Hello guys. The month of may and June will be rough on me since they are the last two months of the first part of my last year (Yeah kinda wordy).
Basically I finish classes in Junes. Need to find an internship during holidays and prepare my Thesis.
This is particularly so this week.
But next week, ironically I have all week off.
My output this week will be honestly pretty low. It doesn’t help that SHK reached a part i really need to think through in order to avoid the same mistakes i did in Vol 5.
I know all of this sounds like excuse but I rather warn you ahead of time rather than have you wait for nothing.
I won’t promise anything. But if my schedule for next week doesn’t change, then I will do my best to push out some bonuses chapters the make up for those I might miss this week.

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Rodein · 2022-05-04 at 11:23 PM

Take your time sensei. You have something amazing. We are not going anywhere.

    Dai · 2022-05-05 at 3:56 AM

    Likewise… if waiting for a couple of weeks is all it takes for me to get a great story I’m all for it, I’m here to stay. Good luck btw!

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