“We still are not certain if the boy is really the son of Jin?”

In another part of the school, a club room under the name of the Occult Club, two buxom and beautiful women were discussing.

The club room was rather cozy, with a few places people could comfortably lie in and even a shower room.

“I want… To talk… To him.”

Munching on potato chips, Koneko mumbled a little.

The name ‘Toujou’ had a great importance to her. It was thanks to this name that she had managed to walk out of her near catharsis.

Since the day Basara had joined the school, she had wanted to talk to him. But, her natural shyness and fear of strangers coupled with the warning of Rias had stopped her from doing so.

Looking at the sad Koneko, Rias couldn’t help but sigh.

Sometimes she really wondered if she wasn’t out of her depth.

Her peerage was different from most. Not only because of the relationship she shared with them, but also because all the members of her peerages had very heavy baggage behind them.

Baggage that she could not do much about alone.

She had once tried many times to bring her to see a psychiatrist, someone who could relieve her mental baggage, but they always had to give up.

For one, while Devils were extremely good at destroying and manipulating the minds of others, they weren’t exactly expert when it came to healing.

Secondly, even with a few good shrinks, it was impossible for Koneko to truly share what was on her mind. Not only because she was extremely reserved by nature, but also because the events surrounding her past were classified as a secret.

Not even Rias herself had access to all the information and that was despite her being a princess.

Be it her Queen, Akeno, her knight, Yuuto or even her bishop, Gasper – They all had their circumstances and it was only thanks to the power of her family that she managed to shield  and protect them.

Now though, she was facing a problem of her own and since it was far from comparable to what her friends went through, she wished to succeed by herself.

She didn’t wish to rely on the power of her brother or family this time.

‘Should I try to get that Basara in my peerage?’

It didn’t really matter if he wasn’t Jin’s son. While she was lucky that all the members of her peerage were pretty talented, talent itself had never been the main criteria.

Of course, in her current situation, having someone strong would certainly be useful.

“Sigh~Akeno…Do you think I am doing the right thing?”

Power had never really been her interest. She liked the simple pleasures of life, like traveling or watching anime. It was even for that reason that she became a student in Japan—To satisfy her Otaku side.

Now though, if she wanted to succeed alone, she had no other choice than to become stronger. Be it her or her entire team.

Akeno smiled bitterly. She wanted to tell Rias that all she had to do was to ask her brother to help her.

Sirzech was a complete sis con and he wouldn’t hesitate.

But it wasn’t that simple. Even Sirzech, as powerful as he was, couldn’t act in total impunity.

Rias understood that of course and that’s why she wanted to deal with the problem alone.

That, and a little bit of personal pride of course.

“Why don’t we visit Sona? A party with her should help you calm down.”

Rias gave a smile. 

It was true. 

Even though she always lost, she loved playing chess with Sona. It helped her relax. There was also the fact that Sona was basically her one and only friend that was born as a devil.

“Yeah. I will also ask her opinion about Basara — Koneko, will you come?”

Koneko swallowed her chips before shaking her head.

“Fallen angels snooping around. I will take a look.”

Rias frowned. It was weird why fallen angels were visiting a territory that was obviously under a devil, but she couldn’t just attack them because they looked suspicious.

The three factions were in a state akin to a truce or a cold war. The slightest mistake could make everything go boom and become the trigger of a new war.

This was why Rias had to be careful. No matter what those fallen did, as long as they didn’t harm anyone in the town, she had no plans to act first.

“Be careful. Ask Yuuto to follow you.”


Once Koneko left, Rias stood up and stretched a little, threatening to tear her shirt apart because of her heavy breasts, before walking out of the occult club room.

“Akeno, let’s visit Sona now.”

“Very well.”


Back to the present, Rias was showing an awkward expression as she looked with surprise at Basara.

‘Oh my, did he hear me? I hope he won’t think I am treating him like he is an object.’

She didn’t want any weird misunderstanding to sprout between them before she even tried.

Smoothing her expression, she smiled at Basara,

“Hello, Toujou-Kun. I believe it’s the first time we met. I am Rias Gremory. Happy to meet you.”

“Good afternoon.”

‘Ah!! He totally misunderstood me!’

From the cold light in his eyes and the steel in his voice, it was clear that he didn’t exactly have a great impression of her.

‘What do I do?’

She didn’t know how high her chances of recruiting him had been, but now she was sure that they had been greatly reduced.

Sighing, Basara shook his head and stood up.

“Looks like we have been interrupted. Anyway, my demands were already clear. I will ask you to not bother me or spy on me from now on.”

Giving a last smile at Tsubaki, Basara who was about to walk away stopped abruptly and stared at Akeno who stood respectfully behind Rias.

Akeno frowned inwardly a little, wondering if he was also a rude boy like so many others, but her face betrayed none of her emotions as she smiled instead, 

“Fufufu~! What might be the matter Toujou-Kun?”


(AN: Generally when people write a fic about DxD. Rias is either depicted as a slut, a dumb bitch, or a manipulative bitch. Of which she is none. Rias is just a normal girl with a slight princess complex. She is also very smart and knows how to put people at ease. People complain about how she did nothing for the trauma of Koneko, Akeno, and Kiba, forgetting(or most likely not knowing) that when Rias saved Akeno she was 11. She was 12 when she got Koneko and was about 13-14 when she saved Kiba and Gasper. Like bruh. and it isn’t as if Rias took care of them alone. Kiba was basically raised by one of Sirzech’s knights and Rias’ mother took care of Akeno and Koneko and Gasper.

Another complaint about Rias is how she never trained seriously before the event with her forced marriage and I am like bruh. Why should she have trained seriously before that? In talent alone, Azazel said that Rias could have become Ultimate class without doing anything. Before the events with Rizer, she had absolutely no reason to train and she had a talent high enough to reach a level people couldn’t even after training all their life. She was indeed naive, but naivety isn’t a crime.

Final complaint is how people say that Rias let Issei get killed to save him. Which is so dumb. I won’t even talk about her personality. From a rational standpoint. Rias didn’t know Issei had a powerful gear. In fact, in her opinion, he was below average. Basically, people are saying that she wasted her time creating a super big scheme to trap a perverted guy who had absolutely no talents? Bruh. It’s only after trying to resurrect him with ONE pawn piece and failing that she realized he was more talented than she thought. 

Anyway, long rant but story short. This ain’t a Rias and co. bashing fic. I might give them some grief, but that’s all.)





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P.S. Are you going to add LP discussion in your discord?

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    1) About your PS, I will begin posting LP on Webnovel once I reach 14 chapters. So yeah I will create a LP discussion channel and LP gallery etc like for my others novel.
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