Sol frowned in concentration as he sat cross-legged on the grass while facing Freya who was also seated with her legs gathered under her. 

Edea was currently in her house, at the beseech of Freya. 

The fact that she had pink panties didn’t really surprise him, nor the fact that she was utterly unashamed to show him her underwear. No, what was bothering him was his element. 

It would have been one thing if his element was something like metal or fire or lightning, but no, his element was something super hard to grasp.

It wouldn’t have been a problem if he was a full dragon. But as a hybrid, he didn’t have the instinctual ability to use his element. He needed to at least get a feel for it by himself before some sparse instinct began to kick in. 

It has already been more than 3 hours since they sat like that, but Freya didn’t seem particularly bothered. She was just looking at him with an empty gaze. It was particularly unnerving since she had seemed so bubbly at first. 

Feeling frustration at the fact that he was still unable to contact his element, he let out a sigh of defeat as he laid down heavily. 

Now facing the not so blinding artificial sun, he couldn’t help but ask himself, 

‘How do I do it? What I am doing wrong?’ 

It was seriously frustrating. Even more so since his use of mana had been so easy until now. 

Freya meanwhile, still sat as she looked at him. For witches like her, patience was a virtue. She had modified her own body with science and magic so that biological needs such as eating, defecating, sleeping, and others were basically unnecessary. 

She had been with their master/mother the longest out of any of her other siblings and as such had an even greater and almost fanatical Greed for knowledge. 

That’s why Sol was shaping more and more to be an absolutely interesting subject of research. His magic, his physique, his birth. Everything was new for her and she liked new things. 

‘Should I kidnap him?’ 

She had considered doing so many times in the few hours she had observed him. Sol was a wonder who could make witchcraft and Biology evolve a great deal. The only thing stopping her was the fact that she would have all the Lustburg kingdom in her pursuit and that she might get hated by her sister. 

‘Well, perhaps I should simply get close to him.’

“Already tired?” She spoke for the first time in hours. 

Sol on the other simply answered, “Objective and method.” 

“What do you mean?” She tilted her head in wonder. 

“A sage once said, “repeating the same actions and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity.” Since my current actions don’t bring results it means my method is wrong and I need to change it.”

“Interesting quotes. What is the name of that sage? Perhaps I have met him?” 

Sol forgot sometimes that despite their young appearances Edea and Freya had witnessed the creation of this kingdom and were even alive long before it. 

But how could he say that he was inspired by Einstein? He didn’t want to lie either so he simply changed subjects. 

“You should be able to help me, right? After all, my magic is very similar to yours.”

Freya gave out a mischievous smile, her earlier blank expression melting like a lie. 

“Magic can be used in three different ways. One using absolute reasoning, this is witchcraft. One using faith, this is holy magic. The final one can be called bloodline magic as it is based on the species and such things. Hybrids are in a very weird situation. Their magic, if they inherit one, can be classed between bloodline magic and witchcraft.” 

Sol grimaced a little. It seemed that all the witches liked sharing their knowledge a little too much. He just asked a simple question and he was getting a complete essay. 


“Oh~! Sorry sorry. So, in short, even though our magics are more or less similar, I can’t do much for you about the initial phase. You need to feel it in your blood.”

“…and that’s why I have been seating for so long.”

“Indeed. Hum. Then why don’t you focus on an emotion? Bloodline magic affects heavily the personality of the user. Fire is generally related to anger or lust. Ice to calm etc.”

Sol tilted his head. Confusion etched on his face. 

“This is beautiful and all, but what kind of emotion does dimensional magic represent?”

Silence settled. This was the problem. Sol innate attribute was Dimension magic. 

As he said previously this was truly something close to space magic. But it could also be seen as an evolution or a derivation of space magic. 

“Do you have any records of dimension mages?” 

“This is the thing. Dimension magic is rare. Like, really really rare. Even I didn’t reach the level of knowledge necessary to dabble with dimension. So I am fucking jealous–oops! I mean I am really intrigued.”

Freya hides behind a chuckle. All witches hated bloodline mages. There was nothing more frustrating than studying years and years to master a specific type of magic while some barbar could just be born with an instinctual control of the same magic. 

‘Well, nothing is fair in this world. Anyway, 99% of those so called genii died while we are still alive. So at the end of the day, innate talent isn’t enough.’

Sol, unaware of Freya’s thoughts, frowned. 

“You didn’t reach dimensional magic? But then, what about this?” he waved his hand vaguely, showing his surroundings. Edea world had been created with the help of Freya. He was pretty sure it was an alternative dimension. 

“Sigh. How to explain it?” 

‘Why does she act like an adult trying to explain math to a child?’ 

He felt a little offended. He wasn’t that dumb, right? 

“Well, this ‘dimension’ or ‘world’ isn’t really so. The best name would be folded space. I tweaked the interior of the tower and made it larger than it should be. Then Edea filled this world with her power, making it ‘her world’. But this is in no way an alternate dimension. The astral realm for example is an example of an alternate dimension. No matter how powerful I become. I can only use my power of space in the same dimension. Not through different ones.”

She sighed wistfully at that. How she wished she could enter the Astral dimension at will. There were so many things to explore. So many new knowledge to unearth. 

‘Well, he might be the key.’

Thinking so, she became way more enthusiastic at the idea of teaching him. 

“The first important thing to know is that all dimension mages have at least one dimension that is entirely their. You could say that it’s born with the mage. This dimension can be anything. From a habitable world to a world without life.”

“…So the first step should be to connect to that dimension?”

Sol stopped thinking and pondered. A rather bold idea forming in his mind. 

‘Perhaps I can visit earth one day?’ 

Discarding this thought, he took once again a cross-legged position and closed his eyes. 

He didn’t really know what kind of emotion could be related to something like dimension, but what was a dimension for him. 

For him, a dimension was endless and at the same time-limited.

A dimension could also be related to the way we perceived our world. 

Be it two dimensions or three dimensions. Be it another world or another space. They were all related to the word. Dimension. 

Sol fell deeper and deeper into concentration. He felt as if he was slowly falling into a sea. 

His body began to sink deeper and deeper. His breathing became laborious.

He was being disconnected from the world. 

What is a dimension? 

An answer came from his heart. It was in no way something he thought about. 

“The other side of a mirror is a dimension.”

Then he felt it. 

Opening his eyes, he looked at his unchanged surroundings as he stood up slowly. 

It seemed that nothing had changed. It seemed that he was still in his initial place, Freya still stood in front of him, a puzzled expression on her face. 

But he knew, deeply he knew. 

Even though he was still in the same place, even though Freya was still in front of him, 

‘He’ wasn’t really there. 

Looking at Freya whose eyes went from confused, to surprised as she looked everywhere. He couldn’t help but come with hundreds of applications to this dimension. 

It was a world that was the reflection of his normal one. A world he could sneak into but still see what was happening elsewhere. 

It was his world. His dimension. It was… The mirror realm. 

                                         SHK CH 39: MAGIC

                                         SHK CH 41: HELL AND INTENT

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