“Oh my fucking god! If it isn’t the exiled Basara-Senpai! I’m so…so… happy to see you again!”

Basara’s visage adopted a mask of utter coldness at those words, devoid of any expression at the sight in front of him.


He hissed the name out with incredible distaste under his breath. It didn’t take much to understand that he was incredibly pissed to see the man standing in front of him.

“Yeah! It is I, Freed Sellzen! At your service, Sen~pai! Kuh! I feel so happy that you remember my name, my heart is going doki doki! Hahaha!”

Freed twisted and wiggled his body as he hugged himself, seemingly in sadistic glee, laughing in an overly creepy way.

‘This frivolous and vulgar tone. Those creepy actions and words. There’s no doubt, it’s indeed that deranged bastard.’

He had extremely few interactions with Freed, to the point that it was almost nonexistent; rather, he was closer to his sister, Lint. Even so, all those few interactions had been extremely disturbing for him. Basara even went as far as to wonder how such a vulgar and unstable man could be allowed to work as an exorcist. 

“Why did you kill those humans?”

“Arere? Did I do something wrong? I just killed some trash humans who contracted with devils. The punishment convicted to the wicked. No need to thank me for it.”

Basara grounded his teeth in fury and took a slight step forward.

“As far as I remember, the church stopped hunting down humans who contracted with devils more than a few decades ago. There’s no reason for you to kill those humans.”

This was a law that came about since the three factions were in a sort of cold war. In the past, exorcists hunted every devil and all those related to them in any way. Now though, only devils that had been deemed as dangerous such as stray devils were hunted down, hunting in any other cases was strictly forbidden as even the smallest of conflicts could be the cause for another war.

“So what? You are no longer human when you start depending on devils. Death should be expected. The End! That’s why I got rid of them. Getting rid of shitty devils and those worthless shit bedeviled by them is our job, right?”

Freed shrugged nonchalantly as he answered Basara’s inquiry with a bland tone — behaving as if what he had done was only natural and there was nothing wrong with it — and waved his light sword. 

A sword of light and a gun loaded with holy bullets; were the standard equipment for all exorcists. After all, only a select few were born with sacred gears or had the natural affinity to wield a holy sword.

The light swords, brimming with moderate amounts of holy energy, were created by using and condensing true holy light from Angels or Fallen Angels; thanks to that, it had a devastating effect when used against devils, vampires, and creatures with a dark affinity— the opposite of the holy power contained within these weapons.

Even as he spoke to Freed, Basara continued to calculate the distance between the two of them. Though he was far stronger than the deranged exorcist, the man was still very experienced in his field while he was an exiled combatant with little to no training done, and no experience with life or death combat in the last few years since he was excommunicated. Basara did not wish for any unexpected developments to occur.

After a brief overview, he was assured that the distance between them was more than enough. He needed nothing more than an instant to reach Freed, and capture him, or kill him if the need arises.

But Freed, being the experienced person that he was, reacted extremely swiftly, to the signs of agitation he had spotted in Basara, as he placed his gun above against his own head. His sudden action startled the boy, stopping him from doing any actions he had decided to undertake.

“….What are you doing?”

“Tch~Tch~Tch, Basara-senpai. Did you seriously think I would face you head to head? I mean, come on! Fighting against you would be meaningless, okay!? I know you are fast but, do you think you are faster than my finger on this trigger?”

Freed laughed maniacally, a twisted glee coursing through his veins as he watched the startled boy. Even though he had been acting crazily, which he actually was, he was in no way a moron, he wouldn’t be alive till now if he was one. Furthermore, he knew very well about the prodigy — Basara Toujou.

‘I have zero chance of winning.’

It wouldn’t even be a fight. The difference between them was practically dimensions apart.

But — So what?

“I know you. I know you are curious. Why am I here? Who sent me? What happened in the church? Hehehe~! So many questions that will be left unanswered if good old Freed here died, don’t you think?”

 ‘I need to find a chance to escape. And I need to find it fast. I can’t stall for much time or he’ll just kill me.’

And, as fate would have it, his chance came to him walking in a nun’s robe.

“W-what happened here!? Kyaah!!!”


The voice of a young girl sounded behind Freed as she screamed in horror because of the petrifying scene that greeted her placid deep-green eyes.

For just an instant, Basara was distracted as he shifted his eyes from Freed to look at the source of the rather familiar voice.

But that instant was all Freed needed to close the minuscule distance between the blonde nun and her. Since Asia stopped, astonished as she witnessed the scene of carnage, she was unable to pose any resistance when Freed grabbed her by the hand and held her in front of him while pointing his gun at her head.

“Oh! Asia-chan! My lovely assistant, you really choose your timing well.” 


Even as she was put in a precarious situation, Asia’s eyes did not leave the mutilated corpses bathed in blood and gore with the contents of their innards spilled everywhere like the bloody scenes of a horror movie.

“Ah, that? Right…You are still a beginner! See this? It’s our job. We kill off worthless people enchanted by devils, you see? Like the ones you’re looking at right now.”


The situation she was in finally dawned upon her when she caught a glimpse of who was facing Freed, and she was able to instantly remember the kind boy who had helped her when she first came into this town.



