A few moments ago on Zaraki’s side:

The tension between Zaraki and Tosen was on a different level.

From the very beginning, because of their conflicting views of the world, the two had always been at odds.

Tosen believed that Shinigami should wield their sword for an ideal of justice. No matter how many atrocities were committed, as long as it was for the greater picture, sacrificing the few for the many was something he approved.

This was why, what he hated the most in the world were meaningless fights and slaughter.

Zaraki, on the other hand, thrived in such meaninglessness. For him, justice, morals, or whatever could go to hell.

He did not fight to save. He only fought to have fun. 

For him, battles were like a drug and he was an addict willing to put himself in dangerous situations in order to get his doses.

This was the reason he sealed his strength both consciously and unconsciously.

Only fighting brought him joy and happiness.

Tosen understood that, and loathed Zaraki all the more. 

After all, that man from the Tsunayashiro Clan was basically the same kind of man as Zaraki.

If Zaraki found joy and pleasure in fighting a bloody battle, then Tokinada Tsunayashiro found joy and pleasure in teasing and destroying the life of innocent people.

“Zaraki Kenpachi, even now I believe that letting you become captain was one of the greatest mistakes committed. Ever since you killed the previous captain of the 11th division, I have had an uneasy feeling about your presence. ‘This man is a demon’ ‘He fights to feed on the blood of the fallen’ ‘He is a being completely different from us’. This is why I thought, we should not let him dwell in our world for too long because one day, this man will surely destroy the peace that the Gotei 13 fightz to protect.”

Zaraki stared silently as Kaname continued speaking.

“The fact that you joined hands with Satoru Gojo and helped him bring chaos to our city is proof that I was right and yet, all of this is probably only the result of your bloodlust. Am I right, Zaraki?”

“Blah Blah Blah. You are noisy. You just want to say that you are the good guy, right? Tch, you are really wordy, aren’t you?”

Zaraki laughed hard as he took out his sword.

“Kinganjo became Kenpachi after he killed the 9th Kenpachi and I became the 11th Kenpachi after killing Kiganjo. This is the rule of the 11th division. Nothing more nothing less. If you aren’t happy and hate me so much…Then just hurry up and kill me with your Bankai!”

A mad light danced in his eyes as he provoked Kaname. 

His blood boiled and his pulse quickened.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

Feeling his crazy heartbeat, he laughed madly before dashing while swinging his sword at Kaname

There was no style, no technique and no special skill – Only pure unadulterated power.

This was exactly what made Zaraki so dangerous.

For Kaname, Zaraki was not a swordsman. He was a beast in every sense of the word. A mad beast that would seek its prey with no pity and would devour it down to the bone.

Like a beast, he also fought by relying purely on his insanely large Reiatsu, quick reflexes, and high strength.

“I do not hate you. However, to protect our peaceful existence, there’s no other way.”

Tosen did not try to avoid the devastating attack of Zaraki. He raised his sword straight and placed the palm of his left hand on a ring that was tied to the guard of his sword.

Instantly, a sphere detached from the sword and grew until it was the same size as Tosen himself.

Just as Zaraki’s sword was finally about to cleave him, Tosen muttered.


Zaraki was forced to stop and take a step back as he observed what was happening.

The lone ring multiplied. From one, it became nine and those nine large rings dispersed and placed themselves in a different side of the room.

This was the last thing he saw.

 <<Bankai: Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Korogi[1]>>

The moment the ring covered the room, a dome of darkness spread in all directions.

“This is my Bankai. What do you think, Zaraki? No doubt you could have never dreamed of what you are seeing now. No…You can’t see anything right now after all.”

‘What is this!? I can’t see anything… hear anything’


Suddenly, he felt a searing pain over his shoulder. While he could neither see nor hear, his years of experience told him that he had just been slashed.

Unconcerned about the flowing blood, Kaname continued to speak to Zaraki even though he knew that Zaraki couldn’t hear him.

“You are in a lightless and soundless Mumyou World [2]. Terrifying, isn’t it? My Bankai takes away your spiritual sense, your sight, your hearing, and your sense of smell, creating a miniature Mumyou Hell. The only person who can escape this situation is the one holding the body of my sword, Suzumushi.”

“It’s useless. Even if you try to guess my position from where you were attacked, you will not be able to catch me. Because no matter how experienced a fighter is, after he is stripped of Light, he can’t help but fear the Darkness. No matter how slight that fear is. The fighter’s movement will be slowed down. Against me who has lost the light since I was born, the only possible result is- !!!”

His sense warned him of immediate danger and avoided a slash from a hair breath.

‘This man!’

Kaname was appalled. Even though he could not see, he could feel that Zaraki’s emotion had not the slightest tint of fear in them – only endless excitement and battle thirst.

“…I see. It’s understandable. You are a beast, a devil. You belong in the darkness. Of course, you do not fear it.”

“Very well then, in this case, I won’t give you the time to feel terrified!”


Like this, the fight between Kaname and Zaraki continued but what should have been a one-sided fight changed into a pitiful farce.

