On this day, the Gotei 13 was abuzz with discussion and rumors flying around.

After all, this was the day the new Captain would be chosen.

Byakuya Kuchiki was already the captain of the 6th division after Ginrei Kuchiki stepped down and in fact had acted as captain way long before this.

The election of Kuchiki as a captain had brought no controversy, not only because he was extremely qualified and even nominated by a captain, but more importantly–because he had no concurrent.

This wasn’t the case today.

The election of captain this time was a competition between Gin Ichimaru and Satoru Gojo.

Gin was a powerful Shinigami who previously held the record of the fastest Shinigami to graduate from the academy, under one year rather than six.

Furthermore, after entering the Gotei 13, it only took him a few months to reach the level of 3rd Lieutenant. Finally, he became vice captain after Aizen became the captain of the 5th Division.

Since then, he had worked many times alongside other Shinigamis, and while he wasn’t exactly the most well-liked, no one could deny his contributions.

Satoru Gojo, meanwhile, was another genius or in fact, a true monster. The first thing he did was break the record of Gin to a level where any hope of someone breaking that new record was close to non-existent.

As if that wasn’t enough, he swiftly rose in rank and easily became 3rd Seat. Furthermore, everyone knew that he could have easily become vice captain if he so wished but he did not try to compete against Isane Kotetsu, the current Vice-Captain of the 4th Division.

As if even that wasn’t enough, because of his fight against Zaraki Kenpachi that had an unknown outcome, and his fight against Isshin Shiba along with the events that happened five years ago, he was publicly announced as someone at the captain level.

In the end, be it Gojo or Gin, the two of them had a fair chance to become Captain. Everything was about to be decided now.


In the Soul Society, the 1st Division was not necessarily the strongest, the 11th Division was.

They weren’t the noblest like the 6th Division, the stealthiest like the 2nd Division, the best at healing like the 4th Division, or the smartest like the 12th Division. All in all, they had no particular trait by themselves.

But all the members of the 1st division were under the direct order of Yamamato and that alone was enough to make them the most respected.

[1st Division, waiting room]

“How long has it been since I was ordered to wear my Vice Captain armband?”

Adjusting the insignia around the arm with the number 8 marked on it, Nanao muttered as she sat on the ground while placing her back against the wall.

“Same here. In fact, this is the first time I am forced to wear it.”

A tall man, wearing black glasses, spoke on the side. On his arm was the insignia with the number 7. He was Iha Tetsugiemon, the son of the current 3rd division’s captain as well the vice-captain of the 7th division. 

Looking at him, Nanao wondered how he felt. After all, his mother was stepping down because she was judged inadequate and his captain was at odds with one of the candidates for the post.

However, Iha showed no feeling of tension. As a previous member of the 11th Division while under Zaraki, he had long learned to not be flustered under any situation.

“Oh? Tetsu, Nanao. Nice to meet you here, I didn’t see you at all during the Christmas party.”

Entering with spring under her feet was none other than Rangiku Matsumoto. 

“You seem pretty calm.”

Nanao spoke with a surprised voice. If Iha had few reasons to be stressed, then it was completely different for Rangiku.

While it wasn’t common knowledge, she knew that Rangiku was childhood friends with Gin and also had an ambiguous relationship with Gojo. Though it seemed that the two of them had taken some distance as this day was approaching.

Rangiku showed a bitter smile at those words, “There’s nothing I can do.”

She couldn’t stop Gojo or Gin from acting up. All she hoped was that the elections stopped at a vote and that whoever lost did not try to take things further. Otherwise, it would become a fight and in such a case, killing would not be considered a crime.

She did not want to see them hurt each other, but there was nothing she could do despite her feelings. 

Nanao understood then that it wasn’t Rangiku being cheerful but rather, forcing herself to act cheerful.

After Rangiku, the other vice-captains streamed one after another, until Isane and Nemu entered the premises.

Silence immediately fell as they understood that since those two were present, then the election was about to begin. 

Nanao could feel beads of sweat on her forehead and she couldn’t help but lightly touch the bracelet around her wrist. It was a gift from Gojo. She remembered how serious he sounded that should she feel anything weird she should fill her energy in it.

‘Please, please Gojo, don’t do anything crazy.’


‘Man. I am going to do something crazy today!’

Gojo chuckled as he gazed at the tall gate with the Insignia of the 1st Division. The gate was so large, Gojo wondered if the one who created it had giants in mind, but he had to admit that it gave off a very oppressive aura.

Behind him stood Toshiro Hitsugaya. He had been the one chosen to escort him. Toshiro showed a worried expression.

“Nii-san, don’t chuckle like that please, you look like an evil mastermind.”

“Hahaha. Sorry sorry. It’s just that I am pretty excited about what is going to happen.”

Worry did not leave Toshiro’s face. He had joked around earlier to relieve a little of the tension, but it wasn’t enough.

While not telling everything, Satoru had revealed enough to him to know that after the events of today, their life would be totally different from what he knew. 

Directing a look at the cat on his shoulder, he remembered that Gojo had asked Momo to spend the day with Senna. Furthermore, he also gave her the same bracelet he currently had around his wrist.

“Whatever you are about to do…Is it the only way?”

Gojo grinned and shrugged, “You are free to judge the situation with your own eyes. In the end, the decision will be yours.”

Toshiro’s eyes wavered a little at the unexpected words but, for some reason, he also felt a sense of relief.

He had been very conflicted earlier. But if Gojo had tried to convince him that what he was about to do had some grand reason behind it, Toshiro might have stopped believing in Gojo altogether. After all, while he was a fan of Gojo, he was still smart enough to see the situation for what it was.

“Whatever happens, I will believe in you.”

Gojo had saved his life twice. Without him, there would be no Toshiro Hitsugaya nor Momo Hinamori. Toshiro was ready to repay his debt even if it cost his life.


Gojo murmured, ‘What a good kid.’

[He is. Will you take him with you?]

{I don’t really know. I will see how the situation evolves. Who knows? Perhaps Central 46 won’t be assholes after what I plan to do?}



[Do you even believe that?]

{Pfft! Hahaha! Yeah, right. Better pray for peace in the world than hope in such a situation happening.}

[Indeed. Hope for the best…]

{…But prepare for the worst.}

Ending his discussion with Kogo, Gojo gave a grin as he finally pushed the door open.

“Let’s do it, shall we?”

He was sure that today would be a day to be remembered through the history of Soul Society.

(AN: Okay, all the pieces are on the chessboard. I have given many foreshadowing, both obvious and hidden, and It’s now time to start the final arc of this volume for real. It will be filled with fights and twists.)






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