“*Ugh! Argh!!!” 

Under a beautiful sun and the gentle breeze, a bloody scene was being enacted. 

A groan of pain echoed, sometimes followed by stifled screams. 

On the clearing, one man, or rather a young boy, was laying down and fighting against the pain, while his four limbs were bound by powerful translucent chains seemingly made out of energy. 

The young boy should have been rather handsome in normal times. But currently, he looked more like a demon from hell or a tortured prisoner. 

His long beautiful golden hair and his handsome angular face were stained by blood as a bulge seemed to split his skull. 

His dainty but large hands were bloodied as his nails were falling off. The same went for his mouth as his teeth were falling and being replaced by new one. 

This wasn’t all. Such changes, while painful, weren’t enough to deter the boy with such a firm will. 

The true problem was what was happening internally. If the boy still looked somewhat human externally, internally it was a totally different situation. 

His muscles’ fiber were snapping and reconnecting. Stronger and tougher than any human. 

The same happened to his bones. It was literally like having his entire skeleton fracture then reconnect, again and again. 

His organs were shifting, strengthening. 

Since he was currently nearly naked aside from a boxer that hid his private parts, it was possible to see the eerie sights of his internal change as his muscles bulged and his body deformed. 

It was a slow but gradual change, an evolution of life, something anyone should be happy to receive, but- 

‘It’s so damn painful!’

Sol thought as he gritted his teeth to stifle another scream of pain. 

The worst was that he absolutely couldn’t let himself faint. This was the first condition the goddess Luxuria sent him. 

The creation of his core was the best moment to strengthen his bloodline, so if he wanted the maximum benefit, he had to go through all the processes awake and without any form of drugs to inhibit the pain. 

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck !’ 

Constantly cursing in his mind, Sol continued to fight through the pain, doing his best to increase the benefits. 

Despite the pain, each second that passed he could feel himself becoming stronger, stronger to a point he could have snapped his yesterday self with his hands. 

He had never particularly sought power, even though he wanted to surpass his father. But now, the situation was different. 

War was upon them. 

He couldn’t allow himself to be weak. 

He had to protect all the people he cared for. He had to become strong enough to be seen as a reliable shield that could protect his loved one from the rain and the snow. 


Another spam of pain went through his body, making his vision swim and his mind felt faint, but he steeled his mind and refused to give up. 

From what Luxuria told him, his total bloodline evolution would be done in two steps. The first one here, and the second one after he obtained his first contract and finally met Tiamat. 

Of course, this was on the premise he held on now. If he did, Luxuria swore that the second step would give him an incroyable benefit. 

So, while thinking about his loved one, he held on. He fought and fought. 

His body bathed in his blood and his mind clouded, he continued to fight. 


Meanwhile, observing this situation were two women. Though they looked more like young adults. 

The first one was without a doubt Edea, clad in her usual absolute black dress that seemed to absorb the light. 

“I must say, I am truly surprised. Who would have thought that I would see such an interesting boy? I am really getting old.”

The second woman, tilted her head as she remarked. 

If Edea could be described with the colors black and white, then this woman could be described with only one word, one color–Pink. 

Pink hat, pink skirt, pink shirt, pink heel, pink gauntlet, pink hair, pink eyes. 

Pink, pink pink, so pink that it hurts the eyes simply by looking at her. 

Her eyes were very particular, since her pupils, rather than the normal rounded one, had the shape of a broken heart. This gave her a rather frightening look. 

“Freya, please, stop looking at my students like a predator. I am warning you, if anything happens to him, I will make you pay.”

Edea, who was already worried sick while looking at the suffering Sol was going through snapped rather heavily at her sister. The pupils of her Heterochromia eyes, changing to a diamond shape. 

Freya, despite knowing that Edea wasn’t joking raised her hand in mock surrender while smiling, 

“Scary, scary. Seems like my dear sister fell in love again, what more with the descendent of her first beloved–who incidentally betrayed her. I wonder what Master will think once I inform her of that.”

Edea flinched before clenched her fist while hanging her head in shame. Freya had really hit her where it hurt and she had absolutely no come back. 

Freya on the other hand winced once those words left her mouth. She had been angry because Edea threatened her for a boy she knew for less than fifteen years but she also knew she went too far with her words. She was supposed to be the eldest sister of their quatuor. 

“Look, I am sorry okay! I did not mean it like that.”

She was a head taller than Edea, so ruffling her head, she said calmly, 

“You know how hurt all of us were about what happened to you. Now you finally contact me about ending your self-exile only for me to learn that you once again fell in love. Please understand my frustration.”

Edea had nothing to refute to this once again. The four of them were sisters even if not connected by blood. Their link transcended blood. 

“I am also sorry. But I am alright now, Sol is a good boy, I know you girls will appreciate him once you begin to know him more.”

A warm smile formed on Freya’s face. She really hoped that Sol was a good boy. There was no way she was going to let her sister suffer again. If Sol showed any signs of being like his ancestors, she didn’t mind incurring divine retribution by killing him. 

Anyway, at her level, she could easily flee and create her own pocket dimension. 

She was Freya Asmodeus. In terms of pure power, her sister, Kali was superior to her, but, out of the four Ouroboros, she was the trickiest to deal with. 

After all, she was the witch of space. No one could stop her. 

Looking aside so that Edea couldn’t see the intention in her eyes, she asked another question. 

“Just how much do you think he will earn?” 

Under a different situation, Edea would have immediately understood the sinister thoughts her sister had. But currently, her mind was mostly filled with Sol. 

“I went through all the records mother had about hybrids from S class and this is a first in history.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “No matters how powerful a hybrid is. A hybrid will always be a hybrid. There’s a limit after which they cannot go further. Some very lucky one may obtain a core but that’s it. Sol on the other… “

Edea frowned before shaking her head, she knew why Sol was able to go further than any hybrid, but she couldn’t tell Freya. It wasn’t a question of trust, it simply wasn’t her secret to share. 

“Anyway, Sol won’t just receive things such as a core. It will be a true physical change. His talent will go through the roof.”

Freya saw Edea’s hesitation but didn’t inquire. She also acquiesced with Edea’s opinions. 

What made magical races so powerful was their innate ability to use magic, while humans were able to absorb a part of the talent of all their contracts. 

How far would Sol go if he managed to obtain all the benefits of the two groups? She shivered a little in happiness. No matter what, she was a witch, a seeker of knowledge. She thought she knew nearly everything there was to know in this world, but it seemed that she was wrong. 

                                      SHK CH 36: WAR?

                                      SHK CH 38: FOUR DIRECTIONS

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