Gojo stayed silent, his eyes expressing neither shock nor surprise. His heart rate did not even go up.

Even seeing his friend alive after technically having killed him a few years ago only shocked him for a second in relative time and only 60 seconds in his own subjective time. Though, that resulted in him being sealed which was quite ironic. 

Generally, it was the good guys sealing the demon king because he was too powerful and dangerous but in his case, the situation got completely reversed.

Currently, Gojo could accelerate his own subjective time up to 180 times that of a normal person, and he did not hesitate to do so.

How did she find it?

Why now?

What should he answer?

Those three questions swam in his head as he thought about the most appropriate solution.

In the end, he decided that all Nanao had should have been speculation. Then, he just had to play dumb all the way. 

Allying his own perception with that of the world, he tilted his head to the side and showed an expression of confusion as he asked, 

“What do you mean? If it’s about me being human when I was alive, you could say that I am indeed not from this world.”

Nanao, who had been observing him, did not seem surprised at this answer, 

“Satoru, you can fool everyone, even Captain Unohana but—You can’t fool me. Remember? I was the one who helped you in creating, or should I say, recreating your cursed technique.”


“You said it yourself, right? This isn’t Kido, but Jujutsuki. You know, I have searched in all records of history in Japan, and while I have seen some weird techniques used by people with spiritual power, what you have created falls in none of those categories.”


“I mean, in the first place, it’s weird, isn’t it? How could someone who did not even know the basics about Kido suddenly create an entirely new system? For others, you created your techniques after learning kido. But, I know better. After all, I was there from the beginning. I even remember how surprised you were when the effects were stronger than what you expected.”


“You see, Satoru, one of your greatest personality flaws is that you unconsciously look down on anyone who is weaker than you. Nowadays you mellowed out, but back then, five years ago, your head was pretty swollen with pride. I am sure that in your mind, it was simply impossible for anyone to find your secret”

Gojo closed his eyes and smiled wryly as he passed his fingers through his hair.

It was true that when he just entered the soul society, he honestly did not take the Shinigamis in general seriously.

In the deepest part of his mind, he still saw himself as Satoru Gojo, the strongest sorcerer, rather than Satoru Gojo, the Shinigami. It didn’t help that most teachers in the academy were not that impressive.

It was only after fighting Ikkaku then Unohana, that he understood keenly that he was not who he used to be anymore and that this world was far stronger than his previous one.

Opening his eyes, he looked quietly at Nanao.

Should he admit it? 

At the end of the day, all she had were speculations. Even if she was sure of it herself, she had absolutely no proof regarding it.

It was just as he was debating what to do that Nanao took a step back, 

“Before there’s any misunderstanding. I am not trying to force you to admit anything. I am completely sure about my deductions and nothing you say will change my mind. Everyone has the right to keep their own secret. In the same way that I can’t tell you everything about me, I do not expect you to tell me everything about you. I just have one question.”

“… Go on.”

Her expression showed an unexpected seriousness, 

“How confident are you in dealing with a curse?”

Gojo let out a light laugh at this question.

“I see, so your interest for me was not because of my handsome face but rather my skills.”

Nanao’s face flushed a little but she coughed a little to calm herself down, which only made Gojo laugh louder.

This situation had been something quite novel for Gojo. It was the first time he had been suppressed so much by someone who was so much weaker than him.

From the beginning, she had perfect and absolute control over the discussion, controlling the pace as she wanted.

He had to admit, this was quite a new experience for him.

Once he stopped laughing, Gojo strode slowly toward her and only stopped just one step away from her. 

Because of their difference in heights, she had to raise her head to look at him, and could not help but get lost as she stared into his eyes.

Gojo’s lips curled into a sly grin as he pinched her and lowered his face towards her.

Flustered at the sudden attack, all she could do was close her eyes before feeling a hot breath tickle her ear, before feeling her earlobe being gently bitten by him, greatly startling her as she took a step back, her face completely red and her heart beating like a drum.

“This—was for messing with me.”

Then, placing his hand on her hair, he gave a large smile as he finished, 

“As for curse? Trust me, I am a professional when it comes to this.”

Behind him, high in the sky, fireworks exploded, filling the sky with thousands of lights.

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