Basara showed a bitter smile when he saw Asia being held at gunpoint by the deranged lunatic. He initially planned to pretend that he didn’t know her, and vie for the small probability of Freed giving up on taking her hostage. But now that she called his name, the plan was completely off the table.

“What? Do you know each other? Pfft! Hahaha! God is really helping me. I just wanted to use you to stall my dear Basara-senpai. But who would have thought you two knew each other? What a stroke of luck!”


Asia was startled, momentarily forgetting the horrible view she had just witnessed. Her attention was fully focused on Basara now. Because of how fast he had moved to save the boy this morning, Asia already knew that Basara was no normal human.

But to think that he had once been an exorcist just like her boss Freed.

“Now now! Basara-senpai! What will you do? Will you fight and watch her die? Then again, it isn’t a problem, right? You already watched so many exorcists die in front of you! Pfft! I really respect how you erased their bodies into nothingness. Didn’t think you had it in you!”

Freed mockingly tore open the wound buried deep in Basara’s heart — the event that gave birth to the nightmares that haunted him nearly every night. Biting his lips in absolute rage and agony, Basara took another step forward with every intention to destroy the dastardly man in front of him, but…

“Ohoh! I wouldn’t do that if I was you.”

Freed grinned as he pointed at the gun in his hand with his chin. No matter how fast Basara moved, it was impossible for him to stop him from shooting Asia dead which again stopped him in his tracks and made him grit his teeth in frustration.

Meanwhile, feeling the cold gun on the side of her head, Asia began to try getting out of his grips while pleading.

“Please, Father Freed [1] stop this at once. God won’t forgive you for doing such a deed.”


As a response to her pleading outcry, Freed smirked and this time, tore something else–


— Asia’s robe.

The sound of the upper part of her clerical robe being ripped open filled the room as her small beautiful breasts were shown to the world.

Licking her ear and the side of her face with a lecherous expression plastered on his maniacal face, he muttered.

“A chaste nun getting seriously violated by a priest to his heart’s content. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

“Stop it.”

A cold voice sounded and stopped Freed just as he was about to use his right hand, now devoid of a sword, to cup her small breasts.

“Huh? If it isn’t Basara-senpai? I completely forgot about you. Wait! You gotta pay before you can watch, mister!”

{Are you going to keep watching this shit like a cowardly onlooker?}

‘Shut up.’

“Arere? Silent now? I guess despite your power, all you can do is helplessly watch as you are once again unable to protect anyone.”

{Do you still plan on not using my power?}

‘I said, shut up.’

“Hahaha! I wonder if I should visit the Vatican later. Perhaps I should try laying my hands on Yuki Nonoka or Celis Reinhardt? Kuh!! Just imagining their tears-soaked faces as they moan helplessly under me makes me so fucking hard!”



At that moment, the voice inside Basara, his partner attached to his very soul, did not pester him any longer. It had no need to. After all, it knew very well that the poor bastard facing his partner used words that should have never been uttered.

Every dragon had a reverse scale and Freed just touched the one belonging to Basara. [2]





Everything happened too fast for him to even register. By the time Freed understood what was even happening, he could already see the arm that was holding the gun against Asia flying high in the air, cleanly cut off from his limb.

Blood splashed the murky ground as he kneeled down while screaming in pain once his brain finally understood that he was hurt.

Even though bewildered, Asia subconsciously used that moment to run away from his grasp and stumbled on the ground as she witnessed the following scene.


Even though it was painful, Freed still had a silver of awareness left in him as he tried to stop the loss of blood.

He had just uttered those words in panic but Basara was already standing in front of him with a silvery blade in his hand. His eyes were as cold as the most frigid ice as he looked down on the kneeling Freed, that Freed felt like his very soul was freezing.

But what caught his attention was something else.

A beautiful curved silver greatsword with a green flame encircling just above its hilt stylized like a glowing orb, and a red segmented gauntlet with a green jewel incurved in it in an orb-like shape similar to the burning green flames on the majestic greatsword.

Freed recognized the sword. Even though it should have been impossible for Basara to still have it, it was without a doubt the greatest demonic sword to ever exist— Brynhildr. But, that red serrated gauntlet, 

“A sacred gear too…?”

More importantly, he also recognized that sacred gear. In the basic curriculum of the church, aside from some mainstream sacred gears, all exorcists had to learn what the thirteen most powerful sacred gears to exist looked like and what their initial characteristics were.

For they were the Thirteen Longinus— divine weapons bestowed by the Bible God that could allow its wielders to face even gods if used to its full potential; they were the last gift of God to the race deemed to be the weakest of all the races— humans. And the gear currently lodged on the arm of Basara was without a doubt, 

“The Red Dragon Emperor’s Gauntlet— [Boosted Gear]”

[1]: Freed is a priest. Hence he is called Father.

[2]: Now I know, that line really looks like a cringe line said in every Chinese cultivation story ever, but hear me out. This line has a meaning in DxD. The reverse scale of dragons is actually a phrase that is designated to a transformation, and a power-up, that is inherent in all the higher dragons. That mode is called Outrage. Fafnir used that mode to absolutely destroy Rizevim in the latter parts of DxD as he incited his reverse scale which is a spoiler. You can compare it to a weaker version of Juggernaut drive.






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