation.


*huff* *huff* *huff*


He stood shakingly as his body was literally bathed in his suit. His gait was unsteady and his mind blurry. 


“A-Are you alright?”


From the side, the worried voice of Setsuna sounded almost like an afterthought. 




Finally, he felt his vision darken as he fell to the embrace of mother nature.




What woke him up this time wasn’t a wet sensation on his crotch but rather a dainty hand caressing his sweaty forehead. He could also feel the back of his head resting on something pleasantly soft. 


‘A lap pillow.’


It was such a pleasant sensation that he wished he could stay like that for all eternity. 


“Are you awake?” 


He would have tried to fake his sleep, but he knew that someone like her should have been able to feel the change in his breathing rhythm. 


He opened his sky blue eyes and looked at the equally blue ones that were fixed on his face. Her beautiful angular face that was generally fixed like a cold mask was now wrought with anxiety. 


He tried to speak but she beat him to it as she barked.




He stopped short. He could see her face contort and her body quiver as she tried to keep the tears from falling. 


“Why didn’t you tell me you were past your limits?! You still didn’t awaken. Doing something like that could only be harmful to you.”


He let out a bitter smile at her sobering remark. Indeed. Humans were different from the different races because they could only have access to mana after their awakening which happened at the age of 15. This was why it was such an important milestone for them.


“I am sorry. I just didn’t want you to stay angry with me.”


Those words, more than anything, made her flush completely as she stopped berating him before hanging her head in shame; her large fluffy ear also doing the same and drooping downwards.


“I am the one who should apologize. I shouldn’t have made your training harder because of jealousy.”


Her words might have come off as a murmur, but he was close enough to clearly hear her. 




He looked at her quizzically before everything finally clicked in his mind. 


‘Fuck. I forgot she was a wolf.’


Everything had happened so fast. He had totally forgotten how sensitive the nose of beastkin was. Even more so for a blue wolf like her. 


Coming at her training with the scent of sex basically radiating out of him might have been like a slap to her face. 


Her face flushed even more when she understood he got what she meant. 


An awkward silence fell between the two of them. Finally, Setsuna simply sighed and spoke out,


“Anyway, me being angry doesn’t excuse the fact that I made you push yourself more than you should have. I will do anything for you to forgive me.”


Sol, who was about to tell her to not mind it, stopped short at her words as his thought process crashed. 


Few words held more power than those uttered out by her. He slowly got up and took her hand before pulling her further into the garden, which could also be called a forest.


Once he reached a place far enough, he asked again just to be sure,


“Setsuna, did you say that you would do anything?”


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Disappointing as a prince. It would better for you to start mc as noble born instead of royal born. It’s too crude for 15 year old prince with another soul

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