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“Merry Christmas! Your highness.”

In a room at the top of the Tower of Babel, the curtains were opened wide, letting the light of the sun enter and illuminate everything.

Opening his blue eyes still heavy with sleep, a young golden-haired boy who looked to be between twelve or thirteen, grumbled a little before raising his upper body.

“It’s snowing?”

Looking at the scenery outside, snow could be seen dancing in the sky clearly announcing the presence of winter.

“Indeed. Your highness. It’s a white Christmas. Would you like to eat breakfast on your bed?”

Sol shook his head and stood up before stretching his stiff muscle. Once his mind totally woke up, he finally took a look at the woman who woke him up and was immediately gobsmacked by what he saw.

She wore short robes with long sleeves and a pair of white stockings as well as a white apron. Her robes were completely in red with white stripes and a green choker around her neck. 

It was a perfect mix of sexiness and cuteness.

Smiling at the reaction of the boy, the maid did a small twirl as she asked, “How do I look, your highness? Those clothes had been sewn by the factory of the Duchess Milaris.”

Sol frowned a little at the mention of the duchess. Arachne’s Milaris was a horrible woman in his opinion who clearly did not really like him. But, even though he didn’t like her either, he had to admit that her clothes were first class.

“They are beautiful, Milia.”

Milia smiled happily and skipped to his closet before searching for clothes.

“What clothes should I make you wear this year?”

She giggled happily while Sol couldn’t help but shudder as he remembered all the cutesy costumes Milia and the other women around him liked to make him wear.

Shaking his head to banish the thought, he asked, “Where are Lilin and Setsuna?”

“In the training field, as always.”

Milia did not turn around as she hesitated between the costume of a deer or that of an elf.

Her collection was in dire need of new arrival and some beautiful photo or painting of him in such a costume would be welcome.

‘Hahh~! Just a few more years and his highness will be officially an adult. I can’t wait!’

Sol, ignorant to the perverted thoughts filling the head of his maid, took his training gear and left for the hanging garden.



*Clang* *Clang*

In a vast clearing, two young girls could be seen clashing against each other.

The two girls had very distinctive fighting styles. The blue-haired wolf girl was attacking ferociously, leveraging her natural superior strength and speed while the purple-haired girl was fighting methodically, avoiding some hits and deflecting some others while looking for an opening.

In the end, the match stopped after Sol entered the venue, “Another draw?”

“Good morning your highness, and no, if the match had continued, I would have won.”

Setsuna bowed lightly to Sol and threw a provocative glance at Lilin before answering him.

“Hey! You are wrong. If I had used my sword style, I would have won a few minutes ago.”

“Same if I used my elements.”

They were already tightening their grips on the swords as they prepared for another fight, but Sol stopped them.

“Alright, alright, no time for that. Today is not a day for fighting. So after some basic training, we need to prepare ourselves for the party in the church.”

Lilin ignored Setsuna and asked while slightly fidgeting,

“What about…What about mother?”

The atmosphere became heavier with this question and Sol could only sigh.

Lilith did not like Christmas. From what Sol understood, rather than celebrating Christmas, she would close herself in her office and spend the night drinking alone.

He had tried many times to convince her to participate, at least, once every year, but she never listened.

Understanding the silence of Sol for what it was, Lilin clenched her fists.

It had already been one year since she had awakened her mana and was judged to be without Capacity, like her mother.

Back then, her mother had been mocked and humiliated because of her constitution, until she showed them all how powerful she was.

Because of this, people were expecting the same or even more from her. 

The harsh training which would leave her crying and whimpering alone in her room, the near indifference her mother always showed and the expectations of the masses were simply too much for her young mind.

‘Perhaps it’s time for me to leave Lustburg?’

She remembered that her mother had also left the house after her awakening. Perhaps it was time for her to see much more of the world and explore new things.

If she did, would she finally be able to master the sword style she inherited from her mother? She did not know, but she wanted to at least give it a try.

Thinking so, she took a look at the wildly smiling Sol and showed a smile of her own.

‘At least, I need to wait after Christmas.’

She wished to protect that smile with all her strength and in order to do so, she needed to become strong herself. As strong as her mother if not more.



Currently wearing a long red Christmas dress that looked like a gown and one slit that reached until her thighs, with a pair of black stockings and red high heels, Camelia tied up her hair with a green ribbon.

Her beautiful bare shoulders were covered by a white shawl, giving her an elegant and sexy vibe.

Nodding at the image her mirror was showing her and grinned,

“I hope that Sol will like it.”

[You are my supreme daughter, you know? Aren’t you ashamed of lusting after a child?]

