Sol frowned a little at the fact that she could slip past all his senses. 

‘Perhaps it’s because I am still not used to it?’ 

It wasn’t impossible. He just obtained mana recently and he certainly didn’t get the total control of it.

Still, he didn’t wish to create excuses for her. 

“Sol, you awakened?!” Milia immediately closed the door behind her as she exclaimed in surprise. 

“Indeed.” He answered calmly with a smile. Now that it was discovered there was no reason to hide it. “I just awakened it this morning, during a discussion with teacher.”

“Incredible!” Milia walked fast towards him and took him in a hug as she giggled in happiness. 

Seeing her like that made the suspicion of Sol abate a little. He smiled and he also hugged her in turn. 

“Thanks. It also made me really happy.”

“Should I reward you?” Milia asked with a sensual smile as she slowly trailed her finger over his trousers. 

Sol didn’t need to be told explicitly what kind of reward she was talking about. He debated a little and simply nodded, 

“Then,” She slowly began to lower herself until she was completely kneeling in front of him. She took off his belt and lowered his pants before giving an appreciative glance at his already erect dick. 

Licking her lips, she took his dick firmly in her hand and slowly began to pump it.

Following that, she placed her lips around the tip and pressed her saliva-covered tongue against it. Then, opening her mouth wide, she slowly, very slowly, began to engulf it. 

‘Man, her throat has no end.’

She took him deep inside her mouth and used her tongue on the bottom as she moved her head back and forth. 

Sol marveled at the way she took more than half of his dick in one go, 

‘Wait what the fuck I am doing?’

His mind snapped awake instantly. He just remarked something suspicious and now he is still getting a blowjob? 

‘Get a grip.’

‘But this is so good.’

Lust and reason fought again and again. Sol could literally feel like an angel and a devil were speaking to him at the same time. 

Finally, with a mighty kick, the devil won. 

‘Well fuck it. If I have to ask what’s wrong I should at least get a blowjob first.’

Now free of worry, he closed his eyes and took Milia by the hair before slowly accelerating the movements. He was careful to not be too forceful. 

The visual effects of seeing a beautiful woman such as Milia kneeling in front of him was always a huge turn on. 

As she continued the skillful movement of her tongue, he felt the pleasure of orgasm spreading through the entire base of his penis.

His rational mind had kept ejaculation away even as the pleasure grew, and that still reduced the amount of pleasure.

But it could not stop the fluid that had begun to flow. His giant stake throbbed as it flowed out into the urethra in the center.

“… !”

“*Groan* Be careful, I am coming.”

The head swelled out even further. As his thick semen burst out deep within her mouth, the intoxicated maid’s eyes widened in surprise. 

Still, she didn’t let out and continued to suck out all his semen. 

When the ejaculation finally ended, she opened her mouth wide to show him before slowly swallowing it. 


A few minutes later after he caught back his breath and put an order on his clothes, he walked toward his mirror and tapped rhythmically on it. Exactly seven times. 

It was a code that he had created with Edea. 

The tower of babel was initially a wide-scale spell used to seal Edea. Over the years she totally took control of it and was able to see and feel everything that happened in the tower. 

Of course, she wasn’t a goddess. She couldn’t control everything at any moment. 

This was where this code came into action. As long as he tapped seven times in a certain rhythm on any surface such as a wall or mirror then it would alert her. 

This message simply means, [obverse me]. 

He did not believe that Milia was a traitor and neither did he believe that she would harm him in any way. 


One should always hope for the best while preparing for the worst. 

Once it was done, he could feel a gaze immediately falling on him. Initially, he never could have felt it, but now that he had awakened, it was clear to him. 

Assured to now be safe no matter what happened, he asked, “Milia. I think it’s time for us to talk.”

He already had a rough idea about who she might be and he couldn’t help but think about how stupid it was to have never thought about it. It seemed so evident now. 

Still, it was just a speculation. 


“I want you to be honest with me. I will only ask it one time and I will not insist. No matter what answer you give me I will believe in it. But… If I were to either learn that you had lied then I would absolutely lose all confidence in you.”

Milia confused eyes flickered in wonder. Sol on the other hand simply asked most naturally, 

“Milia… Would you either harm me or those close to me in any way?” 


Silence settled between the two. Milia closed her eyes as she entered deep into thoughts. 

She thought about what happened. What could have brought such a sudden question? Then she remembered his surprised expression when she entered. 

‘So this was then.’

She immediately made the link with his mana awakening. 

‘Did he awaken some sort of super sense that allows him to see truth from lie? Did his awakening sharpen his senses? Did he obtain a special power? Did he always doubt me?’

Different scenarios went through her mind but she came to a simple conclusion. It didn’t really matter how he knew. What mattered was that he had doubts about her. 

She knew Sol and she also believed his claim. She knew that if right here right now she said she was just a normal maid he would simply believe her. 

But–sooner or later he will learn the truth and then–She would lose him. 


‘Well, he already awakened. So I guess I don’t need to hide it anymore.’

Having made a decision, her shoulder relaxed noticeably as she gave a peaceful smile to him. 

“I sooner die than hurt you in any way possible.”

“I see.” A bright smile also formed on Sol’s face while a sigh of relief escaped through his nose. “I was a little worried but I am happy.”

She tilted her head in wonder. “That’s it? You aren’t curious about my identity.”

The smile on Sol’s face became even brighter as he said, “Why would I? After all, you have always been my shadow.” 

Milia slightly raised eyebrows but otherwise didn’t show any other expression of surprise. 

Still, she didn’t deny and asked calmly, “How did you guess?” 

“Well,” Sol rubbed the back of his head as she said, “I didn’t really have much to go with. You know. I always wondered who was my shadow. Frankly, it could have been anyone. But from the way you walked, I simply guessed that even if you weren’t my shadow you had something to do with the assassin or spy profession.”

“I see–” She didn’t seem sad at being busted so easily, “Sol is really all grown up now.”

“What I don’t understand is–” Sol wasn’t finished. There was something still bothering him. Lilith had suspicions about Milia. Why?. “–If you are a member of the crown’s shadow, why does it seem that my aunt does not know your identity? “

Milia walked slowly before taking one knee in front of Sol, a serious almost religious expression on her face, “I am Milia. One of the five fingers and leader of the hand division of the crown’s shadow. Sol. You and you alone are worthy of our loyalty. You are the legitimate king. Lilith, for all her merits, is only a substitute. There are some secrets she can never be privy to.”

The crown’s shadow was divided into three divisions. The hands, the eyes, and the feet. 

The feet was the division charged for foreign relations. The eyes were the spy division placed all over the kingdom and finally the hand–was the assassin division. The one charged to do the dirty job. 

“I see.”

He looked aside. He didn’t really like the way she was looking at him currently. It felt like the way fanatics looked in his old world. 

Milia, seemingly understanding the reason for his discomfort calmed her fervor as she bowed her eyes. “I am sorry. But it’s just that–I wanted to tell you who I was for so long. Being able to serve you was one of the best things that either happened to me.”

“Heh.” Should he be happy right now? No, he wasn’t really, this discovery did not really make him happy. It created waves in what he thought was one of the most solid relationships he had. 

‘Though I guess having a super sexy assassin protecting me from the shadows isn’t bad.’


“Well let’s forget it for now. I think there are many things we have to talk about, but today I have to meet Camelia. We will talk after that.” 

Milia looked crestfallen, but simply nodded, “I understand.”


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