[Divine Great world]

The universe was composed of myriads of worlds. But out of them all, the 9 great worlds stood at the peak.

Today in a corner of the Divine great world, one of the nine great worlds, an event that could only be called astonishing was happening. 

More precisely, this event was visible in the zone belonging to the Eternal Flame sect. One of the top sects of this world.

On that day, countless citizens and sect disciples looked up at the sky, either in shock, confusion, fear, reverence, and so on.

What greeted their eyes was a scene few had ever seen before in their lives.

A ball of purple clouds suddenly floated over from the East, followed by balls of surging clouds.

Purple Clouds from the East!

This thought flashed in the minds of the most knowledgeable ones. This was a phenomena that was rare and it preceded the birth of someone with great talent.

Before they could even proceed with this information and wonder who was the blessed one,  above this steaming purple gas, a red sun suddenly rose. The light was blazing and illuminated the world. It was like a real sun, hanging high in the sky and competing with the sun.

A Red Sun rising from the East!

Immediately after, another silver-white stream of light pierced through the sky, crossing 30,000 feet of purple clouds and the red sun’s light. It pierced through everything like a white rainbow and entered everyone’s eyes with an extremely impactful momentum.

White Rainbow Piercing Sun!

On the West side of the sky, a red sunset lit up at some point. It was like a ball of raging fire, making the sky seem to be burning. It was beautiful.

Setting Sun, glow of dusk!

Four phenomena appeared in succession. Finally, waves of white clouds blew in from the bleak autumn wind. Some were stained with purple qi, some were bathed in sunlight, some were pierced through by white rainbows, and some turned into the glow of the sunset.

Autumn Clouds from the West!

At this moment, the sky above the whole city and the sect seemed to have become a paradise.

Finally, someone could not help but kneel on the ground and worship the sky.

They felt that an Immortal had descended.

Even those with high cultivations couldn’t help but feel their legs tremble in fright.


On this day, a joyous event was taking place in the Eternal flame sect.

On that day, Feng Wuxin, the sister of the sect leader and the sole and only wife of Sun Wujiao, the current Patriarch of the Sun family, gave birth to a healthy son.

One had to know that the Sun family was one of the secret immortal families that could match up with the imperial family. Meanwhile, the Eternal flame sect was one of the top sects in the divine great world. 

Since the Sect leader, Feng Huang, never took any spouses nor adopted heirs and was known to dote heavily on her little sister, this would mean that the little boy had the full backing of two top forces in the world.

Already, people of importance in the greater world were running around trying to find appropriate gifts while those even higher begin to wonder if they should send their daughters.

The reports about the event that preceded the birth of that child were already on the table of all higher up and they knew they needed to cozy up.

Saying that the boy was born with a Heaven-grade spoon in the mouth would still be an understatement—Since he indeed had one in his mouth at that very moment.


“The child is just born. Stop stuffing him with those elixirs so soon after he was born. It will give him indigestion.”

On a bed, a beautiful woman with silver-blue hair and a pale skin complained softly. 

Even though she was a cultivator, her pregnancy had been quite difficult and for a moment, they even thought they would lose the child.

One could see the tiredness in her eyes, but the same could be said for the joy in them.

For cultivators at their level, having a child was a miracle and it was even more so for her since she practiced the Blue Luan art and was full of Yin energy which conflicted greatly with the overbearing Yang energy of her husband.

Standing beside her was a hulking man with his torso naked.

No matter who looked at him, one would admire his heroic appearance and his bulging muscle full of power.

They would also secretly give a thumb up to his wife as they wondered how she could take him.

Despite looking like a bodybuilder’s wet dream, the man was carefully holding the little bundle of life in his hand like it was the greatest treasure in the world. At the very least, in his eyes there was nothing more precious than this child.

Taking out the heaven-grade spoon from the mouth of the child, he was about to let out one of his usual loud laughs but a glare from his wife was enough to silence him.

“Don’t you dare wake up the child.”

They said a wise man knew when to give up and years of marriage made sure that Sun Wujiao was truly wise.

“*Ahem* Hehehe, dear you do not have to worry. I am just giving him some pure yang energy to dispel the chill in his body.”

Feng Wuxin’s expression became immediately full of worry and remorse, 

“Will he be alright? *Sigh* Why did I even train that technique ?”

She couldn’t help but blame herself. 

Like the name said, the Eternal Flame sect specialized in the manipulation of fire and through it was the number one Alchemist sect in the world.

From the moment she was born, Wuxin had always been crazy about alchemy and since her sister practiced the Burning World Sutra, Wuxin did the opposite and began to study the Blue Luan Sutra. 

Her goal was to create a synergy between Yin and Yang to create pills with even greater efficacy. 

In order to match her sister’s natural affinity with the fire, she did not hesitate to encase herself for ten years in a ten thousand years old iceberg while studying the Blue Luan sutra and while she succeeded in obtaining an extreme Yin physique, this should have resulted in her becoming barren. Of course, back then she would have never imagined that she would marry.

Thinking about all the difficulty her husband went through to help her get pregnant and keep the child alive during her pregnancy, as well as how much pressure he had to bear when a took a barren woman like her as a wife, tears welled up in her eyes. 

“I…I am so sorry.”

Wujiao gave a soft smile as he sat on the bed with his child in on arm and took his wife with the other, 

“Shhh~shhh~shhh. There, there. Did I ever say that I was unhappy?”

Wuxin shook her head.

“See. I did not marry you to have a child and I, Sun Wujiao, will never need to use my child simply to consolidate my position as the patriarch.”

His voice was soothing but his words firm.

“I married you because I love you. I fought those elders because I want your happiness and little Wuji here is the fruit of our love. Not a political tool. As for his health, hehe how could our son be unhealthy? This little kid is so full of talent even I am envious.”

Wuxin looked up at her valiant husband.

The years had passed but she could still recognize the young man full of bruises who proposed to her all those years ago even after getting beaten up by her sister.


“Wuxin, should we work on giving a little sister to Jin’er so that he doesn’t feel lonely?”

Feng Wuxin laughed lightly. She knew that her husband was simply trying to cheer her on. After all, their son Wuji was already a miracle. She knew that it was practically impossible for her to give birth ever again.

Of course, she also knew that her husband was a very lecherous and vigorous man. So, who knows?

While the two love birds were kissing and showing off their never-ending love, the baby in their arms was looking at them with eyes full of confusion.

As if wondering what the heck was this idiot couple doing in front of their newborn child?’


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