Sitting down and closing his eyes, Gojo began to progressively shut down all his senses, only leaving the sliver necessary to react to danger. At the same time, even if not in Bankai mode, Kogo could act within a certains margin and ensure to protect him long enough so that he would wake up should anything happen.

After opening his Shikai, Gojo began to observe the world within 10 meters of him, and at the same time entered the inner world of Kengo.

Once he saw what it currently looked like, a smile formed on his face as he understood that he had won the bet. 


Sitting on the ground, Soi Fon observed Gojo as he sat quietly in a meditation pose. In her hands were strings that connected her to the walls and stopped the movement of the surge.

This technique was called Kaikyo Kotei[1] a technique that allowed one to momentarily stop the surging flow and allows the others to profit from time dilatation. The price for that was that the one stopping the time could not move and could only use his reiatsu to feed the technique.

Soi Fon was quite the powerful shinigami and as such estimated that she could stop the Dangai for about 1500 hours. This means that she would be unable to move or eat for 62 days and 12 hours and once this ended, not even one hour would have passed.

‘Haha, this is really like a punishment game.’

As powerful as she was, staying still without sustenance for two months wasn’t really a problem. Even staying immobile wouldn’t be. It was just that it would feel particularly awful.

It was in times like this she was thankful for the training she received. After all, resistance towards torture and starvation were necessary. It was also no wonder the death rate was so high.

She knew that the training itself had mellowed out after Yoruichi took control of the Shihoin family, but it was still pretty gruesome.

Thinking about Yoruichi, Soi Fon couldn’t help but turn her head slightly toward the brown-skinned woman who was standing sullenly not far away from her.

Even though the two were not far away, only silence hung between them as neither of them knew how to begin a discussion. 

In the first place, it was why she had feigned to be still unconscious when they had previously met in Garganta.

Yoruichi’s mood could be said to be at an all-time low. Not only did she fail the mission, but she failed in such an epic way that it was embarrassing. 

She might have become quite rusty because of the decades without training, but it shouldn’t have been possible for a newbie Shinigami to catch her trail. In fact, not even experienced members of the secret force should have been able to. The proof was that Soi Fon did not.

For Gojo to succeed so easily, she had to admit that he was indeed a well-rounded genius. Since she was already used to Kisuke doing impossible things, it didn’t take long for her to accept reality.

Still, she had the same knowledge of Dangai and wondered why he was doing that.

‘Well, I just have to stay and observe him.’


[Inner world]

What was Limitless?

In the simplest and roughest way, Limitless could be said to be a kind of space manipulation.

In a more intricate way, Limitless was the power to bring the imaginary concept of Infinity to reality. In mathematics, no matter how many times someone divides a number it will never be reduced to zero.

Instead, they will be left with fractional units so infinitesimally it would become immeasurable to their eye. The Limitless brings this concept into reality, so anything that attempts to penetrate the infinitely divided space will slow down to the point of appearing to stop completely.

As if that much wasn’t enough, Limitless could also bring the impossible concept of negative distance or bring the divergence of infinity into reality.

One could say that Limitless was a power that made the impossible possible.

In short, 

“Limitless is bullshit.”

Sitting on the throne, with Kogo sitting on his lap, Gojo gently combed her hair as he explained with a wry smile.

“I never really thought about this when I was alive, but my ancestor was really a monster. For him to create a technique like that. Still, since I have had Limitless for years, it shouldn’t have been so hard for me to recreate Limitless. In the first place, I always wondered, why did I lose Limitless, but not Rokugan? This has always bothered me.”

Looking up at the sky, his wry smile changed into a confident grin, 

“The truth was always there. I had never lost Limitless. I was just unable to access it because the concepts it brought were flawed in this world.”

The last time he entered Kogo’s inner world, it had been a white infinite void with one unique throne.

But currently, the world seemed to be separated in two as another void seemed to grow in the distance. A dark one. This was without a doubt, the inner world of Gojo. 

That world that Gojo had been unable to access until now seemed to be slowly fusing with the world of Kogo, making them one.

The fact that he had never lost Limitless became apparent to him when he became able to use <<Infinite Void>>.

A domain expansion was the expression of the inner world into reality. The peak of a cursed technique. But, how could he see the peak without a base beneath it? 

This was when Gojo understood the true problems.

Though this world and his previous one looked exactly the same. The basic laws that governed it were completely different, but at the same time eerily similar.

In this world, humans could use Reiryoku and become exorcists like how in his previous one, humans could use cursed energy and become sorcerers.

In this world, Shinigamis and hollows were beings that existed on a spiritual level and were invisible to humans without a certain level of Reiryoku. In the same way, in his previous world, humans could not see Curses if they did not possess cursed energy.

In appearance, the only big difference between this world and the other one was the difference in energy.

But there was another one existence that changed everything.

Because of that existence, planes of reality such as Soul Society and Garganta existed alongside the human world.

This was the main reason why Limitless could not be manifested initially. His mind was unable to properly calculate and bring Limitless because he lacked many frames of reference.

The reason why he became able to use <<Infinite Void>>, albeit barely, was because he had been to the human world and had obtained another frame of reference aside from Soul society.

Calculations were impossible as long as unknown variables existed. As such he had to transform those unknown variables into variables that could be understood.


“What a fucked up world.”

He really wondered what kind of being was the soul king to create such a universe.



In an unknown place, a being deprived of his four limbs floated silently while observing the universe through his eyes that could see all.

Next to him, a man draped in white with a black beard, the <<Monk who calls the realm name>>, the one who named all things in Soul Society, frowned.

Unease filled his mind as he felt that something impossible was happening.

Turning his head, he opened his mouth, intent to ask what was happening, but in the end, he closed his mouth and sighed, for he knew that he would have already received an answer if that person wished to share it.

“What is meant to happen will happen.”

Sighing, he continued to write a piece of calligraphy, as he had always done.

[1]: World boundary stabilizer






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