In the quiet bedroom, only the sound of two people breathing rhythmically could be heard. Camelia’s breathing was calming down to an even pace. Sol lowered his head and turned her a bit sideways. Then he enveloped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his chest.

He simply embraced her for a while then began to cover her lips, eyes, and forehead with soft affectionate kisses.

“Ha-ha, that’s ticklish.”

“Shall I make it not ticklish?”

Sol whispered softly and gently bit her neck. His hand stealthily moved from her back to her waist but she twisted her body and naturally pushed his hand away. 

When the smooth supple sensation of her skin disappeared from his palm, he reached out stubbornly and grabbed her butt instead. This time, Camelia pushed away from his chest.

“We can’t. I have a lot to do, so I have to get up early tomorrow morning.”

“What do you have to do?”

Camelia caressed his face as she spoke, 

“The ceremony for your awakening will happen in the tower, but the yearly entry to the spirit realm is organized by the church. The time is nearing and I have to put everything in order.”

“I see.”

Sol didn’t push more than that. He could see that she would have definitely caved in if he insisted a bit more but he didn’t want her to miss her duty because of his interests. He never wanted to be the person to actively inconvenience his loved ones for his selfishness.

“Then, how about we sleep together?”

The smile that illuminated Camelia’s face was so bright that it nearly blinded him, but it also warmed his heart soothingly. 


“So, he decided to spend the night in the church?” 

Milia was carefully bowing her head in order to avoid crossing the piercing gaze of Lilith. 

The relationship between Lilith and Camelia wasn’t really bad. But it was also far from good. 

The reason for that was also a little stupid. 

As the supreme daughter of Castitas, though back then she was just the holy daughter, she had the option to end her servitude to the goddess by marrying Mars. 

Camelia was without a doubt the most talented daughter ever born in Lustburg while Mars was the most talented prince. 

For that reason, alongside the duchess, Camelia was one of the women who should have become the official wife of Mars. In fact, she was ranked higher and people were already preparing for the marriage between the two. 

But… The day Camelia met Mars, she politely declined him and said quite clearly that he simply wasn’t her type. 

This action of hers brought an uproar in the whole kingdom. For a time, people were even wondering if the church and the royal family would have a fallout. 

However, Mars, as the ever charismatic individual, never particularly cared about being rejected by Camelia, and the two of them even became good friends. But, Lilith never took it lying down.

A Snicker nearly escaped Milia’s lips before she disguised it as a cough.

The Lilith of back then was really cute. 

Lilith, who would have surely unsheathed her sword if she knew Mila’s thoughts, frowned a little before finally letting out a tired sigh, 

“Well, I guess this isn’t bad. Did you do what I asked?” 

Milia’s hidden smile completely vanished at Lilith’s question, 

“The crown’s shadow acted and tried to gather intelligence, but they found nothing. That woman is completely clean.”

*Tap* *Tap* *Tap*

The sound of Lilith’s finger tapping on the table was the sole source of noise in the silent room. 

After a while, a sneer of derision formed on her face, 

“Let’s forget it for today. As long as she doesn’t step completely out of the line, I will not act because of her disrespect to Sol, but send her a message. This will be the last time. I refuse to let that woman throw her bitterness at Sol. Now you can go.”

Milia simply nodded and gave a last curt bow before leaving. 

Once alone in her study, Lilith leaned on her chair with a tired expression as she pinched her brow.

“I need to relax a little.”

Thinking so, she began to walk towards a long rectangular black case on which the motif of a black snake was marked.

Opening the case, she became lost in thoughts as she stared at the object inside it.

It was a pristine sword with a length of ninety centimeters and a width of twelve centimeters, along with the letters of a lost unknown language inscribed on it.

Calling this sword beautiful would be an affront to this sword. For it represented the form of perfection.

It was a holy sword that brought salvation, but it could also become a demonic sword that brought destruction. Everything depended on the wielder’s whims.

This sword was also the sword that only the king officially recognized by the goddess could hold. 

As she gazed at that sword, memories of a distant past began to appear in her mind, and a sad smile formed on her face, 

“You were really a big idiot.”

Right here, right now, she wasn’t a queen, she wasn’t one of the most powerful women in the kingdom nor was she a war-hardened warrior. 

No, she was just a woman weeping over the death of her most beloved one. 

Tears began to gather in the corners of her eyes as she choked a rueful sob. 

“Big brother, you know being a queen really isn’t easy. I don’t even understand why you wanted the throne so much.”

She murmured, with a voice full of emotion and nostalgia, 

“Big brother tells me, are you proud of me? After all, I am not a cry baby anymore, right?” 

“Hey, big brother, can you see your son? Hehe, he really grew splendidly, don’t you think?” 

“Fufufu, can you believe it, he even managed to make the woman who never fell for your charm fall in love with him. He is pretty good right?” 

“I can already imagine you calling him a womanizer for having so many women.”

“Tell me, I did well right? I raised him well didn’t I? Once I pass the throne to him I am sure that he will do a magnificent job.”

“Big brother— I am so very tired. You must be lonely there, right? Or perhaps Blaze is still pushing you around even in heaven? Hahaha, I can practically see it.”

Her eyes seemed to lose their shine as she murmured mechanically while caressing the back of the sword, 

“Big brother, soon, I will also be able to rest. Soon… very soon, I will finally be at peace.”



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