Camelia frowned at the sudden voice in her head,

“No need to chastise me. You know very well that I fell in love with his soul rather than his physical appearance. Though, now that I think about it, he will become an adult in two years. So, I have nothing to be ashamed of.”


The goddess was left speechless at how righteous her herald on earth sounded.

“By the way, I hope that our bet is still on.”

[Are you sure? You will be betting your life. If you fail, you will die.]

“It doesn’t matter. Even in the worst case where my bet will be off, he would still receive the full version of those wishes. I am willing to pay my life for it. 

Meanwhile, if I do… rather, when I win, I would not only strengthen him, but I would also receive a way to heal Lilith. Two birds with one stone. Why should I hesitate?”

Lilith and Blaze were the sole two friends she really had in this world. While she was close to Theresa and the others, her relationship with Lilith and Blaze was without a doubt the closest.

She had been powerless in the face of the death of her first friend. If only back then she refused Mars’s proposal to add Ibuki to their group. 

If only back then, she had made a better plan to seal Echidna.

If only…

She had so many regrets, but there was nothing she could do for what had already happened.

Now though, her second friend, Lilith, was slowly dying, and she would be damned if she let that happen without fighting back.

Lilith would be saved—Even if she had to sacrifice her own life for this.

[…You should value your life more. I don’t think that child will be happy.]

Camelia clamped her mouth shut, unwilling to continue the discussion. Her decision had already been made and she believed in Sol.

“Well, now, shush. Stop disturbing me. I have a young boy to corrupt. Better make preparations in advance for the time when he will be ready.”


In the end, after much begging and to the chagrin of Milia, Sol was spared the cutesy costume and was wearing a simple white suit with the insignia of the royal family.

The party happening in the Church had been a huge success and everyone sang and chanted happily.

For the occasion, all the sisters in the church changed their usual solemn outfit and replaced them with red Santa costumes. 

Sol nearly had a seizure at the enchanting view when he entered the church. He was pretty sure that his heart did stop for a while when he saw what Camelia was wearing.

It was truly a memorable and happy day for Sol.

[Medea’s world]

Opening the secret door that led the secret world, Sol marveled at the beautiful night sky and looked in the direction of the silver-haired young girl sitting elegantly in her chair.

“Merry Christmas, teacher.”

“Christmas, heh. You do know that I don’t like Christmas, right?”

Sol gave a bitter smile as he looked at his teacher and first love, Edea. How could he not know that she disliked this day?

In this world, It’s said that it’s on that day that the goddess created life in the world. This was the day of the year where prayers were far more effective and miracles were more likely to happen.

But in the past, it was not called Christmas. Sol did not know the original name, but he knew that the one who popularized the new name was none other than Jupiter Luxuria.

First King of Lustburg and the man who imprisoned the woman in front of him.

After all, despite her young appearance, Edea was a very powerful and very, very old witch.

“You are thinking something rude, right?”

“Haha! How could I? I was just admiring your beauty.”

Giving an awkward laugh, Sol walked toward her and stopped, 

“I know that teacher does not like this day since it reminds you of bad memories. Still, this is a day people are supposed to spend with people they love, isn’t it? Would you like to dance?”

Sol smiled gently and gave a perfect bow. 

Looking at his face that reminded her so much of bittersweet memories, Edea’s eyes grew a little misty.

Edea opened her mouth and hesitated between using her power [Rewind] or not. But in the end, she discarded the idea.

Standing up, she gave an elegant curtsey and smiled, “I would be delighted to.”

They came close and, without touching each other, began to dance under the beautiful moonlight.

It was a dance without any music.

It was a dance where the two could not even fully enter in contact.

In a way, it was a sad and helpless dance but in another, it was a beautiful and charming dance.

Neither of them spoke for fear of breaking this moment.

For Edea, this was both a beautiful and delightful, yet a bitter moment. In her mind, a song she had long forgotten filled her head and she couldn’t help but use her magic to reproduce it.

A warm and gentle melody filled the air, as one prince clad in white and one witch clad in black continued to dance.

Silent night! Holy night!

All is calm, all is bright

round yon Virgin Mother and Child,

Holy infant so tender and mild,

sleep in Heavenly peace!

sleep in Heavenly peace!

Silent night! Holy night!

Shepherds quake at the sight;

glories stream from Heaven afar,

Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia,

Christ, the Saviour, is born!

Christ, the Saviour, is born!

Silent night! Holy night!

Son of God, Love’s pure light

radiant, beams from Thy Holy face,

with the dawn of redeeming grace,

Jesus, Lord at Thy birth,

Jesus, Lord at Thy birth.

“Merry Christmas, Sol.”

“Merry Christmas, Teacher. May you live happily forever.”

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