At the end of her dream, Camelia slowly opened her eyes, glistening with tears. Slivers of light filtered by her window, it seemed that it was still the middle of the night. 

‘I wonder what expression Blaze would have if she knew my relationship with her son.’

In terms of personality, Sol was truly a blend between Blaze and Mars. She liked that about him. He still lacked experience, but she did not doubt that he would awe the world. 

“Did you have a nightmare?” 

A finger slowly took away the tears from her eyes. Sol’s gentle voice reverberated in her ears. Smiling from the bottom of her heart, she snuggled up to him and closed her eyes as she murmured. 

“No… Just a dream.”

“I see.” 

“Hey, Sol…” 


“I really, really love you.”

“Me too.”


While such a heartwarming scene was happening, 

“Wa, wa, wa!” 

A young blonde-haired girl was currently panicking in her room. 

Her face was red and her breathing erratic. She couldn’t understand what she saw. 

‘What happened?’ 

After Sol took back Camelia to her room, Chloe had decided to go visit her and comfort her a little. But what she heard nearly made her mind explode. 

Thinking back to the obscene sounds, her blush covered an even greater part of her face. 

“H-how shameless!!” 

She covered her face with her hands as she crouched down. 

She had never felt so embarrassed in her life. Hearing her aunt’s screams of joy as well as her new friend banging her was truly a new experience. 

‘So this is why she was ready to pay so much for him.’

She had heard the rumors from the different superior nuns, but she simply scoffed at them. Thinking that it was just a way to undermine their reputation. But now, it seemed that those rumors were true, and even not enough to completely explain the truth. 

Standing up and walking toward her bed, she could feel a damp sensation in her crotch. Her panties, most likely soaked. Angels were partially energy type being. But they still had normal biological functions. Carnal desires being one of those. 

‘I think I will be busy tonight.’

She thought shyly as her hand trailed down towards her crotch. Virgin she might be, but she had some experience with pleasuring herself, and right now, she was so hot she felt like she was going to melt. 




The next morning, after Sol and Camelia both woke up, Camelia finally explained what happened exactly. 

This whole night, was a test, or more precisely a bet. Between Camelia and the goddesses. 

The stakes were her life and her soul.

If she lost. She would lose her life, and her soul would be tortured in different cycles of reincarnation. But Sol would have obtained the totality of the three wishes. 

If she won, she would keep her blessing and her life. Meanwhile, the three wishes would be slightly changed. 

The content of the bet was both simple and difficult at the same time. It was a simple question. 

Just how far would Sol be willing to go for Camelia’s life? 

This question didn’t have only one good answer. The farther he was willing to go the better. 

The conclusion? Sol went way farther than any of them thought and by doing so, Camelia won the bet. 

“I am truly sorry. I did not want to lie to you. But I truly wished the best for you.”

Sol stayed silent as he thought deeply. They were currently in the main room of the church. They wanted to verify how high his capacity was, so before that, they began to discuss what happened the night before. 

Sol knew that Camelia wasn’t lying. After all, no matter what was the outcome of this bet, Sol would have been rewarded. Still, it left a bad taste in his mouth. 

“*Sigh* I am still angry, but this isn’t important now. Let’s talk about more serious things while waiting for the measuring instrument.”

Camelia fretted a little before acquiescing. She knew that Sol lost a little bit of trust in her. No one would feel good about being deceived. Even if it was for their own good. But she didn’t mind. She knew it was a little price to pay for him. She was even willing to die for him after all. In her eyes, no price was too much. 

Sol could feel her intentions and determination and scratched his head in annoyance. For the first time, he remarked something. 

‘I am really surrounded by troublesome women.’

“So, Camelia. What will you do about your hair? From what you said, everything in the capital should have seen the pillar. The news should have already reached all the kingdoms by now.”

“Simple–I will hide it.”