*Huff* *Huff* *Huff*

Kaname could not understand what was happening.

How long had it been since he had felt tired during a fight? But he knew very well that the reason for his disorganized breathing wasn’t the fight itself but the situation he was in.

‘How…? His sight, hearing, and sense of smell are supposed to be useless now. He shouldn’t be able to sense spiritual pressure either. But how…’

Kaname rushed at full speed and swung his sword with all his might but…

‘How can he still dodge!?’

He couldn’t understand at all. Even though he managed to wound Zaraki lightly, this hadn’t been what he intended to do.

At the last moment, in an unbelievable display of skills, Zaraki had moved in a way that prevented Kaname’s sword from striking a vital spot.

As if it wasn’t enough.


Kaname leaned down in a hurry and avoided a hit that would have pierced his throat had he stayed put. 

This was the most inconceivable. Not only was Zaraki able to dodge, but he could also counterattack with scary accuracy.

Doing a backward somersault, he put enough distance between to avoid any possible further attacks.

‘The counterattacks he launches are getting more and more accurate. He is really a monster.’

Cold sweat flowed as he once again realized just how dangerous the man named Zaraki was

 He felt blood flow from his cheek and a slight sting. Clearly, he hadn’t managed to completely avoid the hit.

While fear was progressively growing in Kaname’s heart, Zaraki on the other hand was filled with anger.

‘I got him this time, but only with the tip of the sword.’

Even though he couldn’t hear Kaname’s explanation, he had already deduced the effects of the Bankai. 

‘At least, I can still feel my touch so I can still use my sword.’

This was how he had been managing to avoid most hits. 

As soon as he felt his sword touching his clothes, he would dodge in order to avoid serious injury. Then, using his senses and reflexes, he would counterattack.

This was an unbelievable display for anyone else, but Zaraki took this for a given and this was why.

‘How boring.’

At first, it was fun. The sudden darkness, the loss of all senses. Such a novel situation was a first for him and he had been excited about the fight to come.

But after a while, he became bored. It was boring because he couldn’t land a good hit. He could not feel his sword tear into the flesh of his enemy. 

He could only get his location by getting hit. But he couldn’t hear or see. He couldn’t even use his spiritual sense. Though in this case, it wasn’t really a loss since he was never good at sensing things with his spiritual sense in the first place.

‘Damnit! Why do I have to think about this crap when fighting? This is a fight for spineless cowards. I want a fight head on!’

He gritted his teeth as frustration began to build up. He wasn’t dumb but he believed that a fight should be a clash of power with nothing holding them up. Blood for blood, blow for blows. 

He thought quite a bit and even imagined what other people he knew would have done in his place.

‘Haha. That’s it! I can easily know where he is like that.’

A large smile formed on his face as he finally came to a conclusion. 

‘He is smiling again. I can feel it. Even in a situation like this, he is still enjoying the battle!?’

Anger filled his mind as he attacked once again, this time with the determination to pierce his heart.

“You are too dangerous, Zaraki Kenpachi! Letting you live is way too dangerous!!”

‘Wha-!? He didn’t dodge? Was he so engrossed in this meaningless bloodshed that he got careless?’

This time his sword went through the body of Zaraki from one side to another.

He hadn’t managed to pierce his heart, but the wound would definitely be fatal if left untreated.

He was about to pull back and prepare for a new attack when he suddenly felt his arms being grabbed.

At the same moment, the Zaraki’s pupils that had been unfocused because of the blindness moved and settled on Kaname in front of him.

“Hello! Long time no see.”

If Kaname could see Zaraki’s expression, he would once again acknowledge that Zaraki was nothing more than a demon. 

This was not the expression that should be shown by a human being.



Blood splashed as Zaraki swung his sword mercilessly.

[1]: Cricket Final Form: Devil Cricket.

[2]: Mumyou is a Buddhist term: Ignorance is truth. Mu means none and Myou mean enlightenment.

The Bankai of Kaname shows his twisted side of justice by bringing people in the same darkness he always lives in but worse. At the same time, the technique is based on Buddhist teaching which means ignorance. The Bankai takes the form of a cocoon and the people in it are like insects waiting to become butterflies. Remember that it takes all sense aside from touch. You can only feel pain without knowing where it comes from (very twisted bastard). Basically, by going through the pain in his Bankai, you go through enlightenment and become a better person XD. Of course, this is my personal understanding of the meaning behind that Bankai. 

What is interesting though is that Kaname and Aizen’s power are quite similar. The two of them have control over the senses of their enemies and for the two of them, in order to dispel the effect, you need to touch their swords. This is why I personally believe that Aizen is always in Bankai. or that his Bankai is like Byakuya and has no difference with Shikai aside from increasing the power





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    Hikaru Genji · 2022-05-04 at 10:23 AM

    Haha true. For him who has always lived in darkness, I guess bringing others into an even deeper darkness give him a certain perverse feeling of pleasure. Basically making other suffer what he went through but worse give him a sort of catharsis.

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