Sol looked at this mature woman who was trying, and surprisingly succeeding, at playing cute with a stern gaze. He was about to chide her, when he suddenly closed his mouth and went into deep thoughts. 

Camelia was many things, but stupid she was not. 

“Is your goal to create turmoil?” 

“Not exactly. My goal, and even your aunt’s goal, is simply to remove all filth that could threaten your hold of power.”

Sol didn’t need to be told what she meant by filth. 

“The four Duke families?” 

“Indeed. See, during your grandfather’s generation, the royal family was at an all-time low. Your grandfather was without a doubt the weakest king both in power and Influence. This is why your aunt–never mind.” She stopped herself from continuing. 

‘I hate when they do that.’

Seeing her constrict expression, Sol knew that he could force her to finish what she wanted to say. But, if this story was related to Lilith, then it was her story to tell. 

“Forget it. Continue.”

Relieved, Camelia coughed a little, “So, during those times, those who were truly in power were the nobles. Sadly for them, Mars came and destroyed their influence. But now–” 

“Now the heir of the throne is just a little kid without much power.” Sol finished for her.

“Indeed.” Camelia nodded.”Out of the four families, the Milaris family is rather ambiguous because of the duchess’s relationship with your father.”

Sol and Camelia winced at that. The duchess never really tried to hide her distaste for him. 

“The Travers family is only interested in who can bring the greatest profits. So they can swing either way. The Highland family is on our side and finally the– Gorfard family is most likely going to move against you.” 

Camelia didn’t hide her distaste for the Gorfard family. 

‘Wasn’t Lilith’s husband also a Gorfard?’ 

“Well, long story short, your position is really being threatened. They can’t take your power away since you are the sole heir and doing so would be an affront to the goddess, but they can try controlling you like they controlled your grandfather. The only reason they tried nothing until now was–”

“It was you.”

“Yes.” She gave a proud smile. “I may not look like it, but I am pretty powerful. Perhaps not as much as your father but I am still a powerhouse. What more, influence wise, I am equal to the king. I am a great deterrent. But at the same time, because of that, we aren’t really sure who is on our side or not.” 

“I see. So you want to flush them out by making them think you really lost your blessing.”

Sol entered deep in thoughts when something occurred to him. 

“Did you already take all that into account when you decided to do this bet?” 


Sol stared at Camelia with renewed respect. He had never looked down on her, but he had to admit that the Camelia who acted as if everything was on the palm of her hand was rather hot. 

“I guess I can reward you a little tonight. Yesterday we didn’t finish our spanking session, right?” 

Camelia’s face immediately grew hot and her breathing a little rushed, but just as she was about to pounce on Sol. 

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Someone interrupted their moment. Camelia sighed in defeat while inwardly cursing Chloe for her bad timing as her eyes and hair changed to a black color. 


“Excuse me.” 

The large door grimaced a little as Chloe pushed it. 

This time too, she was wearing blue armor and a long skirt. On her hips was her sword, and in her hands was a crystal ball. 

The moment he saw the ball, Sol’s Heartbeat immediately sped up. This device would show his capacity. 

Each human had a certain amount of capacity and said capacity allowed them to make more contracts of greater qualities. 

For example, a normal S class needed about 100 capacity points or CP for short. Of course, even the absence of a contract didn’t mean that one was destined to mediocrity. Lilith was the living example of such. 

Still, the reality was that with her talent for the sword and mana, if she had been able to have a contract, Lilith could have been three or four times stronger than she was currently. 

Chloe, briefly looking at Camelia’s black hair with an expression of grief, sighed before steeling her expression and presenting the device to Sol. 

“You just have to put your hands on it and circulate your mana.”

Taking a deep breath, Sol did as he was ordered. 

The crystal ball immediately began to illuminate the surrounding with a deep golden light. The number continued to climb at a very large speed and finally, 


The three of them were astonished at the number that was shown. 


                                                                                       SHK CH 36: WAR?

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